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Government Investigation into Peace Corps

I saw this story on Peace Corps yesterday on 20/20 and thought it might be of interest since there are so many young people on this site looking for their next opportunity.

A young volunteer was murdered by another non-American volunteer at a school site in Benin last year when she tried to report that the second volunteer was possibly molesting or sleeping with the young students there. The parents alleged that Peace Corps leaked out her confidential report to the local site and also that PC did not do a good job of keeping them in the information loop or responding appropriately to the situation.

Aside from this, I also learned that various media and gov't officials have been looking into safety issues of PC volunteers overseas. There have been robbery incidents on the mild end varying up to sexual assaults/ rape/ serious injury/ death on the serious end. One figure that leaped out was the 1,000+ incidents of assaults/ rape mostly on young women volunteers in the last decade. These women accuse PC of not persecuting some of the cases aggressively enough, not giving them proper medical/ psychological treatment at the time, and also not informing others (within and outside PC) of what was going on.

This stuff concerns me both on the safety end as well as on discouragement of people from volunteering abroad. I and many people I know have volunteered abroad with little (pickpocketing) or no incidents even in undeveloped areas but these were with well-established area groups and we were not left alone as it sounds like PC volunteers mostly were. Some degree of risk and possibly danger is not unexpected but it sounds like things might be pretty bad in the PC right now.

Anyway, here's the story:

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This is a longer series of articles from the Dayton Daily a few years ago:

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