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  1. Killer
    Yesterday 08:13 AM
    Killer commented on Thailand
    that's because he has a huge brain
  2. eagleseven
  3. Ghostwheel
    08-22-2015 03:51 PM
    Ghostwheel commented on How To Eliminate Nations?
    Right once again and no one can recognize it, even when it is spelled out plainly.
  4. Monte314
  5. UltraIncredible
    08-18-2015 04:41 PM
    UltraIncredible commented on Home Defense Tactics
  6. Monte314
    08-12-2015 01:26 PM
    Monte314 commented on The Coddling of the American Mind
    Hitler said "9" all the time; but learn to suck it up, you enemy-of-fascists!
  7. byhisello99
    07-31-2015 08:56 PM
    byhisello99 commented on Cuban Embassy reopened
    You're a European? I thought you were a Brit.
  8. TheStranger
    haha nice.
  9. Smylex
    07-17-2015 11:45 AM
    Smylex commented on Vegan Retards
  10. Mattandsuch
    07-17-2015 06:22 AM
    Mattandsuch commented on Private Medical Tuition?
    lol BRAH.
  11. Ghostwheel
  12. PTD
    07-07-2015 11:23 PM
    PTD commented on The Smell of Love
  13. Dung
    07-07-2015 03:53 AM
    Dung commented on Real Pain for Greece - IMF debt not paid
  14. eagleseven
  15. Aeroflot
    06-28-2015 10:52 AM
    Aeroflot commented on "morally bankrupt" and rainbows
    An interesting post. I'm sure no one else will understand it, but meh.
  16. Monte314
    06-24-2015 04:14 AM
    Monte314 commented on Torn between "live to work" and "work to live"
    Great post!
  17. Distance
    06-23-2015 10:39 PM
    Distance commented on Should Food Be Made More Expensive?
    It's so wrong but I laughed.
  18. care
    06-23-2015 10:44 AM
    care commented on What to say to a dying person?
    it's only a bad investment if they have family. if they are alone in the world it may be a great investment
  19. wolkenkraetzer
    I agree with you that learning is/needs to be a lifetime act 100%.
  20. Desertstorm
    your cultures and countries are mere conversation pieces to us. Like we give a fuck k about your small insignificant country

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