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  1. Lycanthrope
    09-17-2014 02:47 AM
    Lycanthrope commented on I'm 22 (almost 23), she's 16. Am i f**cked?
    Thank you. That was succinctly put.
  2. SeverusSin
    Pretty much on point. No argument here.
  3. SeverusSin
    09-15-2014 11:08 AM
    SeverusSin commented on "Monogamy is unnatural"
  4. MrFlaneur
    09-13-2014 06:54 AM
    MrFlaneur commented on What type is IRON MAN?
    I enjoyed that
  5. SeverusSin
    09-10-2014 11:42 AM
    SeverusSin commented on Alimony: Fair or Unfair?
    Oh people love to do this, calling one thing something else that it may resemble even though the main component of what gives it the name is absent.
  6. Base groove
  7. Ricardo Diaz
    09-06-2014 06:43 AM
    Ricardo Diaz
    Who needs a plough if you have only yourself to feed. Home gardening.
  8. Async
    why bother, just shoot it then
  9. Ghostwheel
    09-05-2014 08:18 PM
    Ghostwheel commented on Good Ole Libertarians
    You understand the American Libertarian mind exceptionally well.
  10. thebrainpolice
    09-05-2014 07:53 PM
    thebrainpolice commented on Back HAIR!
  11. Ricardo Diaz
    09-05-2014 08:55 AM
    Ricardo Diaz commented on Substitute for alcohol?
    well said.
  12. Ricardo Diaz
    09-05-2014 03:51 AM
    Ricardo Diaz commented on government dependence - cart or horse?
    Bullshit. Independent farm living is doable.
  13. Jaime
    that's incorrect. people do that for the same reasons they gamble
  14. Muse
    08-31-2014 12:34 AM
    Muse commented on Thesis - freight derivatives
    Good post. Is your background in corp. finance?
  15. InnVersion
    Why do you let this anger you so? Nothing has changed since the beginning of time. Almost everyone cannot reach out of their 'selves' unless it is connected with an event or prompted. Their imagination is closed until then. They only know what they know and realize they may be ignorant when this happens. If you look at that way with 'insight' you won't become angry. My dad always said it's like knocking out sharks teeth.....another pops up ad-infinitum.
  16. Monte314
    You have pretty much summed it up here.
  17. Moxiie
    Motherfucking BRILLIANT
  18. Ghostwheel
    I hope you won't go berserk and get yourself banned. The forum needs your perspective. That said, yeah, INTJs can be pretty hatable. Must be why in fiction we're always the supervillain.
  19. SeverusSin
    08-20-2014 04:09 PM
    SeverusSin commented on Why do INTJ women hate being women?
    This sums it up perfectly.
  20. HackerX
    08-17-2014 07:52 PM
    HackerX commented on Campaign for Mod
    precipitous utterance of amused cachinnation with ambrosial though exaggerated chortling.

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