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  1. RedOrange823
    Today 03:34 PM
    Yep. Terribly so to those and pistachios.
  2. ShadowBurn
    Today 12:11 PM
    we all have our thing
  3. yoginimama
    Yesterday 10:49 PM
    Yeah, but it still sucks.
  4. Bevan
    Yesterday 07:13 PM
    You can't keep a good man down and besides, how can you fail with a lunatic like me backing you up?

    I heard Eddie passed on last year.

    My grandfather wanted to enlist after Pearl Harbor, but the powers that be decided his services would be more valuable at home. There was a shortage of physicians here at home and he had a lot on him. He worked his butt off for the duration of the war.

    I used to know a MASH nurse. She was wounded during the first foray into Iraq under Bush the senior. She took damage to the lumbar region of her spine, and had some paralysis. She was still walking when I met her but said she expected to eventually lose the use of her legs.
  5. Zweria
    Yesterday 05:45 PM
    Look at that! Thanks for letting me know. Would be awesome to be part of that.
  6. yoginimama
    Yesterday 05:40 PM
    yoginimama commented on Being practical vs. chasing your passions
    Sorry for all your stress. {{{e7}}}
  7. Zweria
    Yesterday 05:25 PM
    Heeeey, you never know!

    At least in my case, hahaha.
  8. sidewinder
    Yesterday 04:39 PM
    Ha... only because you did.
  9. Bevan
    Yesterday 01:07 PM
    The Chinese will remain cautious and retain an isolationist posture, to the extent that is possible.

    Hmmm. Not sure the world is such a safe place for the average global slob. We enjoy safety in the US--with an undercurrent of paranoia. What if them nukes *do* get launched?

    If foreign policy requires reinstatement of the draft for 'international policing', young male folk have something to fear. Your number gets called up, that's it.
  10. Bevan
    Yesterday 12:43 PM
    Russia was brutally savaged by Hitler, and Russians won't forget it any time soon. The suffering was immense. That's why they are staunch about securing their borders. China seems to hum along independently of global politics. They are clever, them Chinese.
  11. Bevan
    Yesterday 12:31 PM
    We put a stop to that immediately after Pearl Harbor, and ultimately bombed the fuck out of Japan. We have a low tolerance for large-scale violence against Americans on American soil.
  12. Swamp Yankee
    Yesterday 12:26 PM
    Swamp Yankee
    I'm not losing any sleep over it
  13. Bevan
    Yesterday 12:24 PM
    Good, keep that focus. We got front-row seats at the circus, but we're not putting on the show.
  14. Swamp Yankee
    Yesterday 12:18 PM
    Swamp Yankee
    do tell...
  15. Bevan
    Yesterday 12:17 PM
    He has lost nothing of his personal fortune. Any losses are suffered by the Russian people--they're picking up that tab.

    Putin thinks nothing of the sort. We're at a nuclear stand-off. That will not change. Don't buy into the paranoia--that will only cloud E7's own personal interests.
  16. Bevan
    Yesterday 12:07 PM
    Capitalism and imperialism are asshole buddies. Putin will trade with anyone if it benefits first Putin, then Russia.
  17. Bevan
    Yesterday 12:03 PM

    Come on. A strong Russian economy will be good for global trade. We are shadow boxing here--Russia will rebuild its Soviet political borders without being a direct threat to America.

    We can't afford to become so indignant about ideology that we are blinded to pragmatism.
  18. Bevan
    Yesterday 11:53 AM
    Is that our problem?
  19. Desertstorm
    Yesterday 11:42 AM
    Too much so sometimes
  20. Bevan
    Yesterday 11:38 AM
    Shipping heavy weapons to Ukraine would be a lame and impotent gesture, and a ludicrous blunder on our part. If we are going to war against Russia those weapons must be operated by American military personnel.

    The political dilemma here at home: The American public is in no mood for WWIII, or at the least another Vietnam-model debacle guaranteed to fail. The economy remains stagnant and the people are in distress.

    So what think you, E7? Will the political class in America succeed in whipping up public interest in a major conflict? Are you ready to enlist?

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