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  • Community Guidelines


    1. Do Not Make Personal Attacks
    Posts that serve no purpose other than to flame users annihilate the quality of discussion. Do not make personal attacks. This includes personal attacks obfuscated by vague language. You may critique or disdain argument and opinion posted by users, but you may not extend that method to maligning the users themselves.

    2. Do Not Disrupt Discussion or Debate
    Posts that disrupt the debate of a topic make discussion impractical. Do not ask users to stop debate or rebuff users for the act of posting to discussion threads. Do not respond to opinions that you happen to find offensive or outlandish by accusing the opining user of trolling, of being mistyped (in threads not dealing with typology), or by otherwise engaging in meta-discussion in such a way as to stymie debate. Do not complain about forum operations in non-support threads.

    3. Do Not Make Harassing Posts
    An unsolicited pattern of posts that fixate upon another user, spanning threads outside of Support & Feedback, serves to harass. Do not harass or otherwise target users for disparagement across the forum, especially where doing so assassinates or distresses the character of the user. Do not sexually harass users. Do not use threatening language. This includes posts which, by those contents, would cause a reasonable observer to become concerned for their own safety. Do not send unwanted private messages, profile messages, or make unwanted posts to a user's blog or journal if that user has made a request to you that you cease doing so, unless such communication is required in the course of moderating the forum.

    4. No Spamming
    Do not post copies of the same thread, the same thread to multiple subforums, or copy the same post to multiple threads. Please refrain from appending ASCII logos, macros, memes or other taglines (manual signatures) to each of your posts. Never repost a thread or post that has been deleted or locked by a moderator unless instructed otherwise.

    5. No Advertising
    Propaganda accounts (including the evangelizing variety) will be banned without warning. We ask that other registered users also refrain from engaging in casual or commercial ad campaigns upon the forum. Attempts to solicit traffic from this forum are forbidden.

    6. Respect User Privacy
    Do not post the contents of private messages on the open forum without the permission of all parties involved. Additionally, we ask that you not reveal personal details about other users without their permission. This specifically includes acts like the posting of addresses or telephone numbers.

    7. Post With Quality In Mind
    Although there is nothing wrong with being succinct, terse, or directly to the point, we ask that you try to avoid one-lined irrelevance in our on-topic subforums (this includes most subforums in the Mind and Behavior, World and Beyond, and Politics and History categories). "+1" posts that express nothing but a short agreement with or praise for another post should be done with post reactions. Posts containing only links, images or videos on external sites where the links can break and render the post meaningless will be deleted so be sure to add a summary. Chitchat and goofing around are welcome, but try to keep it to the appropriate threads and subforums and don't bombard those users who do not wish to participate. Do not dump excessively lurid or crude content into existing threads or create threads for that purpose. Do not post racist or antisemitic material anywhere on this forum.

    8. Post Legibly
    Please do not make posts in ALL CAPS, custom-format posts in a manner that breaks up the visual continuity of the thread, or otherwise make posts difficult for users to read. Post in English (we can not moderate other languages), use paragraphs in extensive posts, and avoid '1337 sp33k' or 'chatspeak' (substituting u for you, 2 for too, etc) altogether.

    9. Use Tasteful Customizations
    Vulgar, disruptive, or poorly formatted usernames, custom text and avatars will be mollified or removed at the administration's discretion. Usernames must only contain letters, numbers or spaces and be no more than 15 characters.

    10. No Duplicate Accounts
    Each user is allowed one account. Do not login to accounts other than your own. Purposefully assuming multiple identities (sockpuppetry) will not be tolerated.

    Subforum Guidelines
    Because there are subforums that serve distinct purposes, there may be posting guidelines particular to those subforums. You can find guidelines specific to individual subforums in the subforum stickies.

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