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  3. I don't feel guilty about imaginary beings who never got to exist. If my mother had decided to abort me, blessings to her. Not because I regret existing. Just because I wouldn't have even known I was living and then dead.
  4. And good morning to you, too! @Whoops
  5. Garbage. Having an abortion is no more an ethical decision than having a wart removed. There is no ethical dimension to it, there is no child just a bunch of parasitic cells. It is more akin to flushing out a tapeworm.
  6. Since you have done LSD and shrooms before. maybe try some MDMA instead. There are research chemical version of everything, they just swap a methyl group here or there. The advantage is that they are cheap and legal. Order on the net, delivery to the door.
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  8. Once a woman decides to have sex without proper birth control & gets pregnant, she is now morally responsible for the life she decided to create. Ethically, that child has the inherent right to life (as proclaimed in US founding documents). Nobody has the right to kill that child. The only exception would be when doing so would prevent 2 from dying & save the life of the mother, but that's a rare exception. 93% of abortion killings are because of irresponsible sex.
  9. Assuming this to be directed towards me, certain things would need to be the case for this analogy to be apposite. Coercion would have been employed against me for the adoption of the avatar, rather than love of Scolopendra's elegant lines and capacity for nimble navigation. Doffing the avatar would result in a bloody "honor" killing in short order. There would be a cultural embrace of centiavatars as virtuous and chaste, and rejection of smiley face avatars as licentious and and obscene. Even were all of the above to be the case, I should hope that you would merely seek to ban centipede avatars rather than the users forced to bear them under sufferance. Or perhaps you have misunderstood my position vis-à-vis burqas and their victims?
  10. +1 Empty promises. Either negotiate tangible improvements to your current situation (maybe require to fill in some power vacuum) or tell them to gtfo.
  11. I haven't read the whole thread, but to expand on that, I think this is a determining criteria. Seeing the fetus as a human/patient as much as its mother isn't just about unwanted pregnancies or abortions, but also about women who want a pregnancy but who at some point refuse to follow the physician's recommendations. Some physicians then think it's appropriate to lie, threathen, even use the courts to force her to undergo a procedure. Or they may fail to inform her of the potential side-effects that some procedure she's going to undergo for the fetus's sake is going to have on her. I read recently interesting ethical recommendations concerning that, that reasserted that the woman's informed consent was crucial, and that made this interesting remark: Instead, it is more helpful to speak of the obstetrician–gynecologist as having beneficence-based motivations toward the fetus of a woman who presents for obstetric care and a beneficence-based obligation to the pregnant woman who is the patient. To come back to the matter at hands, I think it's important for everyone to realize that the problematics surrounding abortion don't begin and end with women who actually seek an abortion. When you favor the interest of the fetus over the interest of the pregnant individual, you're not just attacking the right to abort, you are turning ALL women into mere hosts who for nine months (give or take) exist for the fetus. You take away their body ownership and rights to make decisions about the medical procedures they undergo, about what they eat and drink and what they do, about where and how they want to give birth. You crimininalize certain lifestyles and even accidents. It's an indefensible stance practically and ethically. And despite protests that strict abortion laws don't apply to women's whose life is threathened by the pregnancy, sooner or later someone does die because of them. As tragically illustrated by Savita Halappanavar's death. Denying the right to abort hurts every individual who can get pregnant: those who go through pregnancies they want to end, but also those who only go through pregnancies they want to carry to term. ...... added to this post 34 minutes later: And this ^ is just empty promises. Christine Taylor in Iowa was arrested (although not charged) for falling down the stairs and having a miscarriage. As for the distinction between "drugs" and "diet" it is just laughably naive. Tell me what's the meaningfull difference between having a cannabis-brownie and drinking two pots of coffee a day? Only the later, to my knowledge, comes with a higher risk of miscarriage, by the way. What about actions? Can I go paragliding while pregnant? What about jogging? While about driving a car? What if I drive a car and smash into a tree and miscarrt, how do you know if that is an accident or if I decided I wanted to abort at any risk? It is not your place to decide what a woman should find "good" and to criminalize her if she is not being "reasonable".
