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  1. Cord
    08-04-2016 06:59 PM
    Ah. Got it. With mine, they just don't seem to get tired of it or know when to stop I guess? I mean it's fun for a while, but man after a certain point I'm just wanting it to be over. Especially when I finally manage to pull away and we're just laying there or something and then they turn back into me and make another move and I'm like "welp, here we go again." Of course I cared about the girls I was/am dating so I put up with it. I feel like it'd be weird to suggest "can you um, please kiss me less?" ya know?
  2. Cord
    08-04-2016 06:18 PM
    Incredible need? What exactly do you mean by that?
  3. Kprog
    08-04-2016 05:45 PM
    Kprog commented on Would you meet the poster above you in real life?
    Meetups are the best part IMO
  4. Monte314
    08-04-2016 02:13 PM
    Monte314 commented on I was nearly killed Sunday
    You are too kind...
  5. Kprog
    08-04-2016 09:13 AM
    Kprog commented on Random Thoughts: Vocaroo Edition!
    Giiiiiiiiiirl, I rerecorded mine about 15 times. I kept a tally because I kept messing up towards the center. I feel your pain. With that said, I will be responding to this later!
  6. Distance
    08-03-2016 08:03 PM
    Distance commented on Random Thoughts: Vocaroo Edition!
    Just heard this. Thanks, I think. Now you know how I get away with saying stuff in real life.
  7. Kprog
    07-31-2016 09:24 AM
    Kprog commented on A new Enneagram Test...
    Type 2 is common in the ENFJ, but I have seen the type in xNFPs.
  8. Digital Avatar
    07-31-2016 12:50 AM
    Digital Avatar
    Truly. I've gazed at it countless times and the beautiful/soulfulness only grows deeper every time.
  9. Kprog
    07-27-2016 06:24 PM
    You are welcome. The key that I have learned is to destroy the notion of self-imposed alienation and instead focus on how to expand your ideas and self. The right people will notice what you have to offer, and those are the people you want to communicate with.
  10. WoodsWoman
    07-27-2016 06:21 PM
  11. Kprog
    07-27-2016 01:26 PM
    Kprog commented on Say something completely honest
    Do not let the actions of a bad situation further your self doubt when it comes to making friends and socializing.
  12. Trystero
    07-25-2016 12:18 PM
    Trystero commented on The NF Club
  13. UnicornMagic
    07-24-2016 06:42 PM
    Pleasure xxxx
  14. ness2361
    07-24-2016 06:38 PM
    ness2361 commented on Member Pictures Kid Edition
    I don't think you'd want mine, and might be satisfied with your own after taking a gander or getting a goose egg's view of my own.
  15. ness2361
    07-24-2016 04:33 PM
    Thanks for this.

    I just said "Fuck it" when I typed as I did about the isolation.

    I think it's hard for most on this forum--active members, not necessarily some "listeners", those called lurkers by so many--as though all listeners are somehow potential stalkers or voyeurs rather than shy and trying to learn before jumping in, or dipping a toe... -- to relate to someone so ill; older; coming from a different background; heading toward a different future; holding dissimilar goals...

    And I'm ill; have no family but my husband. No car; no money; no job.

    I do have auto-immune, bowel and circulatory diseases: plural. And they limit a lot of what I can and cannot do, where I can and cannot go, and with whom for how long, so even now that I just made my new friend, David, he has to be, and he is, solicitous about my limitations.

    I'm fortunate that he is former career military who took early retirement, after serving more than 20 years, because of disabilities including PTSD, so he is sensitive to my needing some slack health persons don't need.

    Being in this climate has made the difference between what was a sometimes need, like oh, 10 minutes, no exaggeration, daily of talking to a mail carrier, a next door neighbor, someone at the library or post office, was generally enough for me, and then maybe once a week with a small group of people, or one-on-one friend. Good to go:

    That was in San Diego: Doing yoga; walking every day; dancing some; writing on a manuscript; had a cat I adored and trained (every day, too), had to leave behind.


    PTSD from childhood neglect, foster care, rape (actual rape, not "molest"), family suicides, one murdered cousin, and so much more, plus the weather that affects my circulatory system, my ability to get around outside, and inside to feel safe, focus on my goals:

    I am not the same person in certain ways that I was a little over two years ago right before I moved back here. It was a forced, necessary move, a regretable one--and one I'm now coming to terms with, beginning to get whatever autonomy I can, and resigning myself without a whimper to what I cannot improve.

    I am in the process of growth, so it can be hard for me, let alone strangers on this board--and friends here too--to get a sense of what i'm battling.

    And let's face it, how many human being are really empathetic to anyone, let alone those they meet, and may like, online. Rhetorical question.

    So, there you go:

    I'm going for broke, got nothing to lose by writing about what is happening. What's someone gonna do, call me a crybaby, a fake INTP, and unfriend or avoid me?

    If so, good: I don't need insensitive, suspicious, cold or uncaring people in my life--on or off-Board.

    I had a good and tiring day: finally got 8hrs sleep, so tired, yup; and happy, too.
  16. ness2361
    07-24-2016 02:35 PM
    I've loved the image of an owl, and to a great extent owls themselves, since I was quite young, but I observed, researched, and related to octopuses more.

    I agree about the expression on Woodsie's avatar (current), and others she's used. Sense I have of you, new I know, is you take less shit--seem more chill but it's because you don't care enough about some slight by a stranger to go toe-to-toe, but you would if you did.

    I hope I'm around to see/read it, if it happens here.

    Wicked is a part of me I don't want to give up, which is good, because I don't think I can. grew too soon, driven in to deep, comes up on occasion.
  17. ness2361
    07-24-2016 01:29 PM
    ness2361 commented on What kind of animal is the poster above you?
    I test owl on every animal kind of questionnaire or fun game, serious one, all, and every time. Well, I think PlayBuzz or whatever that site is called said I was an octopus. I've never gotten fox, but did you notice that though the color is different, you and WoodsWoman have fox avatars and are both INFPs? I thought that was interesting. And considering where she lives, maybe hers should be the white one.
  18. UnicornMagic
    07-24-2016 09:56 AM
    A controversial chinese artist called Yummei
  19. WoodsWoman
    07-24-2016 09:03 AM
    It ebbs and flows. People come and go. At the moment the parts I interact with seem more generally positive. I suppose one's experience is what one makes of it. *smile*
  20. WoodsWoman
    07-24-2016 08:24 AM
    Hey there - it has been a VERY long time!!

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