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  1. Bisclavret
    Yesterday 07:15 PM
    Each one is female. I've brushed paths with a few SFJ males, and one I knew quite well. He typed as an INFJ on of those online tests but I see no indication of dominant iNtuition in him.

    Thanks for the link. I'll investigate later. Hopefully you will uncover what you are looking for.
  2. Bisclavret
    Yesterday 06:55 PM
    Hi. I know several of them. One I've known all my life (i.e. mother). How may I help you?
  3. Monte314
    04-20-2014 01:26 AM
    I will send you an excerpt from an article I wrote many years ago about emergent complexity.
  4. crow
    04-18-2014 02:19 AM
    A crow flapped by and said hello. (:>
  5. Ghoster
    09-15-2013 07:59 PM
    Some of the things in that video are incorrect. Also, as for the reason spiritual knowledge has been kept from the masses (regarding The Vatican), it is so a few "elite" have all the power and control, while the rest of us are left stupid and ignorant. This is one of the many reasons I strongly dislike Christianity/Catholicism.
  6. Doggzilla
    09-06-2013 02:45 PM
    Hmm fascinating...
  7. Ghoster
    09-04-2013 02:54 PM
    As far as I know, this isn't possible and doesn't happen. The idea behind it (complete and utter enlightenment) is cool, however.
  8. Monte314
    08-27-2013 07:10 AM
    This is a deep question; I don't know.
  9. Vogon Poet
    08-23-2013 07:19 PM
    Vogon Poet
    That's a very difficult question to answer. I am not sure even animals qualify as observers. I think it is the soul which is defining each of our individual universes, which happen to overlap. Hardy's Paradox is the axiom that we cannot make inferences about past events that haven't been directly observed while also acknowledging that the very act of observation affects the reality we seek to unearth. So whatever else has happened in the universe, or on this planet, or in your house, which you are not actually observing, cannot be inferred. If you had a fish and it died while you were working on the computer, you cannot infer that it died until you actually see that it is dead. Even though you can then see that it had died some time ago, it is not true that it actually did die some time ago, that reality resolved only after you saw it.

    But an atom is not a consciousness, while an animal may be. Possibly the line is drawn at the soul which exists in an upper dimension, quantum entangled to our physical bodies.

    What is really interesting about this paradox is that even blind people can collapse a wave function when the observation is linked to an audible signal.
  10. Monte314
    05-23-2013 02:02 AM
    No. The term "accidents" was used by the Medieval Scholastic Philosophers for the (presumably "real" and independent) attributes of substances.

    When speaking scientifically, we would most likely refer to the "properties" of material things. When speaking philosophically, the term attributes is probably preferable. Practically speaking, though, they are synonyms as far as I know.
  11. Monte314
    05-23-2013 01:29 AM
    Excellent question. Leibniz divided the world into many different categories of non-physical substances. As different substances, these do not interact directly, but operate in parallel according to a "pre-established harmony".

    Leibniz was loathe to ascribe a mechanical operating principle to non-physical processes (e.g., thinking). He felt that different kinds of non-physical characteristics arose, without mechanism, directly from substances that possessed them as native attributes... thinking substances of sorts.

    Leibniz was a Christian. I don't know anything about the particulars of his theology.
  12. Vogon Poet
    05-11-2013 04:37 PM
    Vogon Poet
    I think every generation has said that. Is the Internet worse than the Black Plague or World War I? Here's always been bad out there. I don't see this as a sign myself.
  13. Vogon Poet
    05-11-2013 01:47 PM
    Vogon Poet
    Well I just recently learned about the Preterists, so I'm not exactly sure. How about you?
  14. serenesam
    05-04-2013 03:44 PM
    serenesam commented on The Dark Side
    Beautifully said.
  15. ooo
    02-05-2013 11:46 PM
    ooo commented on Who am I to say there is no God?
  16. Noiresque
    01-31-2013 12:01 AM
    RCOEI? you have too many friends
  17. Monte314
    01-13-2013 10:46 PM
    Monte314 commented on Theology and Logic
    Now this is a really intriguing post!
  18. RBM
    12-20-2012 02:09 PM
    If you are interested in what 'matters' in your words then context is essential.

    The term Pixel, general speaking in TC's workshops are merely metaphors to communicate a larger point. That larger point concerns itself with the 'Big Picture'. That's why his self-published work is titled as a TOE, Theory of Everything.

    In part, if everything physical can be derived from a theory than the theory is consistent in science-speak and considered a success. As of this date, TC's TOE meets that criteria. Physical matter physics can be derived from the TOE and so far that's the classification of the essence of your query.

    I don't see much to discuss given your misunderstandings or what you are arguing about.
  19. RBM
    12-19-2012 04:09 PM

    Going by Thomas Campbell plank length is where information becomes discrete

    Citation please.

  20. RBM
    12-18-2012 04:07 PM
    Your phrasing is throwing me off ...

    Do you mean "At the level we exist when you and I are typing on our computers, is information discrete or continuous ?'

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