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Marvel's Thor MBTI Types

I'm a long time Marvel Comics fan. There. I admitted it.

From the comics, I'd say:

Odin: ESTJ

Thor: ESTJ

Loki: INTJ

Volstagg: ESFJ

Hogun: ISTJ

Fandral: ESTP

Heimdal: ISTJ


Enchantress: ISTP

Comics Loki can be sociable when he wants to be (appears ENTP), but he's really quite closed off, a loner and a dreamer, and very anti-social when not putting on an act. He doesn't seem to engage in typical ENTP-like activities, like enjoying a really good party.

The Asgardians of the Marvel Universe appear to be a largely SJ-ish/SP-ish bunch. No wonder Loki has trouble fitting in!

Of course, these characters have been written by a plethora of different authors over the decades, and so may have appeared to be different types at different times. As such, your milage may vary. And of course, this is just my two cents anyway.

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Split from Loki from norse mythology - INTP?

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