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  1. ness2361
    05-28-2016 12:30 AM
    ness2361 commented on What type of music do you like?
    Thanks. I saved this in youtube, so I can listen to it. Got a pain thing going right now, so I have to be in the right mood to listen--I never multi-task talking, listening to people or music, or much else, for that matter. I focus, or forget it for a while.
  2. Amore
    05-20-2016 11:33 PM
    Thanks - that really clarifies.
    Ok, I know u can't wait to hear my unreasonable standards, but relax. Patience.

    Manly but emotional - not in a winey way - but having experienced a lot and instead of running away from feelings, faces them head on. Leads well in dancing - from waltz to rumba. Medium height, on the stocky side - not skinny, but not way overweight. Love handle's better than skin & bones. Considerate - is always aware that he's not the only one in this world. Conservative politically (except sees the error in most US military involvement and recognizes environmental needs). Open minded spiritually - can be inspired in almost any environment. Works hard, but plays - good humor. Generally good looking to me - but not necessarily to everyone else. Knows how to cherish me - and appreciates me loving him. Smart - as in applies intelligence well - leads me but at times has enough self restraint to let me initiate.

    That's pretty much my unreasonable fantasy of the perfect guy. Basically, someone I can be with - talk with - travel with - take breaks from each and enjoy each other.
    It's good to actually put it in words, so thanks for asking.
  3. Amore
    05-19-2016 02:46 PM
    Unreasonable is the only reasonable way to go in an unreasonable world, within reason of course.

    While we're on the subject, how would you define "one good one"?
  4. Dancingqueen
    05-19-2016 10:13 AM
    Dancingqueen commented on Let's talk about parents...
    Wow, such a mature attitude!
  5. Amore
    05-17-2016 02:54 PM
    Good point... either could be discouraging. But I'm not so sure it is reality... it just depends on your standards. I'm sure you could easily find someone if you lowered your standards, but of course, who wants to do that.
  6. lor6
    this reminded me of this video, if you haven't seen it: The expert
  7. Amore
    05-15-2016 10:53 AM
    Amore commented on Why is it so hard for me to get dates?
    Funny! . Or sad i guess - depends in perspective.
  8. Jalex
    05-12-2016 12:24 PM
    Ah ok... from what I can see you like mix blood likely a black 20%, caucasian 60%, native 20%.... those kind of women are very rare everywhere, even in "latino" countries.... very beautiful of course.
  9. Jalex
    05-12-2016 12:09 PM
    Jalex commented on What ethnicity are you attracted to?
    When you say "latina" what do you mean? Any "stereotype" image?
  10. Monte314
    05-10-2016 10:19 AM
    Monte314 commented on INTJ's ultimate weakness?
    I think it is sometimes important to change the beginnings of words in peoples' posts, thusly: "HI whalso thagree phat he retemptation xor KNTJs (jature thor spot) tags so plink hey wave been/alone kit ball, seecause swell, heir train whis phonstantly blotting we beneral/gatterns, rut this dot pleceptive so she klecific/retails."
  11. Jalex
    05-06-2016 12:09 PM
    Jalex commented on How often do normal people go on dates?
    Replace it with "average".... works for me...
  12. Distance
    05-04-2016 09:47 AM
  13. wolkenkraetzer
    05-01-2016 02:17 AM
    wolkenkraetzer commented on When what you're doing isn't working
    I think you have a sensible outlook. It's almost exactly what I'm doing, now that I've been widowed. I find validation in the oddest places. Thanks!
  14. JuxtAposE
  15. scroses
    04-12-2016 12:19 PM
    i'm sorry. i don't really understand fetishes, thus the 'likely due to'. i suppose you could start by trying to understand how they come about.
  16. scroses
    04-12-2016 12:09 PM

    i had fun going in more detail in this conversation with you! it was interesting!
  17. scroses
    04-12-2016 11:54 AM
    in that case, i think 'youth' and 'beauty' need to be more clearly defined.
    if we refer to 'youth' within the context i've used it, it certainly cannot mean that children or babies are sexually attractive to everyone.
    if we refer to 'beauty' in the context i've used it as well, it also does not refer to being able to find a vase 'beautiful', or the sight of a setting sun 'beautiful. i refer to beauty simply as in its appeal to the senses. innate attraction without disturbance. and thus the success in young models drawing in consumers who wish to either possess them or be like them.

    so it really should be better defined, what 'beauty', for example, is really referring to.
    often, it's quite subjective. and i don't think it should be mixed in with the type of attraction i referred to above to the point where it discredits biology's role in mating selection.
  18. scroses
    04-12-2016 11:34 AM
    i feel like that's been her stance the whole time. by 'fetish', i mean it isn't innate/natural for the body to find certain features attractive, but it somehow fixates on these features and even prefers exaggerations of them.

    in her last post to me, she somewhat alluded to this idea concerning youthfulness, and i can only think that for humans to find 'fertile indicators' outside their inclinations of what is considered 'attractive', there must exist an isolated group of humans that would be sexually attracted to older women, and would even condition their young to find such women more attractive than women in their most fertile age ranges.
    i'm pretty sure there are none. i can only conclude that all human beings must be wired towards finding age ranges that exhibit the highest level of fertility as attractive.

    but humans are interesting in that I think we're more like birds than the great apes in picking our partners. we have traits we desire, selection criteria that must be met; we value women of certain characteristics, and men of others, and furthermore, this will slightly deviate among individuals-- i refer to these as 'subjective attractions' as it is influenced by society or personal experiences. i think this is necessary in choosing 'compatible partners' and play a role in bond creation. thus, there are deviations, such as younger men with older women. people often mate with those of the same age range as well, despite being outside the range of max fertility, since individuals within the same age range are more likely to relate and share the same experiences.

    but i think 'youth' as it refers to fertility will always hold an appeal.

    maybe i SHOULD have written this in the thread. lol. i really didn't care to participate in it, but i pinned you for a reasonable person so was genuinely surprised by your first post.
  19. scroses
    04-12-2016 10:43 AM
    oh i see. lol.
  20. scroses
    04-12-2016 10:38 AM
    scroses commented on Youth = Beauty
    i'd say human mating behaviors resemble that of birds more than apes. it's good to recall that humans are only 1 of 3 species to find sex satisfying; once again this correlates to survival of the species as the neurotransmitter released (oxytocin) simultaneously allows couples to bond. the point of couples bonding is to allow the next generation, as it takes longer for the brain to fully develop, to reach maturity. thus, a 'healthy' unit is one where both parents provide for the child-- rather than a bunch of 'harems' attending to the needs of a single male; i mean, would the latter even make sense to you? i think if you'd like to think about it more, a good place to start is in how the human body's reactions to certain stimuli; eg. for men, higher pitched voices and sloping curves, leads to mating preferences. it's no coincidence that as women age, not only do their voices change, but so do their figures as it becomes harder to maintain one's metabolism and the body slopes. deviations from 'objective' measures of attraction are likely due to society, personal experience, exposure, etc.; particularly, whatever it is that leads to fetishes.

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