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  1. Chameleon
    Today 11:02 AM
    Chameleon commented on Car Dealerships?
  2. sed0007
    04-11-2014 03:20 PM
    sed0007 commented on Random Thoughts Thread
    Same thing happened to me with my Windows Phone. Final one working great. All free.
  3. Megalomania
    04-05-2014 03:16 PM
    Hmm no specific examples. I just get the impression you're often at a loss as to whether or not you should participate in the more heated debates on this forum. Then again, no one ever accused me of having very good insight.
  4. Bluestreak
    03-27-2014 05:48 PM
    I was really thinking in terms of the more common V8 engines out there. Most of my experience is with Ford/Pontiac/Chevy V8's. At 11:1, a well built Chevy LS motor will put out north of 600~700-hp on a bad day and they don't like low octanes or idling while street driving (for long).

    That Mazda has direct-injection, which is a whole different ball game. I was on my way out of the industry just as direct injection was coming in c.2009-10. My training doesn't include direct injection yet. The engines are kind of similar to a diesel. To me, 14:1 is crazy high, but a common diesel ratio would be between 17~22:1. Fuel pressure can be as high as 25,000-psi! Ford diesel V8's can see fuel pressure as high as 32,000-psi. Sounds crazy, but it's cool stuff.

    Longevity of Mazda's new motors would be hard to predict, the tech's too new.

    Personally, if it's new technology... I'd avoid it for the first 5 years. Since we're getting to be around 3-5 years into direct injection, it might be a good time. Usually it takes at least a few years for the manufacturers to get the bugs out.
  5. Bluestreak
    03-27-2014 04:24 PM
    Compression doesn't mean a lot in the context of a Mazda - it's a buzz word usually used around high-performance engines. It's probably meant to sound aggressive, sporty, and help sell cars. Most cars today have higher compression so that the engine can be as small as possible (for fuel mileage and emission reduction) but still make good power.

    As compression increases, better fuel is required to prevent internal engine damage (from a phenomenon called "detonation"). If your car uses 87 octane, it's not very high on compression. Most passenger cars are in the 8.0~9.0 range and use 85-87 octane fuel. Anything above 9.2:1 is starting to approach high compression. 10.0 is high, and that's when you're required to use 89-93 octane. 10.5 is really high. Above 11:1 is getting into race-motor territory (we're talking 104 octane or higher) and are not street-drivable for the most part.
  6. Bluestreak
    03-27-2014 01:05 PM
    Turbo cars are misunderstood animals. They simply have to be tuned, maintained, and monitored constantly. Owners unaware of turbo maintenance, and/or who abuse the additional horsepower, will place higher stresses on the engine, trans, tires, suspension and brakes. Turbo cars require frequent and fastidious maintenance to be reliable. Inspection of hoses, fasteners, air filter, and religious fluid changes are all must-haves. Never let a turbo car run beyond its designated fluid changes - ever. Those who do will create reliability problems and precipitate expensive repair issues, particularly in older turbo cars that might have oil-cooled turbos that spin in excess of 100,000 rpms. Overdriven oil that gets coked-up inside a turbo is a recipe for premature engine failure.

    IMO, for the average start-it-and-go soccer mom/dad? Even the newest turbocharged cars are probably not a smart idea unless they're willing to pay to have it serviced. Turbo cars are a better fit for "handy" people - you don't have to be an expert, but you do need to be a bit of a tinkerer who isn't afraid to get under the hood and look for things. Basically, you have to understand what you own, and be willing to put in the time and money to maintain it.
  7. Bluestreak
    03-27-2014 12:10 PM
    Mazda is an interesting animal; I know them best from the years prior to 2011 when they contracted with Ford, and shared a lot of tech & parts (cars like the Ford Escape & Mazda Tribute, which were the same car). That was typically a bad era in Mazda history because they were a hodge-podge of technologies. I don't have a lot of experience working on their stuff, other than the first-gen RX-7's (which, BTW... "RX" stands for "rotary experimental", which should tell you something). Mazda is either really good - or really bad, speaking from what a few friends who were Mazda techs have said to me.

    If I were forced to drive a four-cylinder car, I'd either choose a (1) Subie WRX STi, or (2) the turbo Mazda hatchback from 2-3 years ago (the one that has that goofy "smiley" front end, but they were fast!).
  8. YellowSubmarine
    03-11-2014 05:58 PM
    Sure do.
  9. PRBori
    02-16-2014 09:21 PM
    Ok, if your content that is fine. I view it from the perspective of how many in the US want to.depict arab man... like terrorist of some sort. And although it is unfortunate that some are, it does not apply to all. Anywho, it is a nice picture.... maybe just a bit bad ass for me.
  10. zibber
    02-16-2014 11:19 AM
  11. PRBori
    02-16-2014 10:43 AM
    PRBori commented on Member Sketches
    That portray of you is highly offensive. If it was mine,I would be pissed.
  12. Buttons
    02-14-2014 06:36 PM
    Happy Birthday! and Happy Valentine's Day!
  13. zibber
    02-14-2014 03:14 PM
  14. YellowSubmarine
    02-14-2014 01:18 PM
    Happy Birthday!
  15. Dung
    02-13-2014 05:44 PM
    This is because people project their own madness into their sketches. You definitely don't look mad — quite the contrary — just got caught into the energy of the drawing. Your features stand out in a way that is very fun to draw.
  16. Dung
    02-13-2014 01:10 PM
    Dung commented on Member Sketches
    Glad you like it focus is on the new hairstyle :-)
  17. Freeburgh
    02-07-2014 06:25 PM
    I saw and ad for these guys and had a look through. There are some mighty funky watches there, and thought I'd send you the link in case you had not seen it:
  18. fritzy
    02-05-2014 12:49 AM
    I don't mind
    People actually ask that a lot. I'm Irish, German, English and Norwegian. Mostly Norwegian.
  19. vermeer
    02-04-2014 11:39 AM
    vermeer commented on Photography
    Oh wow, that looks awesome!
  20. Freeburgh
    02-04-2014 07:06 AM
    This is now also my purchasing process: research the living snot out of it, then buy quality. Particularly for my hobbies of photography and cycling. Well worth the lack of headaches and the longevity / efficiency of having things that just work and last for as long as possible, not to mention look good.

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