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  1. JackCY
    Today 01:31 PM
    *cough* don't forget to look in US too, because sometimes the actions are like that, spying on everyone, attacking other countries for self interest, etc.

    What I meant was that they did diplomacy but gave in too much, hoping to give a lion an arm and not being eaten whole, well of course a lion will eat the whole. You don't give an arm to a lion, you tell it to go to it's own turf and f* off.

    That's a little different from flying all around the world and starting wars in remote countries or starting proxy wars.
  2. JackCY
    Today 11:44 AM
    I'm not sure how military and EU are linked, it's more to do with economy/trade and protecting EU politically. Or who knows, there are so many branches in EU.

    The army thing is NATO.


    WW: And they fed him and allowed him to grow from the beginning to avoid conflict which didn't help anyway. Should have nipped it in the bud instead of feeding it.
  3. JackCY
    Today 10:20 AM
    There were some, tiny ones, or long time ago.
    In recent years it usually didn't happen because no one stepped up to take the lead.


    Yeah US does that, I don't agree with the aggressiveness of their actions though.
    Europe's leadership is sometimes pathetic, sure the diplomacy is ridiculous but it would help if EU showed more balls/ovaries Be more firm, decisive, more of a unit. This way it's like "trying to please everyone" and it helps no one.
  4. JackCY
    Today 10:01 AM
    Indeed that is common and I can see it at so many places it is sad. It stems from the people and it goes all the way from personal things to international.

    People hope someone will do something. Failing to realize they are the people and they should do something.
  5. JackCY
    Today 09:52 AM
    Not sure, if the 5-10 people group or that there was a need for someone to make decisions and give it a direction that people can rely on.

    There were enough polls and time, some people didn't vote now something doesn't suit them. That's life, we are moving on, who can attend will, who cannot will not.
    My goal is to make a meetup happen with a friendly atmosphere and enjoy the time.
  6. Zsych
    Yesterday 12:55 PM
    What happens if you exercise and grow muscles after that? I assume it would add a degree of funkiness to their development.
  7. Weltschmerzer
    Yesterday 12:15 PM
    Failing is contingent on trying, or at least my conception of it is.
  8. Jest
    Yesterday 10:48 AM
    Terminally-ill children is something I often think about when I find myslef moaning about life. And when I think about heroin junkies. I knew a few. In particular a very intelligent girl who I happen to think has very good genes. Thick hair, good vision, good bone structure, smart, intellectual. I sit back and think, "what a terrible wast." A sad waste.
  9. Jest
  10. JackCY
    Yesterday 10:22 AM
    Yep, it's enough now and it's happening
    Some have replied fast, I mean blazing fast. For some it's good to know that there are people going as otherwise they tend to be hesitant to join in if they are the first ones.

    I don't think it's gonna go over 10, there could be 2-3 more that join but didn't read/replied PMs yet.
  11. Arcanist
    10-20-2014 11:41 PM
    Arcanist commented on Other Types Of Forums
    Wondering what you think about this guy:
  12. Zsych
    10-20-2014 07:25 PM
    What does that do? Cause swelling? Actually make muscles stronger or at least more massive?

    (And some of that just sounds gross. Cheating: Not cool)
  13. Zsych
    10-20-2014 07:14 PM
    Those enhancements wouldn't be through personal work though, and I'm not sure you could have the same kind of culture around them.
  14. Reddkatz
    10-20-2014 03:30 PM
    Deep South...
  15. Reddkatz
    10-20-2014 03:27 PM
    All the Christians here say it is God's way of punishing people too
  16. Reddkatz
    10-20-2014 03:24 PM
    There was breaking news over here because someone had to get tested for Ebola (they call it eboli), and....she was negative! OMGSH!
  17. Reddkatz
    10-20-2014 03:18 PM
    Ahh..I'm laughing at the nursing students here at my school because they don't know anything about micro. It was so easy for me.
  18. Reddkatz
    10-20-2014 02:56 PM
    That is because you were having to cope. So what was your field phlebotomy or just lab sciences?
  19. Reddkatz
    10-20-2014 02:51 PM
    I have UC so I have to take those 2 in very small doses. I rather drink tea.
  20. Reddkatz
    10-20-2014 02:47 PM
    I try to. But I enhance it with not putting toxins in my body voluntarily (i.e. smokes, alcohol, recreational drugs)

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