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  1. TzarAlexander
    Today 08:43 PM
  2. TzarAlexander
    Today 08:13 PM

    New photo posted
  3. Haumea
    Today 06:37 PM
    What's going on with you?
  4. WhateverSowhat
    Today 06:09 PM
    Why not?
  5. WhateverSowhat
    Today 05:35 PM
    windy here too, and rain, procrastinating, mbti and amateur psychology new interest, check on fellow INTJs, maybe search for female ENPFs or whatever, tomorow the weather is clearing, whatevs sowats
  6. Malkavia
    Today 05:24 PM
    We're never in chat, I guesses.
  7. Malkavia
    Today 05:22 PM
    Hopefully my joy passed through enough where I didnt need them.
  8. WhateverSowhat
    Today 04:55 PM
    1 - :3 google
    2 - thks friend
  9. WhateverSowhat
    Today 04:48 PM
    Beefooore I let youuu in (voice of draculia), wtf are friends in the forum? what's the use?
  10. WhateverSowhat
    Today 04:42 PM
    didn't even knew what :3 ment, thank you for welcoming me, I'm fine what about you?
  11. Bisclavret
    Today 04:36 PM
    Anyways Berserker, nice talking with you. If you want to talk some more, just send me a VM or PM and we will continue where we left off. Good reading and writing to you!
  12. Bisclavret
    Today 04:29 PM
    One I forgot: When I was a kid I wanted to be a video game designer. Video games are just now beginning to catch up to the cinematic medium, but have the added advantage of being an interactive experience instead of a mere passive one. I see more promise in VG -- interactive cinematic experiences -- than I do in movies. The market is more diverse as well.

    My prediction is that traditional cinema -- although it will always have its place -- is on its way out, in terms of the heart of storytelling. Interactive media will take over soon enough.
  13. WhateverSowhat
    Today 04:27 PM
  14. Bisclavret
    Today 04:26 PM
    Well YA fiction is fairly common, and can certainly be read and appreciated by adults as well.
  15. Bisclavret
    Today 04:24 PM
    Movies are a tough sell when you consider the Hollywood monopoly in big budget twit films, marketing pressures, and medium limitations. Good reads often get castrated when they're adapted to film, and I don't see this changing sadly.
  16. Bisclavret
    Today 04:21 PM
    Not yet. I've heard about it though. A medieval fantasy with dragons, was it?

    Sadly, disappointment seems to be the norm with film adaptations. Let's not even talk about video game adaptations which are, beyond a doubt, abysmal.
  17. Bisclavret
    Today 04:18 PM
    My thoughts exactly. You see them as movies don't you? That's exactly how it works on my end. If anything, I'd go live-action over drawings.
  18. Bisclavret
    Today 04:16 PM
    If they want to do it, they can do it after I'm dead. Either that or put me in charge as principal script writer. Seriously, I don't know why some authors are so lenient.
  19. Bisclavret
    Today 04:14 PM
    Yes, I thought that drawing was the ideal avenue to tell a story, but for me at least it didn't cut it. I'm quite aesthetically driven, and I love to see my characters and ideas represented visually. I don't feel confident in my current abilities when it comes to translating those thoughts though. I mean, it's tough via writing but at least it's manageable.
  20. Bisclavret
    Today 04:11 PM
    Ideally, I would like to write, draw, film and direct. I want to be that guy that says "here's my idea, come and help me make it a reality". If I could do it all myself, I would.

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