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Found 345 results

  1. Tonight we're having french chicken in a pot (aka casserole chicken) - succulent, moist flesh with little work, I highly reccommend it; sauteed zuccini & green beans with some oyster sauce for zing and... oh... probably orzo. And banana nut bread for dessert. What are you having?
  2. I'm having a Dogfish Head Raison d' Etre. One of my very favorite beers.
  3. I'm looking for some hobby ideas (40+ yr old married male INTJ). What hobbies and interests do you have?
  4. Anyone play chess? One of my good friends used to be seriously-hardcore-balls-to-the-wall in chess (he was close to state master at some point) but then he had to focus on college. However, about a year ago I encouraged him to get back to his passions. Now he's back at tournaments and got his rank up to 1900. Anyways, he's one of those guys who compulsively shares his passions, so he's been teaching me too. To me, the wildest things is that a game with such simple rules can require so much thought!
  5. I consider myself a well above average hold em' player, and it was really easy for me to catch on to the strategies of the game back when I first started playing...any other intjs who find that card games come easy to them?
  6. What are your experiences with sports? Have you ever participated in sports? I was always kind of clumsy and not very good at sports. I was very self conscious about that, which made it worse. I started to get into sports my freshman year in high school. I did cross country, but it wasn't a serious sport and I didn't take it seriously. In the winter I decided to go out for wrestling. I was in pretty good shape because I started working out in 6th grade. I was pretty good because I was strong and I never gave up while wrestling, I was always fighting back. My weakest point was my technique because I did not know any wrestling moves very well. I was put on varsity because we didn't have someone at my weight, which was 140. I won two varsity matches and helped our team win conference. I really liked wrestling because it was an individual sport and if you won or lost you had no one to blame but yourself. However, I decided to quit wrestling next year because it was too time consuming and I did not believe it was worth it. So, what are other sports experiences INTJs have had?
  7. :( I can't sing. My baby wants me to record a song for her and I tried, but it's terrible. All that roaring gives me a headache
  8. Hey! I find it very annoying to own to much stuff, and home-decorations (christmas etc) is just... meaningless to me. A few X-mas lights and a table cloth can be OK, but not more. Going to flea markets and buying cute and peculiar "stuff" sounds dreadful to me, as I would end up with owning a lot of useless things that just take up a lot of space. I'm not much of a pedant, I can live in a mess for weeks and my desktop is usually chaos, but I think cutting down on the amount of things I own makes living easier and lighter. What is your opinion? Do you think this is typically INTJ? My sister is an ENFJ and she absolutely wallows in "things" and decorations.
  9. Well, everyone else is doing it, aren't they? I did intend for this to be somewhat serious, though, since this is a topic I enjoy talking about. I have trained, formally or informally, in one martial art or another for longer than the the median-aged person on here has been alive (at least according to some of the threads on user ages) with relatively few gaps in time when I was not training. My thoughts about training and reasons for training have changed over the years. I've had several chances to use the skills I developed (although not always for the best purposes). So, any questions?
  10. I enjoy a lot of physical activities. I weight train and competed in a amateur natural bodybuilding competition a couple of years ago. This year's goal was to complete my first marathon, but I fractured my tibia in training. I seasonally play on a racquetball ladder and a volleyball league. I also bike, hike and swim on a regular basis. I don't know whether this is common among INTJs or just one of my own eccentricities but although I enjoy playing sports I have zero interest in watching sports. None. When I see a soccer game on television it just makes me want to grab a soccer ball. I cannot seem to get invested at all in who wins or develop a passion for a particular team. The only time I enjoy watching sports is during the Olympic games and this is because typically there are incredible feats of world-class skill, strength and endurance that I find interesting. So what sports do you enjoy playing? Do you enjoy watching sports?
  11. Hello everyone! I've got so many questions to ask you people, it's unreal. Anyway, let's start with a not so serious one: If you go to a nightclub etc. what's your dancing like? It may sound like a silly question, but I've never known how to dance. I can only do something if I understand it. Is there a formula? A defining principle? Once I genuinely understand something, I can do it. Until then, I'm hopeless. Is it the same for you guys?
  12. I'm traveling to London, with a friend, for about 9 days, starting Oct 8th Recommendations for what area, or hotel, or vacation rental, to stay at? =)
  13. Do INTJ like to travel? I have no particular urge to travel more than I have to. I wanted to find out if this was unique for me or a trait for all INTJs? One of the reasons for me to not travel is the lack of someone to take with me. Are there some MBTI types that are more inclined to travel?
  14. Mine is building/researching about computers and anything pertaining to them...I could possible extend the interest to all electronics. So yes, I love computers! I can probably troubleshoot any problem and remedy any error without much input of effort.
