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  1. Holiman
    03-06-2014 12:54 PM
    Holiman commented on Ukraine, Predictions?
    You have not read the discussion but feel free to belittle and call people names. Nice.
  2. Antares
    03-05-2014 05:53 PM
    Antares commented on Are INTJ females too intimidating?
    *pout* *kitten eyes*
  3. ness2361
    01-14-2014 08:59 PM
    ness2361 commented on Men and Height
    I prefer 5'9 to 5'10" over 6' 4" (that one guy strained more than my neck having to look up so far...); and the 'short' thing, in part, may be? A lot of women wear heels, some pretty stiletto, so maybe (if it comes from some females), it's a sideways way of saying, shoot, no heels with this one... and if so, well, who cares 'bout heels, or that kind of attitude :=)
  4. Wien1938
    11-17-2013 07:53 AM
    Wien1938 commented on Your Online Dating complaints
    Thank you! Very well said!
  5. blueback
    Haha, I love Iron Sky! Although my favorite line is when the POTUS asks, "Okay, who DIDN'T arm their spaceships" and Finland sheepishly raises their hand.
  6. CREB
    09-27-2013 12:12 AM
    CREB commented on Views on INTPs?
    Do you think having an inferior Fe could lead to something like schizotypal personality disorder?
  7. ooo
    09-14-2013 02:59 PM
    ooo commented on The Great Language Game.
    'Merican as well. But I've been scoring moderately well, going by everyone else in this thread.
  8. Firebrand
    03-31-2013 01:50 PM
    Firebrand commented on Monopoly: Better Rules
    Interesting article.
  9. sed0007
    12-10-2012 10:05 PM
    sed0007 commented on Amusing Images Thread Vol. 3
    you are very kind. stay cool.
  10. SoundofSilence
    11-27-2012 02:26 PM
    Well, it would be pretty boring to play if you already figured out all the winning strategies, right? Or do I underestimate the possibilities in the game?
  11. SoundofSilence
    11-27-2012 08:38 AM
    SoundofSilence commented on What game are you playing right now?
    Woah! Is the AI still challenging enough after having it played so much?
  12. ManWithNoName
    11-18-2012 12:13 AM
    ManWithNoName commented on What game are you playing right now?
    The second one now includes all the maps and old characters I believe. I used to be really into and really good at that game.
  13. davai
    10-31-2012 11:55 AM
    davai commented on Romney has a chance at Minnesota
    I went to Duluth a couple of months ago (first time) and it definitely gave me a SF impression (not that i've ever been to SF but from movies and games and stuff). I think it was the road layouts more than anything....anyway seemed like a pretty cool place. I'm living just outside of Bemidji ATM, a couple hours drive away.
  14. Distance
    If nothing else, you cracked me up! Ne-bop.
  15. Brambleshire
    10-20-2012 06:11 PM
    I like your black metal-ish avatar
  16. loveoff
    I'm playing with you, btw. All in fun, no hostility. Feck!
  17. Ender
  18. psykhe
    10-18-2012 11:56 PM
    psykhe commented on Neet chain letter
  19. lioness
    10-10-2012 08:15 PM
    lioness commented on NTs who are with Sensors
  20. Async
    10-10-2012 11:16 AM
    Async commented on Am I INTJ or INTP? (examples)
    actually I don't show up to work at a set time. People know that I will show up some time between 9 and 10. Years ago, I was a job where I had to punch in time, gawd, I was miserable in that job.

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