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  1. Sarea
    08-29-2016 09:21 AM
    Don't forget those tetanus injections...
  2. Sarea
    08-29-2016 09:09 AM
    Can they be read like braille? In the dark, anything is worth unravelling.
  3. Sarea
  4. deconspire
    08-09-2016 01:38 PM
  5. deconspire
    08-08-2016 07:55 PM
    deconspire commented on Music taste and individual opinion
    I totally want to invite myself over and have a few beers and look at the walls in that room for hours.
  6. willc
    07-08-2016 12:22 PM
    willc commented on Deciphering who is an INTJ on a dating site
    Fishism - I'm sure you would bamboozle me
  7. YellowSubmarine
    07-08-2016 11:40 AM
    Haha, thanks.
  8. lor6
    07-05-2016 12:38 PM
    yeah, that was part of the theory too - that intelligent people can adapt more easily to the current world and experience lower rates of depression
  9. lor6
    07-05-2016 11:52 AM
    lor6 commented on Happiness and the modern world
    yes, this is exactly what I was getting at
  10. Dancingqueen
    Getting a dog is an instant anxiety/stress reliever. I've found that my new puppy has made me ridiculously happy.
  11. Sarea
    06-06-2016 09:58 AM
    I have the same SoA. From a well-matured & well-maneuvred SoP. :P
  12. Sarea
    I love the ship of arrogance phrase.
  13. ness2361
    05-28-2016 12:30 AM
    ness2361 commented on What type of music do you like?
    Thanks. I saved this in youtube, so I can listen to it. Got a pain thing going right now, so I have to be in the right mood to listen--I never multi-task talking, listening to people or music, or much else, for that matter. I focus, or forget it for a while.
  14. Amore
    05-20-2016 11:33 PM
    Thanks - that really clarifies.
    Ok, I know u can't wait to hear my unreasonable standards, but relax. Patience.

    Manly but emotional - not in a winey way - but having experienced a lot and instead of running away from feelings, faces them head on. Leads well in dancing - from waltz to rumba. Medium height, on the stocky side - not skinny, but not way overweight. Love handle's better than skin & bones. Considerate - is always aware that he's not the only one in this world. Conservative politically (except sees the error in most US military involvement and recognizes environmental needs). Open minded spiritually - can be inspired in almost any environment. Works hard, but plays - good humor. Generally good looking to me - but not necessarily to everyone else. Knows how to cherish me - and appreciates me loving him. Smart - as in applies intelligence well - leads me but at times has enough self restraint to let me initiate.

    That's pretty much my unreasonable fantasy of the perfect guy. Basically, someone I can be with - talk with - travel with - take breaks from each and enjoy each other.
    It's good to actually put it in words, so thanks for asking.
  15. Amore
    05-19-2016 02:46 PM
    Unreasonable is the only reasonable way to go in an unreasonable world, within reason of course.

    While we're on the subject, how would you define "one good one"?
  16. Dancingqueen
    05-19-2016 10:13 AM
    Dancingqueen commented on Let's talk about parents...
    Wow, such a mature attitude!
  17. Amore
    05-17-2016 02:54 PM
    Good point... either could be discouraging. But I'm not so sure it is reality... it just depends on your standards. I'm sure you could easily find someone if you lowered your standards, but of course, who wants to do that.
  18. lor6
    this reminded me of this video, if you haven't seen it: The expert
  19. Amore
    05-15-2016 10:53 AM
    Amore commented on Why is it so hard for me to get dates?
    Funny! . Or sad i guess - depends in perspective.
  20. Jalex
    05-12-2016 12:24 PM
    Ah ok... from what I can see you like mix blood likely a black 20%, caucasian 60%, native 20%.... those kind of women are very rare everywhere, even in "latino" countries.... very beautiful of course.

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