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Body Language: Are you incapable of reading it?

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On 7/17/2016 at 11:36 PM, thod said:

Male introvert - 90.

Some of them were ambiguous in that the words used were too close in meaning.

That's what I found.  That and mixed messages since their facial microexpressions sometimes conflicted with their body language.

Female extravert - 88

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I don't conform in body language, you're my bitch at this point, mr high scorer.

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Extravert female



You are very skilled at reading body language. When you are interacting with someone, you likely make it a point to pay attention to both what they say verbally as well as their non-verbal communications. This provides you with a more well-rounded understanding of a person's feelings, and allows you to adjust your own social approach in turn. This skill is an asset in any position that requires you to work with people.


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