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  1. Eye on Earth
    Today 03:17 AM
    Eye on Earth
    Haha...I was being Good to know about the syrup though, in case I ever decide to try some.
  2. Eye on Earth
    Today 02:09 AM
    Eye on Earth
    What about the syrup? Did you have their world famous syrup?
  3. Eye on Earth
    Today 02:03 AM
    Eye on Earth
    The Canadians banned me for changing their morality. Je ai pris leur virginité!

    Yeah, probably would have enjoyed it...if only for the beer and the bad jokes about cheap foreigners.
  4. Eye on Earth
    Today 01:52 AM
    Eye on Earth
    *Admires your courage*
    *Gives you back your virginity*
  5. Eye on Earth
    Today 01:46 AM
    Eye on Earth
    *Runs up and splats against your white wall*
    *Runs away*
  6. TzarAlexander
    Today 12:37 AM
    TzarAlexander commented on Job Advice Needed!
    Yes! Join us in academia!
  7. Minerva
    Yesterday 11:07 PM

    Will check your blog later in the week!

    I am off to bed. Have a good night!
  8. Minerva
    Yesterday 10:57 PM
    Looks like we were in the same place at the same time.

    My list is true though.

    How are you doing tonight, e7?
  9. Minerva
    Yesterday 10:55 PM
    Minerva commented on What Makes you feel Sexy?
    You forgot toys... like this:
  10. WoodsWoman
    Yesterday 11:19 AM
  11. TzarAlexander
    I like this post. Ginger88 seems, well, nuts. Shame we never found out what happened, this was all in October of 2014.
  12. mjbgtz
  13. Bevan
    01-22-2015 07:39 PM
    Bevan commented on Flying Like An Eagle
    Who's been counting your chickens?
  14. Sarea
    01-21-2015 10:38 PM
    have fun!
  15. Sarea
    01-21-2015 10:31 PM
    looking forward to the new chapters

    and i'll bring my own popcorns :P
  16. Sarea
    01-21-2015 10:17 PM
    Sarea commented on Flying Like An Eagle
    good luck for the interview. i like the way you answered HR . And so many men there...gonna be heavens, babe
  17. BlSH0P
    01-21-2015 08:17 PM
    BlSH0P commented on TBGITF - the biggest thread in this forum
    lol tell me about it... i get no thread traffic
  18. Desertstorm
    01-21-2015 08:29 AM
  19. Zsych
    01-20-2015 07:55 PM

    Well, realistically, Verizon's douchiness is still *mostly* unlikely to harm anyone. And I'm really quite annoyed with the public response to Google Glass - as if taking videos of people with your phone without them knowing is somehow hard.

    IMO, rising technology will eventually move most people largely out of the control of law enforcement (although I just had a really perverted idea for how to maintain law enforcement, in the future)

    "The empowered human"

    Read this article - the part about what Kaspersky thought about losing to Deep Blue, and what has happened in Chess since then.
  20. Zsych
    01-20-2015 07:33 PM
    In the meantime, our inner children were spending time focusing on this and this.

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