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Help us with MyType (Facebook App)

I know there's a thread already going >>here<< about this Facebook application, but in this thread I'm asking for your help.

I'm one of a handful of people writing for MyType. I contribute with test design, question writing, and a bunch of other things as they come up.

In the other thread, lots of people mentioned that their MyType results were inaccurate, or that they had issues with some of the questions. Well, post your problems here, and I'll get to work.

An important thing to note, though, is that the MyType personality indicator has changed several times since the application was created. I believe the most recent version of the test is the most accurate. It went live 2-3 weeks ago, I want to say (I can't remember exactly when). If you tried the questionnaire months ago, I suggest taking another look. It's much better now, if I may say so.

So, if you're totally an INTJ but MyType calls you an ISTJ, tell me which questions you think made the difference. If you got ENTJ, there are some E/I questions that might need tweaking. Tell me!

What questions do you like? What questions are unclear, or entirely off the mark? I want feedback from you folks. I'm an INTJ, too, and I know this forum can help us improve.

If you haven't tried the MyType personality indicator yet, hop on over to the application's page >>here<< and tell us what you think! I really appreciate all the feedback I get.

If you have off-topic questions or anything, please drop me a message rather than clogging up this thread :D

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I just hopped over and retook the test. I had taken it several months ago and you're right - the questions are a lot better. I'll need to step through the questions more slowly to give a better response. I was mainly looking this time to see how it types me.

It did type me as an INTJ:

I: 42%

N: 67%

T: 57%

J: 22%

One thing I did like about the questions in my initial run through is that a lot of them are more practical than you usually find. One thing I've thought about as I've taken various tests is that a lot of them ask very... well, subjective questions about how you would describe yourself or how you think.

I like more practical questions a little better that are based on what you do. They are a little easier to answer. For example, there were some questions about whether or not you make lists and schedules. Those are fairly concrete and are easier to answer than say... do you tend to think abstractly? I think I do, but that is subjective and relative.

The only problem with more specific questions is that you may need a lot more questions (or be very careful how you word them) to make up for behavior differences within a type. For example, you can still be a hardcore J but too lazy to actually create lists even though you like them (i.e. - if I didn't have my blackberry, I'd be late all the time because I'm too lazy to write down my schedule but I love having my schedule available).

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Great job!

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