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  1. desuntcetera
    Yesterday 11:34 PM
    that's why I'm not allowed to have kids- I'd use them for social experimentation! as to the beans thing, it made me laugh because my uncle also calls them brown beans, and when we were young we always looked at mom like what on earth is he talking about and she was like no, he means baked beans.
  2. asnivy
    Awh thanks love Reading this means a lot!
  3. WoodsWoman
    07-21-2014 01:35 PM
    WoodsWoman commented on It's Only Aweso Without Me
    Subscribing puts a link in your User Control Panel, and the threads only show up if there are any new posts since the last time you read that particular thread. {{{{BP}}}}
  4. Fujimoto
    07-21-2014 03:40 AM
    Good to know! There is one nearby actually. I love their Belgian chocolate mousse... guilty pleasure
  5. Fujimoto
    07-21-2014 01:47 AM
    Fujimoto commented on Happiness in Melancholy.
    Sweet chili sauce? Yes please!
  6. tariqasghar2
    07-20-2014 08:22 AM
    I think you are busy, since you didn't answer my question.
  7. asnivy
    07-19-2014 06:47 PM
    asnivy commented on Member Pictures: Volume 22
    You are beautiful! ^^ Love the smile!
  8. tariqasghar2
    07-19-2014 04:42 PM
    Alright. So what are you studying or are you studying?
  9. tariqasghar2
    07-19-2014 03:01 PM
    Most of the HSPs are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Because when someone is different from the majority, its hard to keep being yourself. If given the respect and understanding by others, HSPs can do some magnificent things in life.
  10. tariqasghar2
    07-19-2014 02:46 PM
    100 pairs of earplugs :D
  11. tariqasghar2
    07-19-2014 02:43 PM
    I like to think that we shouldn't try to avoid what we are naturally attuned to. Can't HSP be himself or herself in this world and be satisfied and happy
  12. tariqasghar2
    07-19-2014 02:34 PM
    I am also very slow at processing information. Due to this, I don't have a great record at aptitude tests mainly because of the lack of time. That's why I try to avoid situations where I have to act quickly and make split second decisions. Nothings much different in united states and in my country (Pakistan). Most of the jobs here require you to act quickly. Due to this, I had to leave a lot of jobs because I couldn't get enough break time to recharge.

    I usually think about why do I have to retreat when I feel overwhelmed, why can't I say to others that I am recharging right now, do not disturb. Usually I have to make excuses to get away from others.
  13. tariqasghar2
    07-19-2014 02:13 PM
    So, how do you handle your day to day HSP issues, like tiring too quickly or getting over emotional easily?
  14. Suraj
    07-18-2014 11:08 PM

    Any friend of Lucario's is bound to be a good friend of mine.

  15. Silverity
    07-18-2014 09:53 PM
    Silverity commented on Verbose Veracity - A Blog Extraordinaire
  16. Tito
    07-18-2014 12:48 AM
    Tito commented on Member Pictures: Volume 22
    Gorgeous smile! Just wanted to say that!
  17. Antares
    07-17-2014 11:20 PM
    I know. I get that a lot :D
  18. deconspire
    07-17-2014 07:53 PM

    i'm also a musician. settle down now.
  19. deconspire
    07-17-2014 07:52 PM

    pfff i made my name here by posting 1300+ awesome tracks in the "what are you listening to" thread.

    i'll totally hit you up with a playlist. i mean i'm sort of hip-hop and post-hardcore heavy but i guess this first one will be stuff i really like.
  20. Mind Virus
    07-17-2014 07:48 PM
    Mind Virus
    Clearly a video showing off your brand spankin' new computer! Videos are a way of life!

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