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  1. FarmlandTension
    Yesterday 06:08 PM
    I figured the profile might show as an option to rate for both genders if I set it as bi. If not then no harm done anyways.
  2. RBM
    Yesterday 05:31 PM
    RBM commented on Oil Price Collapse!
    Read 'The Automatic Earth' for inside Russian details on relationships of oil to finances.
  3. Distance
    Yesterday 03:32 PM
    No denial here..even a little!
  4. Distance
    Yesterday 03:30 PM
    Don't forget the industry I used to be in. Elitist extraordinaire!
  5. Nemesis
    Yesterday 03:16 PM
    Funny how that works. I also get *way* more positive attention from gay guys than from women. Hey, at least you're in a position to cash in on the love they are giving lol
  6. deconspire
    Yesterday 08:47 AM
    i'm just picky lol
  7. kfarb
    Yesterday 08:18 AM
    Lol pretty much, it just happens that way usually
  8. Nemesis
    Yesterday 06:08 AM
    Well, you're charming as fuck and definitely seem to get yours, so I don't think there's much to fret over.
  9. Nemesis
    Yesterday 05:19 AM
    I was soooo close to saying fuck it and posting a pic on there after I had a couple drinks last night. Very glad I didn't. Ambra was egging me on a bit, too. Now, I'm 100% positive I won't
  10. ICameISawICame
    Yesterday 05:10 AM
    Sorry, didn't mean it like that.

  11. Midhiel
    Yesterday 02:58 AM
    Taemin and Jonghyun. There are fancams of it all over YouTube (thank the screaming fangirls). You want the performance from 120818.
  12. Midhiel
    Yesterday 02:50 AM
    Ahh, Everybody era. Good times. That's how we got Symptoms... oberon has shown you Internet War, right?
  13. Midhiel
    Yesterday 01:49 AM
    You betcha.
  14. oberonblue
    12-18-2014 11:41 PM
    Click the image to open in full size.

    I'll do that. You verify gravity.
  15. Madden
    12-18-2014 08:14 PM

  16. Madden
    12-18-2014 08:08 PM
    I'm trying to come up with alternative names for them, but the ones I think about are even 'cheekier' than 'Comfyballs'.
  17. AOA
    12-18-2014 07:42 PM
    AOA commented on Rate my looks (Ladies only)
    Let's see!!!
  18. Underachiever
    12-18-2014 03:49 AM
    Hmm... Post the main one with them off and the last one (if you post more than one) with them on?
  19. Underachiever
    12-18-2014 03:41 AM
    All of my decent pictures are on my paperweight (phone)... So I had to pull crappy ones from my PC.
    Still though, I don't know, this site is so random with the guys they pick... And wayyyyyy more selective for guys than girls.
    But a hairflip might work. ;P
    Or post that I have assets over $1B USD.
  20. Eye on Earth
    12-18-2014 01:09 AM
    Eye on Earth
    I shall call you cricket with all the pitches you

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