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For all you "La Femme Nikita" fans, forgive me if this topic has been posted before, but what are the types of the characters on the show, if anyone has ideas. and, were the characters true to type?

For the girls who liked the show, who did you identify with on the show?
guys, same question.
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As far as I remember Micheal and Madelaine both struck me as cold, detached... Probably INTJs though I wouldn't exclude the possibility that they were psychopaths (especially Madelaine).

Nikita - xNFP perhaps.
Walter - INFP?

I liked the programme, but failed to identify with anyone. From time to time all characters would make farily irrational decisions with which I couldn't go along. Good series though.
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Michael was the QUINTESSENTIAL INTJ!! I loved the show an actually have all (six?) seasons on DVD even the rare season one when they didnt yet have the rights to the songs...

Anyway,I so admired Michael.. did you know NF always want to be or admire the NT quality of emotional masking...

Anyway, notice how Michael always turns questions around but not even so you would notice it? Whenever Nikita wants information Michael says, and why do you want to now that Or turns the question around so he never has to adress it but more her motivations or "logic" in asking... Thus she walks away thinks the question was answered and he gets more information. This I think is classic and I actually think the actor himself is an NT of some sort.. You cant act into that role I dont think.

Another interesting aspect and why in some of my posts I do NOT think that NT are cold or emotionaless.. they experience things very deeply I think, but dont manifest, but when they do it is usually as poetically or differently as an NF would.. Example... At the end (um or what we thought was the end before they brought the show back) when nikita tells Michael (and lies) that she does not love him.. He takes a nife a cuts just below is lower eye lid so he cries a tear of blood... Thats a pretty dramatic statement and more effective than any other he could have made.
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