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  2. I wouldn't say SJW needs to be left wing. That just seems the current trend. I'd define it as those who place force and manipulate their brand of solidarity onto society. Sometimes over competence, maturity, integrity, wisdom, and basically every worthwhile direction due to a misplaced sense of what is good and needs to be done. When it is done with restraint, decency, care and integrity, it is probably fine. When it is done with slander, lies, cruelty and no care to truth or cost, it is little more than zealous incompetence and hubris. And saying you have knowledge and compassion doesn't make it true, and doesn't move you from the latter group to the first. If society matters at all then it matters too much to be left in the hands of people who can't work out that much.
  3. Have you been chatting in the past 10 days?
  4. Pork Tenderloin medallions in a chunky cherry sauce form the cherries I froze over the summer we last night and tonight I am turning them into taco stuff.
  5. Welcome to the forum Jayne.
  6. In that case someone who treats the worse option as the better one, pressures and forces for it, for no real gain to anyone and for cost to everyone, and sometimes great cost.
  7. Welcome to the forum Ergo.
  8. Somewhere between man and ape lie the People of the Glazy Faces.
  9. I'm no expert or professional. Cooking is simply a hobby where I'm a hack.
  10. Welcome to the forum Sky.
  11. It is whatever they report the survivors to say. Post re-education programs and threats.
  12. I think you are both right, in that "justice" has nothing to do with it.
  13. I tend to withdraw or just leave. There's more assertive ways to set boundaries, but it's weird and unnatural for me; still, sometimes it's the best alternative. Although I think a part of me will always feel that simply leaving would do just as well. /shrug
  14. So, I've been continuing on my "what type am I" journey, and I have some questioning regarding MBTI and the Enneagram system. Are these two systems autonomous of each other, or do they work in conjunction? I have to say that when I take one particular MBTI and view the characteristics through a particular Enneagram type, I come much closer to a complete picture of myself, my internal thought processes, and my motivations. What are your opinions on this analysis?
  15. zomg, a record of critical thinking for further critical thinking *pumps fist at the useless 89% *
  16. Very interesting and useful to know. Thanks for paying so much attention to an amateur.
  17. OK, lets start over, INFJ does not bleed virgin tears.
  18. I call shenanigans. You changed your original description of INFJs. I had a meme lined up and everything.
  19. No, I think it's bc the tide has turned and she's just very well known. Obama's commutation is political, not moral or ethical. It makes him seem like a good guy, even though his policies have been the most anti-whistleblower in the history of the U.S.
  20. NPD's want to be surrounded by people they have fashioned into mirrors for their own ego. It is a kind of Procrustean "personality murder". http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Pa-Pr/Procrustes.html
  21. Laughing. And waiting for an email reply regarding developing situation as described below. Administrative Assistant insists that we professors who work the 'late shift' return our office keys via inter-office mail (which is located in a mail room that must be unlocked using our set of office keys). Administrative Assistant insists that with NO EXCEPTIONS that these keys MUST be returned BEFORE she would issue professors with new sets of keys. Dr. MaddRabbit, who commutes and lectures after regular office hours, cannot hand over her office keys to the Administrative Assistant during office hours. Dr. MaddRabbit asks that Administrative Assistant leave new keys in her mailbox, and that Dr. MaddRabbit will pick them up, and leave old set of keys in Administrative Assistant's mailbox, when she gives her next evening lecture. Administrative Assistant repeats her original instructions: NO EXCEPTIONS. Please to return old set of keys, Dr. MaddRabbit, which will be picked up by the Administrative Assistant BEFORE the new set of keys will be issued. Dr. MaddRabbit, always helpful, places office keys in an inter-office envelope, addresses it to the Administrative Assistant, and places it in Administrative Assistant's mailbox. Dr. MaddRabbit then lets Administrative Assistant know that she has returned her set of keys. And yep. Administrative Assistant emails Dr. MaddRabbit, thanking Dr. MaddRabbit for returning the keys, and informs her that the new set of keys has now been placed in Dr. MaddRabbit's mailbox, which is located in the mail room that must be unlocked using the new set of office keys.
  22. It were great if you guys also mentioned some books or shows you talk about. Both for knowing what you are thinking of when you write your opinion and for tipps. I do like non-fiction books and a good one leaves you with more questions than answers. Education tends to give a very fals impression on both how a discovery is made and how science is done ...not to mention the impression that is is already done, finito, we know everything there is to know. But I'm nowhere near a scientist. It is not clear to me from which point does such a book count as science even if just "pop". So my favourites that I think of while writing: (without any order) Michael Brooks - 13 Things That Don't Make Sense Bill Bryson - A Short History Of Nearly Everything Lewis Wolpert - Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Michael Brooks - Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science John D. Barrow - The Book of Nothing Jordan Ellenberg - How Not to Be Wrong On the other hand "science" TV shows tend to be utterly annoying. They try to make sitting in a lab seem like an action movie. That might be a bit harmful. ...and they lack footnotes.
  23. I'm a purveyor of perfection, contraption of deception, broadcasting lies for insurrection. Be afraid.
  24. This song always takes me for an emotional ride. Matthew Good - Lights of Endangered Species
  25. Snakes are awesome. I'm also not afraid of insects, but I don't like them in my house. Or on me ... if there's something on me bigger than a ladybug, I will start flailing. Once I looked down and there was a roach on my stomach/shirt - WTF? Not okay. I've otherwise picked up roaches to freak people out. In my last relationship, I was the one who would have to remove the spider from the wall while my ex ran away. I'm not fond of bees/wasps, though, and will run away if they're flying around me. If they don't try to eat my food, land on me, chase, or sting me ... they're fine.
  26. President Obama just commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence, citing her expressed remorse for her actions. She will serve less than four years of a thirty-five year sentence. I find this explanation incomplete. Many of those in jail express remorse for their actions, and never have their sentences commuted. Something must distinguish Manning from these people. Others convicted of espionage have seen no clemency. Jonathan Pollard served eighteen years of his life sentence. Richard Hansen is serving fifteen consecutive life sentences. Aldrich Ames is currently serving a life sentence without possibility of parole. James Hall III served twenty-two years of a forty year sentence for espionage. Something must distinguish Manning from these people. What appears to me that is different is that Manning is a relatively well-known transgendered woman. In late 1999 I fired an employee of a Fortune 500 company because no one was willing to work with her. Behavior at work was disruptive, she was verbally abusive to other employees, she lied repeatedly to clients, and refused to operate in a team environment. My HR department asked me to reconsider because the employee was a transgendered woman. I responded that it is equally discriminatory to retain an employee because she is transgendered as it is to fire one for the same reason. Within the bounds of practicality and rational compassion, every employee must be treated equally. I believe Manning's sentence was commuted primarily because of her transgendered status. Is this not yet another form of discrimination? Your thoughts.
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