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  1. Bevan
    Yesterday 11:16 PM
    For your amusement.
  2. Bevan
    Yesterday 11:00 PM
    Some great stuff in this youtube mix. REALLY takes me back to some good times.
  3. Bevan
    Yesterday 10:51 PM
    I Confess! I saw The English Beat play live in Athens in the 80s, a great outdoor concert, one of the best music shows I've ever seen. And watch out for that Mirror In The Bathroom.

    I still love ska, reggae too. Now I'm gonna be rummaging around for that cassette tape I made decades ago of my favourite English Beat songs.
  4. Bevan
    Yesterday 10:38 PM
    You, ah, don't have to answer that. Of course. Especially if you're feeling more than a little necrotic.

    Take care of yourself, buddy. I still wuv you anyways, no matter what!

  5. Desertstorm
    Yesterday 09:59 PM
    True. Adapt to what ya got.
  6. Bevan
    Yesterday 09:57 PM
    Why do you think? I've never been sure myself. Desire for knowledge, or all them young, tight college boys like myself?
  7. Desertstorm
    Yesterday 09:49 PM
    At least they were put to use. It sucks you live in a cold climate 6 months of the year too.
  8. Desertstorm
    Yesterday 08:34 PM
    I bet sharp breathes of cold air hurt like a bitch huh?

    Those stubs had to be removed too right? Its never easy.
  9. Desertstorm
    Yesterday 08:12 PM
    I remember I had a cap on a tooth as a kid. It was hanging by the root and I had to keep it in place by keeping my teeth clenched. By morning it was gone, I probably swallowed it.

    No long term effects besides like no teeth sensitivity?
  10. Desertstorm
    Yesterday 07:55 PM
    That must of hurt..
  11. Desertstorm
    Yesterday 07:27 PM
    Desertstorm commented on No Indictment in Ferguson, MO Killing
    really? how are you not dead..
  12. Moxiie
    Yesterday 04:56 PM
    That's largely true, but violence is hardwired into the human psyche. Violence as a reaction to perceived injustice even more so. Whether it's effective or justified is not my point, that it simply exists as a human state is.
  13. Moxiie
    Yesterday 04:29 PM
    Agreed. Although I do think most real huge change historically comes with a modicum of violence that spurred it on, even the Civil Right Movement or the French revolution etc.
  14. Dung
    Yesterday 04:16 PM
    Dung commented on No Indictment in Ferguson, MO Killing
    Lol, well pointed.
  15. larkin
    Yesterday 03:51 PM
    He's a charmer
  16. Moxiie
    Yesterday 03:58 AM
    It's absolutely expected and no surprise. Especially in light of that article on riots I posted. I suspect that this will continue for a couple of days in cities all over America. The problem is real (broken justice system relating to race) and people are pissed. It's cumulative, not just about this case.
  17. Chameleon
    Yesterday 03:43 AM
    Well, I will be pissed for a while, but sleepy I am. Night friend.
  18. Chameleon
    Yesterday 03:37 AM
    Quite true!! Lol
  19. IslandHead
    Yesterday 02:19 AM
    IslandHead commented on No Indictment in Ferguson, MO Killing
    what stream are you watching? The one i was watching got his phone stolen
  20. Bartender
    11-24-2014 09:48 PM
    They are handling it great man, don't stress yourself about what might happen you can't do anything about that.

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