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Politics and Morality

Political Views and Outcome   66 members have voted

  1. 1. Political Views and Outcome

    • Conservative
    • Liberal
    • Moderate
    • Libertarian
    • Authoritarian
    • High/Mid Harm/Care
    • High/Mid Fairness
    • High/Mid Loyalty
    • High/Mid Authority/Respect
    • High/Mid Purity

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After watching this TED video a while back, I went to this website that the speaker mentioned and took the test. The video talks about a lot, but the relevant bit to this can be summed up by the following.

The speaker (Haidt) says that liberals and conservatives have different things that they value or perceive to be moral. There are five broad categories that he's come up with that are usually valued among other mammals as well.

  1. Harm/Care - The evil of harm and good of care especially in relation to the weak and vulnerable.
  2. Fairness/Reciprocity - The value of treating others fairly or reciprocally. What is considered fair might change, but the value of 'fairness' remains.
  3. Group Loyalty - Loyalty to some group. In humans this can be expanded from small bands and family to sports teams, countries, etc.
  4. Authority/Respect - Voluntary deference to superiors, whether these be superiors in status, age, knowledge, etc.
  5. Purity/Sanctity - The belief that what you do with your body is moral. This applies to mostly to sex and food, but can be applied to other things as well.

Relation to political views (sorry, only split into conservatives, moderates, and liberals)

Haidt states that conservatives value all of these, while liberals value the first two much more than the others, while moderates are in between. This holds across countries and Haidt goes on abit longer about the values of these and such.

The video:


The test:

[Requires you to register, I've received no spam, it's the first test]


*I scored lower than average on all of them, so just vote for which were comparatively higher or around average for you, not compared to everyone else.

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Libertarian/Conservative: off-the-charts Purity, high Loyalty, medium Authority, low Harm, low Fairness:


I just watched the video, good find. Interesting that I went high on all of the Conservative-exclusive traits.

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this was very interesting...

I got : harm - 3.5 out of 5

fairness - 4.2 out of 5

loyalty - 1.3 out of 5

authority - 0.5 out of 5

purity - 0.5 out of 5

As compared to the liberal score, I got average on Harm, higher on Fairness, lower on Loyalty, and much much lower on Authority and Purity. It would seem from this morality test that I'm basically an anarcho-syndicalist lol

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I would suggest that if you are high in the first two, the other three are a given... To Liberals, the status quo (such as it is) does need to be challenged. But in a purely Liberal world, loyalty/respect for one's elders/and a measure of 'purity' (whatever that would be...) all those would come along for the ride. You just wouldn't be able to quantify it like you can in a Conservative worldview (which has clearly defined markers)


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Well, here are mine. As I said, low in everything. It isn't that liberals don't like the other three, as much as find them not necessarily moral. I lean pretty liberal, but am an economic moderate.


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It isn't that liberals don't like the other three, as much as find them not necessarily moral. [/Quote]

I just find that ambiguous is all... grammatically speaking :) Liberals can be just as 'moral' as anyone else (I consider myself to be highly moral, in that I would never disadvantage anyone to suit my own aims).

And as I said, the other three ARE moral; but they are not necessarily required to ACHIEVE a standard morality.... those three would follow, when the first two are satisfied.

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I remember seeing the TED video you're referring to when they uploaded it. I also visited the site, registered and took a number of their test, I felt the result I got made sense. I'd planned on returning to take some more tests or update but later didn't feel like checking around to find the site again, glad you posted about it here, it's a good site.

Zombicide added to this post, 26 minutes and 57 seconds later...

Ah, here is my initial score, though these results are likely outdated


I'll take it again to see what's changed

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