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Critique sought from INTJs: my dating profile

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"emotional intelligence" is for affirmative action pimps. ;)

You also have too many "emotional" listed to attract the kings of non-emotional, INTJ. 

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6 hours ago, ENTJAria said:

Or if you're xwsmithx. I saw on another thread that you are not traditionally employed~employable. Neither am I, no sole business owner is, consider doing this for a living. Or some other thing where you apply your fucking brilliant insight.

Thanks.  You can call me William.  Or send me a PM.  I think you can do that here.

What is this that I should consider doing for a living?

Believe it or not, you're not the first to call me "fucking brilliant".  I was once introduced at a party thusly: "This is William.  He's a fucking genius."  I wasn't sure what to say after that, since I didn't have any Socrates-level quip ready.

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