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  1. Bevan
    Today 04:26 AM
    I loved Liberace! Even while I listened to pop/rock stuff on the radio all the time.

    Everybody knew Liberace was homosexual, of course. It was intriguing to people, added an interesting aspect to his stage persona.

    Elton John was another example. He could go on stage dripping with sequins, feathers and so on, stand up, kick the piano bench aside and shake ass. Everybody loved it.

    In the 70s gay people really were beginning to be accepted, then here comes AIDS, and we're blamed for contagion. The epidemic changed my life in a very serious way. People hurried back into the closet in droves.

    I was very dismayed, disappointed, frustrated. I was in my early 20s, I worked out, lived in a college town. I was a cute, skinny boy ready to hit the clubs and live it up. AIDS at that time in my life made me so angry, and was so difficult to accept. I was a shy introvert anyway, and HIV made things just impossible.

    I didn't want to leave Athens without a diploma and a boyfriend, a partner for life. I really wanted that.
  2. Bevan
    Today 03:52 AM
    Ooooh! Boy kiss boy. How about a swimsuit competition?

    This stuff is obviously big entertainment, big business in S. Korea.
  3. Bevan
    Today 03:45 AM
    I never know quite what to make of these K-Pop vids. The judges are a little sleazy, aren't they? And the hairstyles are pretty much early 1960s Beatles.

    Some of those boys are girly. I wonder what goes on in the evenings, after the shows are filmed.

    Check the 'best butt' discussion.
  4. Bevan
    Today 02:29 AM
    Bevan commented on Ancaps: Do I Deserve To Die?
    What a smackdown! Talk about calling somebody on their shit!
  5. stasis
    Yesterday 11:22 PM
    stasis commented on Ask A Vagabond Anything
    That is great advice.
  6. INFJfemale
    Yesterday 08:53 PM
    Lucky they caught the horse before it jumped the fence. I got some lessons after that at a more reputable place for beginners so I'm confident with them (but hardly an expert).
  7. Jest
    Yesterday 05:57 PM
    I made "the switch" to Linux 7 months ago. Using Arch Linux. Everthing works, even Steam. Audio is better for some reason. I've read some stuff about better driver design. Never going back to Windows unless some really good game comes out that only runs in Windows, then I'll dual boot. But I really don't game that much anymore. Not gaming that much recently is why I haven't made the switch sooner. Arch is a rolling-release distro; meaning you upgrade to newer versions without a re-install. Windows can't/won't touch that. Anyhoo, I'll almost always run Windows on my laptops. I think it's good to keep at least one Windows machine in the house, and it keeps me skilled with the OS of the people.
  8. Dancingqueen
    Yesterday 02:56 PM
    It's an American thing. Such a foreign idea here. But when you live in the ghetto, as the saying goes "you're gonna dieeeeeee."
  9. YellowSubmarine
    Yesterday 02:31 PM
    Nope, mom. Close enough.
  10. YellowSubmarine
    Yesterday 02:30 PM
    Yeah, my purse doubles as an overnight bag, sans the change of clothing which I always have at least one of [and several pairs of shoes] in my trunk.
  11. YellowSubmarine
    Yesterday 02:24 PM
  12. Machiavellian
    Yesterday 01:11 PM
    I see. I was wondering how in modern day Europe/North America anyone could use the phrase "The black and the mexicans" THE. THE blacks. Omfg. Now I get it. The only color in Siberia is white....
  13. Atamagahen
    Yesterday 05:56 AM
    I can't sing at all, at least not very well.
    My caregiver gave me the greatest example of a first world problem you'll ever hear. She was complaining because there wasn't enough space in the glove box for her money.
  14. Atamagahen
    Yesterday 05:26 AM
    I have plenty to keep me busy right now, pursuing a major in programming along with attaining a Philosophy of Religion certificate, to which I'm a couple of classes away from. Once I finish college here, I'll be moving to Japan once things are arranged and I get a solid programming job. Even if I can't find any openings in that occupation in specific, I've a lot of practical experience and education that'd make me applicable for quite a few other careers.
  15. Atamagahen
    Yesterday 05:16 AM
    It is definitely confirmation bias. I haven't been to a gym before.

    I'm not really interested in meeting people at the moment, I've been far too busy with my studies. My life comes first, once I've settled in then I'll see if I enjoy...
    how do I say for English? "Mingling"?
  16. Atamagahen
    Yesterday 05:01 AM
    Seems like a cesspool of insipid meat heads, sweaty handlebars, fast food salads and cheesy "motivational" music. I'll stay inside thank you.
  17. Atamagahen
    Yesterday 04:53 AM
    Is that what gyms are really like?
  18. Atamagahen
    Yesterday 04:37 AM
    You might be the one laughing now, but just you wait until you pull a muscle or something while I'm laying on my couch watching videos of stupid people.
    I'll be the one laughing, but mainly at the videos.
  19. Machiavellian
    Yesterday 03:36 AM
    Well I dunno if I'd "enjoy" a day in his perspective, but I don't approve of closing my eyes and pretending it isn't there because it makes me feel bad.
  20. Machiavellian
    Yesterday 03:27 AM
    Machiavellian commented on Dear White People
    Chilling trailer. I'm a huge documentary fan. I'll have to watch the whole thing here shortly. I would argue however that greater suffering in one part of the world does not negate lesser suffering in another. I have faith in humanity, I think we can find all solutions to all the problems simultaneously. In fact it may be that solving one problem in one place leads to learning how to solve another problem in another place.

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