  15. Personally, I love any type of dark chocolate. But for favorites I like nutella and liked mon-cherried but mon-cherried was discontinued many years ago. :( I want to make a basket for my SO and although I have an idea, it would be nice to learn about other chocolates outside of those you find at the regular store. So, what's your favorite chocolate and why? Links are welcome. :)
  16. To expand on that. I probably wouldn't ever want to live in the city. *I'm a bit of a country-side girl even though I was born and lived my early years in the heart of the city. My fantasy home would be a small house (self designed of course), by a large body of water (the sea or the ocean... because lakes tend to have mosquito accumulation), with a large yard with several big old trees and a long driveway. *An hour or so drive from the food/entertainment district of downtown because I like my clubs, good food, and musicals * Edit: the wording on a sentence... It just sounds better this way *shuu*
  17. Adding to my collection, I'm finding out the hard way that I truly enjoy collecting silver pendants and rings. In specific I like to have full sets (pendant, necklace, earring). Anyone else collects silver jewelry? Note: this was part of another thread.. Not sure why it was moved. In any event, feel free to add items you currently collect.
  18. I'm wondering what sort if repairs you have attempted around the house. Tell me about your flooded basements, your shoddy electrical system discoveries, the termites in your load-bearing walls. What is the worst emergency repair you've ever had to deal with? How big of a job does it have to be to throw up your hands and call a professional? If you rent, do you do smaller repairs on your own? Have you ever had trouble getting your landlord to do repairs in a timely manner? Ever moved into a new place only to discover a roach infestation? I'm going to be replacing the copper line that supplies water to our swamp cooler tonight. At some point water froze inside and it burst, causing a nice little 5' geyser on our roof. Yesterday the water was actually coming back in through the tube that snakes all the way to the water heater in the garage... things got wet, but I don't think there is any lasting damage. Since the copper line goes up through the walls instead of along the outside of the house we are going to have to disconnect the old line, attach the new line to it and pull it up to the roof. It's not quite a horror story yet, but certainly a pain.
  19. Better check your facts, there pal....http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_countries_result.jsp?country1=United+States&country2=United+Kingdom
  20. It seems the majority of time management books out there are all "J" focused. I do however see a good number of perceptives that are fantastic with time management. The sad thing is that they don't write books on how to do it. I personally am not that good with time management, but what I see is that P time management consists of highly effective opportunistic action. P time management seem very mood based, when everything comes together, huge tasks can be finished very quickly. Anyone know where I can learn more about "p" time management?
  21. I know there's been a knitting/crocheting thread, but I was wondering what other crafts and creative pursuits (like making robots or tinkering with/improving machines or building furniture or other projects) INTJs get obsessed with enjoy, as well how being an INTJ might influence said crafting. Feel free to post pictures and show off what you've made! Stuff I've done over the years: - Jewelry Making - Polymer Clay - Felt Stuffies - Machine Sewing - Perler/Hama Beads - Crochet - Shrinky Dinks (not just for charms anymore!) - Stamping - Embroidery (my current favorite) I've avoided papercrafting like the plague, though - I'd be so perfectionist that nothing would get done and the stuff I'd like to do is of a more artistic nature, and while I'm creative and crafty, I have no artistic abilities. I tend to get caught up in the excitement of a new craft and research it and learn everything I can about it and make a few projects, but once I've learned all I could, I generally lose interest because some other craft comes along that I can become an (INTJ) expert in. :) Okay, your turn!
  22. I'm no MBTI expert, I don't want to become one, as I understand many on the forum are. So I'm OK with placing my self as a subject. Why to go out, why to live the real thing, if what is in my head seems more real than real. I'm not sure if it is an INTJ trait, but, at least I feel like if I had a PS2000 inside my head. I see other people visiting touristic places and be amazed of architecture, environment or whatever. If I travel to other places all I see is different shapes of bricks. Stuff that from my sake of mind looks a lot like what I have at the corner of my street. I'm 34, I used to envy those that went to bars, I used to go to bars to socialize. I made a big effort trying to fit society. Now after 30 I realize that they might actually envy the PS2000, that is unpurshable. And I feel glad that I have it, I might never be social :) but I'm glad that I can escape to weird realms, and that this life is just the OS (sucky OS) to get to whatever I might design. PS2000 rocks :) I'm ok in my fortress of solitude, pondering of what is and what could have been :)
  23. There's a "What are you listening to right now?" thread. I'm eating and I figured there should be a "What are you eating right now?" thread. I'm eating some super delicious Mrs. Baird's powdered sugar donuts.
  24. It's up. Vote!
  25. So my SO asked me to learn how to cook some German and Danish foods, as that is part of his ancestry and anything from Europe. I already cook a variety of middle eastern, Chinese, and puerto Rican dishes and I have no issues learning, but I would like to hear from those of you who already have experience with European food what is your favorite recipe, why, and a link so I can make it or at least try. All input welcome and of course highly appreciated. :)