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‘Curse of the Iceman’ Linked to Scientist’s Death None
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"That a 63-year-old man should die of natural causes would normally raise few eyebrows. But when that man was a scientist connected to the discovery of a 5,300-year-old frozen corpse known as Oetzi the Iceman — and the seventh such person to die within a year — talk about a curse is inevitable..."

Seven deaths in a year linked to a prehistoric man. What do you make of this?
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Let's see if there's an eighth now that it's been reported upon and the confirmation bias is no longer a possible cause.
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Chilling news, to say the least...
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Alive person now becomes really?

If they died from being speared or from falling into a mammoth trap then that would be amazing. Seven people walking around town and they all fell into a crevase in the footpath concealed with palm fronds and lined with fire hardened stakes.

And each death was preceded by an apparition of the bear riding stone age warrior.

"Uga booga, ungh la la la la la!"
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It's probably all of those baller-ass tattoos Ötzi has.

But also you gotta remember that Ötzi was a man of luck. He got into a bunch of fights and survived wounds that would probably kill a normal man. Then he died in an avalanche or otherwise fell off a mountain. So his luck turned sour and now it messes with anyone who touches the guy. Or at least that's the most interesting theory anyway.
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This death thing really is an epidemic. I heard at least one person dies, like, daily.
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When I read that the archaeologist died of a blood disease he contracted shortly after starting work on the the Iceman, I thought that maybe the Iceman had carried with him through time a virus that hadn't affected the human population in millennia. The death of two others due to heart attack was at least consistent with that. But then I read about the other causes of death - avalanche, blizzard, and car accident on the way to give a lecture about the Iceman. Now I'm leaning strongly toward a curse. Just a generalized, evil curse.
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So does this mean I can put a curse on my body so that when I die I can still fuck with people?
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Without proper Baysian analysis, this is meaningless.
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