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Blog Thread

Found 177 results

  1. This is a continuation of the What game are you playing right now? thread.
  2. Anybody here like video games? Personally i haven't bought a console game in some time but i did get the ipad a couple months ago and have really been enjoying some of the games on here - which aren't far from console quality, but they are generally a lot cheaper and quicker to start up so its enjoayble for me to use.
  3. I'm curious if INTJs gravitate towards certain classes when they play RPG games. The three general classes are: Rogue, Warrior and Magician. I personally prefer to play as the magician and it seems the ultimate INTJ class, it's versatile and powerful and places an emphasis on knowledge and intelligence. What is your preference?
  4. Probably been playing it for three weeks now. Its fun, especially if you liked the idea of DOTA. Fun, free, PVP, very team oriented, no grind, in depth matchmaking equations, extremely strategic, high quality programming. Lets team up?:) My summoner name is Devastate1 Or chime in about what you liked/didn't like about the game. Seems these DOTA style net games aren't for everyone (my star craft friend practically refuses to play, and he never tried LoL) [HIDE=Gameplay screenshot][/HIDE]
  5. I usually have Civilization 3, Rise of Nations, Zeus: Master of Olympus, Age of Mythology, and Zoo Tycoon (1st only; hated the 2nd) installed on my laptop and I've went back to those games on a somewhat regular basis over the years. I recently started playing Tropico 1 and think it has potential to be something I'll come back to. Are there any old games you aren't only nostalgic about, but still play? I don't have strict criteria for when a game isn't considered part of the modern gaming era anymore, but I generally think of games from around 2005 and earlier.
  6. Just got my key today. Anyone playing it? I'm a long time Dota player so it's interesting. I like it.
  7. I'm playing on my Nintendo DS.Because I bought my copy in Europe, it comes with 5-6 language options and when I lose at the end of a game in French, sometimes one of the animals will say, "mais non, imbécile!"
  8. The Diablo series always appealed to me, even back when Diablo 1 was a fresh game from that same company that made Rock N Roll Racing. I must have spent about 4 years playing Diablo 2 when it came out. Well now Blizzard announced that Diablo 3 will be out on May 15th. So who else is going to be playing and what are you most looking forward to in the game? For me I am going to play a demon hunter to start off and am very much looking forward to the rune system they developed.
  9. Post any sales or good deals you've found on video games in this thread. Maybe that way we (I) won't miss out on those 1 day only sales. First up: It's the STEAM SUMMER SALE now through July 22. I live in the USA, so I'm not sure about availability elsewhere. A few highlights: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim US$39.99 Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 US$29.99 Max Payne 3 US$29.99 Also, a ton of older games for as little as a dollar. Now, if anyone comes across anything else, please, post it. --- This doesn't just have to be about Steam. Post deals for Wii games from Walmart or what have you.
  10. Has anyone else been looking into this game? It seems much better than the other mmos coming out in 2012, it's kinda made me forget about swtor. I'll leave here because it sums up a lot of information. And, there's no subscription fee.
  11. Right I'm think they should have included the ability for the Wood Elf race to design/create their own bows. If not at least craft their own arrows. I mean come on, they invented the bow, live completely of the land, are master hunters, but they are required to buy arrows from supply store? Also, no shooting while on horse-back? Who is making up these ridiculous rules? Conservatives? Lastly, there should be places were on can rely on for ores/plants to be there when we need them. Depleted ebony mines are just ludicrous. Perhaps they will include some type of farming ability in the next one. Just some things...
  12. Which Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 character do you find the most interesting?
  13. Any SC2 players here?
  14. When I play online, I prefer to build a small burrow away from civilization that acts as my vault. I then go into other people's houses or civilizations in order to steal their goods and return them to my vault. I don't use any of my accumulated wealth, I just horde it in case I need it later. I never leave my vault with more than a sword, a pick, an axe, and a set of armor if I am planning to get into a fight. So, how do you play?
  15. This was talked about a while ago in the SWTOR thread, but I'd like to get more insight from the rest of the video game playing forum. When given a choice during character creation in an RPG (or any other game), I will almost always create a female character. I know there's a large percentage of guys like me on MMOs that do the same. So, I never assume I know the player's sex/gender of the hot elf mage I see burning down a village. Why do I play the opposite sex? I just enjoy playing an attractive character. So, what character sex do you usually play and why?
  16. Post your all-time favorite first person shooter games. For me, 1. Half-Life 2 + expansions 2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 3. F.E.A.R. 4. Doom 3 5. Operation Flashpoint
  17. The graphics seem meh. The quests are okay. Its just not hooking me like I thought it would. I've got a free up to level 20 pass. At level 14 night elf rogue, she's the only character I've made who didn't end up dying all the time at a certain point. So far I've only played Alliance. What do you guys think of WoW?
  18. ITT: We talk about WoW. List your characters, levels, recent achievements, how you're looking forward to cataclysm, how you wish arena was still like it was in TBC, or how Vanilla WoW was optimal. Or: Feel free to bitch about WoW and explain why it's a waste of time. Rage about how your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you for a lousy videogame. I'll go first: Mage-80-Current Main. Working on achievement whoring until Cata. Warlock-80 vengeful/brutal gladiator Druid-80 DK-80 Paladin-72 Huner-70 Shaman-59 Warrior-53 WoW it such a waste of time. I better get a life. All I do is wakeup, go to work, go to the gym, then play WoW for the rest of the day. This game is waaaay to addictive. I totally neglected my girlfriend Freshman year of college for this game. /rage
  19. Who plays Dwarf Fortress? Share your stories. Presently this is my game of choice but I haven't been able to get very far without screwing up royally, but I'm getting there. Despite the learning curve and clunky/inconsistent keybindings I love it for it's complexity and depth (no pun intended). It eats Minecraft for breakfast.
  20. SO Mass Effect 3 will be releasing in a few days now. Anyone else excited? Looking forward to the story? Favorites characters? Just obscene amounts of awesomeness happening all around you? Multi-player?
  21. So who here plays go? Seems to me like a perfect INTJ game, since it puts strong demands on strategic thinking as well as relying a great deal on gradually improving intuition. I've been in love with the game from the moment I first saw it. Immediately obvious was the aesthetic appeal of the black and white stones in their intricate patterns on the board, but the intensely concentrated yet relaxed state of mind the game tends to put me in is also very pleasing. I play mostly on KGS Go Server and have been at it for about a year, on and off.
  22. Anybody give this a try? It's supposedly the next Counterstrike mod, making the two-year-old ARMA II the best-selling title on Steam atm. Essentially, it's ultra-hardcore zombie apocalypse...permadeath, need to find food/weapons/ammo/gear/meds, and a massive free world filled with other players to team with or kill. It's the first MMO where you can actually be mugged at gunpoint by another player. The combination of permadeath, inter-group dynamics, and actively being hunted by other humans makes this the most terrifying zombie game to date, say reviewers. Think I'm going to buy it this weekend! Any of you try it? Love it? Hate it? Or want to give it a try?
  23. I am both a PC and console gamer, but I was just wondering what you guys thought.