  12. Stop it. He's an INTJ, even when acknowledging the deep off-road capacity for character all types have beyond their dominant stereotype. I know F's in "T" fields. I know T's in "F" fields. Doesn't change their underlying observable nature. His intuition does seem very rounded, incorporating more Ne than "typical" for an INTJ. Xntj's have done some the greatest, if not the greatest things humans have ever done, but his "vision" is a shade more 'far reaching' in an Xntp manner. But he's definitely no INTP. The sheer work ethic draws a line. He's actually doing what we're seriously "wanting" to do. lol Edit: Also, stop with the cheap assessment of emotions. Oh man, he's tearing up over a premise deeply invested into in his soul, the future of human life and its actuality in the universe. That couldn't be an emotion reached uniquely by intellectual means, must be an F, forrr sure. Only xntj's and thugs don't cry. Facts.
  13. Love, Success, Popular
  14. Leader of a relationship? Interesting.
  15. E = mc2 is also a very simple equation. Easier than any math equation that Monte ever posted on this forum. Yet it tells us more about the universe than anything that Monte ever posted. It is certainly much simpler than the fluid dynamics equation required to describe the movement of water in a bathtub when the plug is pulled. Similarly, perhaps deep spiritual truths are indeed quite simple. Just very difficult to apply.
  16. How do you even answer a question like this? (The "who was the leader?" thing.) How do you quantify this? Unless you are clearly dating a domineering asshole who gets in the way of your decisions or a doormat who can't make decisions for themselves, I genuinely don't get it. I mean, if this response above amounts to "When went out to eat, I picked the restaurant 70% of the time because they didn't care", how does that amount to "leadership" in any meaningful way? It really doesn't. Seems to me like leadership takes actual skills to research and make long term and short term plans, delegate, guide and motivate your subordinates, keep a group together, all this for the sake of accomplishing a set TASK. I don't see how it could ever apply to a couple.
  17. I'm no Einstein and don't live in the 20th Century. Women that are willing to keep house and shag your brains out are few and far between in this day and age. Good luck in finding that rare gem.
  18. Personally, I avoid hallucinogens. Had one shroom trip, and one purely accidental, unexpected, extreme LSD trip. Very intense and immersive in a unique rabbit-hole way? Certainly. Mind expanding? No. Not even remotely. Not even ego death moments. There's not a single idea, feeling, or sensation from LSD that I hadn't thoroughly traversed myself to an immersed degree. This is very condescending, but its my one guilty fast-food judgement: When people talk about their hallucinogenic experiences, the eye-opening sense of universality, connectedness, all-and-the-same, and a plethora of "life-changing" perspectives/angles/epiphanies.... I seriously feel compassion for them. "So...you're essentially a sack of potatoes who took Acid and seriously thought of something grander than you or your immediate surroundings for once.... how.. um..revealing." To the OP, a first time experience is always welcomed in life... but you could have the same experience, on a deeper and more honest level if you decided to close your eyes and stop moving for an hour a day.
  19. I can't say what it is about it but your pics look very ENFP. And the orange wall is appropriately Dutch. 

  20. I'll see if I can do better...you shouldn't feel personally attacked: you should know it!
  21. Probably jadedness on my part. I'm used to having friends from all parts of society. But the things that INTJs say here, and the attitudes they show, would result in them being stabbed by much of the world. It's like saying someone who breaks everything she touches should become an engineer.
  22. Hmmm. I think that many of the issues are just in your head. Which doesn't mean that they are not real, of course. Just means that you have to sort them out in your own head. You are in America. Not exactly known for intact family structures. If you knew better the people around you, you would probably realize that some of them don't have fathers either. While others might have had two. Or maybe three. Well, maybe you think that's much better than none, LOL. By the way, your not enjoying parties is pretty usual for INTJs, whether they have fathers or not.
  23. Women cluster around the mean. If you are very smart, then you will have a hard time finding a woman that is smarter. It is tough to see it in women too since they tend to different concerns. A little wifey that keeps house and shags your brains out is still a positive asset. She can support you in your own endeavours. Like Mrs Einstein didn't produce any new physics theories. Every one of those geniuses was married to someone dumber but they still got something positive from the relationship.
  24. Hello Henry. Is there any way you can get in touch with your father and try to forge a relationship? It might be the easiest way to get from point A to point B. I posted something this week in response to a different question, but I think most of what I said is relevant to your situation, too. I hope this helps.
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