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Dating Tier Lists & Match-Ups?

So I started playing Puzzle Strike and while I was lurking the forums to try to learn a character, someone wrote "you're not playing a character, you're playing a match up" and I was like whoa, do people make these things for dating/relationships? Or, do people have their own personal match up charts/tier lists? Like here's my current tier list portfolio thing:



KI(ENFP/UMCP/Polisci) - a nice person but could do a very convincing impression of a jerk. bantered back and forth with me, it felt like living out scenes from The Importance of Being Earnest. sang duets with me . . . in public. about as unreliable, easily distracted and lazy as me. pronounced feminist(poked fun at). would tease me (loved it). also a huge fan of philosophy, literature and history. convinced that there is a god. would educate me about the world today. has an arbitrary preference for extremely tall men, which excludes me.

JQ(xNFJ/Harvard/History) - super nice productive person. likes to bake cookies. kicked my ass at Foosball & Super Smash & Mario Kart. accompanied me on the piano while we sang duets. also a huge fan of the arts and talking about philosophy. had lots of interesting things to say from traveling extensively. never cursed, disapproved of my cursing. I never teased her for some reason . . . probably the most not crazy person I've ever met.


CT(INTJ/UMCP/EE) - would smile and cuff me when I made fun of her (65%) or banter with me (35%). lived a spartan regime, very dedicated to her work and reading Manga. also had a slightly perverse sense of humor. impressed me with her ability to hold her own in a debate. could easily outrun me (I have this arbitrary rule of disliking being able to be outrun). also a huge fan of eating.

HV (ISFP/UVA/Art History) - really liked coffee, visiting museums and reading Manga. tomboy. super nice person. amateur painter. spent something like 95% of the time listening to me talk. would just smile when I made fun of her. always smelled very nice. surprisingly intensely competitive when it came to Tetris.


EK(ENTJ/Yale/Econ) - didn't think it was funny when I compared her to Steve Jobs. on several occasions made me think damn and I thought I was thick skinned. always impeccably dressed. liked to recite random facts/show off (not bad per se). was a mean bridge partner though.

Also, just curious, are there any kind of women who like to banter/play games with slightly narcissistic fops and if so where do I go to meet them?

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