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  2. I would feel safe as I would recognize I was with people who would consider the situation of survival from an intelligent perspective and not panic and run amok and start destroying one another through getting overwhelmed by their distress. I'd know I was with people who used their instincts and could connect with their inner guidance, as well as look at the external work, with the view to maximizing the opportunity for survival and thriving. I would expect us to have a meeting, develop a strategy, ensure the best ways of using the current resources were identified, with reviews to see how things were panning out in this new space and adjust for the unexpecteded discoveries along the way, and to have a bigger picture to which we were striving for that would enable us to work together as a community to create the kind of Island we'd like to live on and could thrive on. The opportunity to make things better would outweigh commiserating on the way things were or are now, politics, bs, or distractions from that goal. There is an active role with our very good moderators here, to help keep us on track :-) I'd be interested in this planning stage and with the process of developing working teams that were formed from identifying the strengths and capabilities of the people on the Island - both INTJ and not - to see where we could achieve this vision collectively and co-create an island worth living on and satisfying to all so they would not want to get out of their asap.
  3. If you feel like it, you could post a GM game that you don't understand and point out the moves that you don't understand. Then we could discuss.
  4. where is the satisfied w who and how you are option?
  5. Manic Street Preachers - The Love Of Richard Nixon
  6. How do you know what I love to do? This is my first time speaking to you. Unless it's not? No, you specified Jamaican for a reason lol. I know what that's about. No worries love :* I don't. Do we have definitive proof that the darned mischievous black youth are up to no-good making memes about the evil whites and their lack of taste? Hahahahahahaha uuuhkay Wasabi isn't spicy. Oh okay
  7. Most definitely, yes. And surely attractive people suffer less when they have a lack of social skills, but the effect it's not that big. Might do for one night stands and gold diggers, but not for an ltr.
  8. I'd hazard a guess that the black person who posts something like that is no different to the white person who would post a meme saying a black person only eats BBQ & watermelon. Probably never even shared a meal & is just being a dickhead. There is a reason why immigrants (outside of and beyond the darker side of some of the motivations of slavery) have had such success with their own cuisine in Britain & Co, Liking flavour doesn't have a basis in skin colour. Lol, at ChainedDiv. No one does a mustard as good as the English. Sorry Americans, but that yellow shit you pass off as mustard, seriously ? Quite a lot of European culinary skill is underrated or forgotten outside of the Romancers & with today's fast food, or I'm just a lazy fuck habit. Think Pliny's herbs. Parsley, horseradish, basil, mint, rosemary, lavender, bay, dill, juniper, fennel, caraway, garlic, onion, carrot, celery, hyssop, borage, lovage, savoury (winter & summer) tarragon, thyme, sage, honey, vinegar, salt & alcohol flavoured/preserved foods. It's semantics to try and divide the conflation of herbs and spices, they all flavour food & everything from fruit, grasses, roots, bark & seeds from a herb can be classified as a spice. Also ,,!,, to cultural appropriation, if it's really a valid point to make. Whoever mentioned Malaysian food in Aus (who are just as big cultural appropriators as anyone else, just saying), hope you enjoyed your holiday, though next time try modern Australian cuisine at more than a hole in the wall hawking noodles or fish and chips. I'm not going to argue about the use of spice arising from the need to preserve as there is probably some validity but I'd think it's more a two prong approach or more to reflavour food that has lost it during storage which anyone who eats has had to consider, regardless of geography. ^ SirJamesIII with sauerkraut to kimchi. Also, it's been shown that capsaicin has only limited and selective efficacy on food borne pathogens, unlike salt / lactobacillus. Some of the temperate herbs can have even more food protective benefit, garlic for instance is one of the most powerful anti-microbials. It's more you eat what you have access to, most "spices" are tropic/subtropic, not temperate, + tropic/subtropic perennial/evergreen plants to temperate annuals/deciduous & food availability. Interestingly some of the hottest hybrid chillies have been started in Britain, my Naga Viper for instance & I'll laugh harder now the next time I watch that video of this guy (black) crying & dancing ? (what the fuck was that, did you shit yourself ?) while eating a chilli video I found while googling naga viper propagation methods the other day. Also, to sashimi or tartare + gravlax & carpaccio for the win, consider cerviche, phla hoi chell & kinilaw, Where there's a will, there's a way.
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  10. Do you have a problem when others criticize your beliefs and who you are - or just her?
  11. You ladies are ganging up on me now. In any case, you won't find the last word in a book. She's a free agent.
  12. @Viviane Dallas & his homecrew are awesome. Kiwi music
  13. I only ever get one expression of gratitude from INTJ, "Do I know you?"
  14. blueberry belVitas and jammie dodgers
  15. Good things on the horizon, My Love... We are going to S L A Y. You are my Champion. I Love You, T xxx
  16. My husband's beard is glorious, I lurvvvv it!
  17. What sort, and how do we phrase compliments and express gratitude to different types of people (by MBTI type) without sounding patronizing, or unappreciative? Cultural norms and hierarchy (or not) will play a part here, so please feel free to be specific and provide examples. Thank you!
  18. She growls like a dog if she hears someone near the door. I've had cats most of my life and yes they are all different but I've never had a cat that plays with my socks everyday. It's actually sweet. If yours did that too then I guess it's normal behavior.
  19. Music, the colour blue, 13 & the letter V. My menagerie, the short and the furry. My stubbornness in not adapting to American English. My current obsession with gardening. I like going sensory overload on music & visuals while posting here, I like posting the results of former in member above threads &/or rolling my eyes at something posted here. Art and fidgeting. Tea, scotch and vodka. Food and sex. Going out for breakfast, most people do lunch or dinner, I prefer breakfast. People watching... fine, perving, @ pretty things incl people. Travel, camping, hiking & fishing, we have some of the best hiking here. Open air markets & festivals, antique & op shops. The smell of smoke and incense. Seafood at the beach, lemon fish lol, there is nothing better than eating seafood at or near the ocean. I'm in the mountains atm & really miss the coast. Wallowing in my grass is always greener nature. I can never stop at thinking of just one thing I like, it always sends up recall on something else I like. My bed, a coffee & the kindle, thank you whoever for weekends.
  20. Are you sure thats a fact, not an opinion? :0
  21. Interesting post, there's nothing wrong with being sensitive. Many people are not interested in truth, integrity or getting to the bottom of things; they're more interested in getting on with something and don't need to understand it. Some people don't really need reasons(justification) for what they say or do; if something suits them they just roll with it. If you value honesty and fairness, and you need reasons and justification for your actions, you're probably a better person, more intelligent and doing a great deal more thinking. Shallow insensitive people are,... well, stupid. Ps. Sensitivity is a characteristic of high intelligence.
  22. Thank you! Thanks!
  23. You are not required to set yourself on fire, to keep other people warm.
  24. Also why you see fermented foods traditionally common in more temperate climates (e.g. Sauerkraut in Germany or Kimchi in Korea). Fermented foods were another form of preservation after winter passes before the next harvest. Modern refrigerators (not just an ice maker) were made so Germans could brew lagers all year long (funny that tastes have shifted to ye olde ale)
  25. i hope you would change your mind in the future, for the sake of chess theory, but you should of course pursue what makes you happy. i believe most grandmasters go under the radar. there are over a thousand of them, but most people only pay attention to the very top of the list.
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