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  1. envirodude
    08-21-2016 05:49 PM
    How do you define an "elite"? I don't tend to think as elitism as a problem, per se, but rather greed and selfishness. If you convince me the elite (as you define them) are greedier or more selfish than non-elites, I'll likely jump aboard. People who accuse, say, Suzuki of being a hypocrite for flying in an airplane ... I have no time or sympathy for. You'll hear the same critique of Gore, which I think is equally bullshit. However, your example of NAFTA is of a different "type". When politicians and business leaders (elites?) support policies in conflict (let's not use the word contadiction - too absolutist) with goals such as climate stabilisation, you are right to call them out. BTW, I was saddened but not surprised that BC didn't raise their carbon tax last week. A missed opportunity, I believe.
  2. envirodude
    08-21-2016 03:33 PM
    Yes, probably so. Still, RC has responded positively to some past posts of mine, so I thought there might be hope.
  3. Cockney Red
    08-17-2016 02:32 PM
    Cockney Red commented on Climate change hoax exposed
    I will look into him just because it's you who recommended. Truth!
  4. Urshulgi
    08-01-2016 02:02 AM
    Mulatto would make more sense, really. Traditionally it was used in Louisiana to describe people of indeterminate mixed heritage.
  5. Urshulgi
    08-01-2016 02:01 AM
    This recent push from the DNC, and the media lapdogs that were already exposed from the DNC email hack, that Russia is the boogeyman is really pissing me off. I can believe that Americans, particularly true-blue Democrats, are lapping up this piss because it makes Trump look bad, but goddamn I wish these people had critical thinking skills. They talk about how Trump and his supporters are all morons who can't think for themselves, and then they eat up this garbage story like it's caviar.

    I've been spending a lot of time on Redditt, and trying to have a nuanced discussion that takes into account actual Russian goals and actual Russian opinions is a recipe for being downvoted to oblivion by the legions of clintonistas that have invaded reddit.

    All of a sudden a bunch of supposedly anti-war Democrats are not only national security experts, email experts, legal experts, and domestic policy experts, now they're all fucking Russian experts as well. Laughable sons of bitches.
  6. Cockney Red
    07-29-2016 08:10 AM
    Cockney Red
    Thank you.
  7. Urshulgi
    07-27-2016 08:14 AM
    I'm practicing for my next career in standup comedy. You know, since Sarah Silverman and several others are earning so much hate for their trumpeting of Clinton, I figure there will be job openings in the industry.
  8. Bioplasmoid
    07-24-2016 04:44 PM
    Bioplasmoid commented on immigration ...
    That is a very insightfull read, along with the comments.
  9. Claudus
  10. NickO
    Liberals donít believe in god, so they are double fucked with no one to save them.
  11. CerealElm
    07-22-2016 05:52 PM
    CerealElm commented on Tim Kaine is Clinton's VP
  12. RBM
    07-01-2016 04:31 PM
    Yeah, Ill give you that. It's been years, maybe decades since I read him regularly, but the timings right, on given his topic choices.
  13. Cockney Red
    06-28-2016 03:43 AM
    Cockney Red
    Thank you.

    I doubt it though, it is hard to argue with dogmatically religious people...and none moreso than those who worship the market!
  14. titi monkey
    06-27-2016 12:05 AM
    titi monkey commented on Brexit won, UK leaves.
    Bravo, great post. I think that's the most I've seen from you at one time!
  15. muir
    06-24-2016 04:12 PM
    it seems all my posts were deleted!

    oh well...
  16. Dung
    06-23-2016 04:02 AM
    Dung commented on How Would You Start WWIII?
    I see...
  17. muir
    06-20-2016 03:47 PM
    Thanks! I appreciate the support
  18. RBM
    06-16-2016 12:50 PM
    RBM commented on How Would You Start WWIII?
    Hmmm, that seems familar /sarcasm
  19. ManWithNoName
    06-01-2016 02:07 PM
    I know. I usually just read transcripts and articles that sum up what he's saying.
  20. maskling
    05-30-2016 04:23 AM
    like your comments in that What inspires you about Donald Trump thread. keep on keepin on, ghostwheel.

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