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  • INTJ Forum was founded in 2007. It was originally intended to be a place for INTJs to meet other INTJs and for other types to get to know INTJs. Over the years, we developed a community that went beyond the MBTI. We went private in 2017 because hosting a large public forum was expensive and moderating problem accounts was time-consuming and not fun anymore. However, the owner is committed to keeping the forum going as long as there are members who continue to value it.


    If you have an account:

    The forums are still active, but you will need an existing account to view them. Please login to view the forum if you already have an account.


    If you do not have an account:

    Looking for other introverted grown-ups to talk to? Click here for an invite to our Discord server!

    We are not accepting new members on the forum at this time, but we created a public Discord server called "Introverts International" for the people who find this site and are looking for a community. Our chatroom is for 18+ introverts from around the world. This is not a NSFW server - we're just looking for a more mature crowd that isn't dominated by minors. Many of our members are interested in the MBTI/Jung typology and we welcome INTJ, INTP, INFJ, INFP, ISTP, ISFP, ISTJ and ISFJ types. English is the official server language, but we also have space for having conversations in other languages. Several of our members speak or are trying to learn multiple languages such as French, German, and Spanish.


    If you already have an account, have not been banned, and are having trouble accessing the forum:

    You can join our public Discord and send Jezebel a PM.

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