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Found 71 results

  1. This is a continuation of the What game are you playing right now? thread.
  2. Anyone play chess? One of my good friends used to be seriously-hardcore-balls-to-the-wall in chess (he was close to state master at some point) but then he had to focus on college. However, about a year ago I encouraged him to get back to his passions. Now he's back at tournaments and got his rank up to 1900. Anyways, he's one of those guys who compulsively shares his passions, so he's been teaching me too. To me, the wildest things is that a game with such simple rules can require so much thought!
  3. I consider myself a well above average hold em' player, and it was really easy for me to catch on to the strategies of the game back when I first started playing...any other intjs who find that card games come easy to them?
  4. I'm curious if INTJs gravitate towards certain classes when they play RPG games. The three general classes are: Rogue, Warrior and Magician. I personally prefer to play as the magician and it seems the ultimate INTJ class, it's versatile and powerful and places an emphasis on knowledge and intelligence. What is your preference?
  5. Which Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 character do you find the most interesting?
  6. ITT: We talk about WoW. List your characters, levels, recent achievements, how you're looking forward to cataclysm, how you wish arena was still like it was in TBC, or how Vanilla WoW was optimal. Or: Feel free to bitch about WoW and explain why it's a waste of time. Rage about how your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you for a lousy videogame. I'll go first: Mage-80-Current Main. Working on achievement whoring until Cata. Warlock-80 vengeful/brutal gladiator Druid-80 DK-80 Paladin-72 Huner-70 Shaman-59 Warrior-53 WoW it such a waste of time. I better get a life. All I do is wakeup, go to work, go to the gym, then play WoW for the rest of the day. This game is waaaay to addictive. I totally neglected my girlfriend Freshman year of college for this game. /rage
  7. HI! I guess all intj-s value a healthy brain, creative thinking increases productivity. There are many serious games with their point not being only entertainment but to increase brain capacity. I created this post to share what and how we use to achieve that. www.lumosity.com I started it as a 2week free period, it may still be free for 2 weeks, then saw how it can improve thinking, since that subscribed. I saw a similar site, with games being developed to develop brain function, http://www.mind360.com, but I have not tried it yet. Besides this I often use http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/games/memory-game, classic memory game, free to play in browser, you can set it up to different time, letter, number etc stuff. EyeQ, it helps you to read faster, focus better, helps the eye, develops scanning skills. And of course there are the chess puzzles which probably many of us like to figure out. So? Any of you have some other ideas for serious games of something like that? PS.: (no quake, MW2 and stuff like that)
  8. Who plays Dwarf Fortress? Share your stories. Presently this is my game of choice but I haven't been able to get very far without screwing up royally, but I'm getting there. Despite the learning curve and clunky/inconsistent keybindings I love it for it's complexity and depth (no pun intended). It eats Minecraft for breakfast.
  9. Anybody play Bridge? I've tried getting into it, but it's hard to find groups. Further, it seems to me that how to bid, once you know how to count points, should be intuitive. But a lot of people seem to think there are certain rules that must be followed. Perhaps I'm just being a naive beginner thinking I can think through the hands instead of memorizing rules? So, questions: Do you or would you like to Bridge? How do you decide how to bid?
  10. Could be anything, but not really looking for video games or other super high-tech games. Thanks for any ideas!
  11. What do you Ns think of stealth games (i.e.Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes)? I suck at those games. I can't beat those games to save my life. Are sensors better at stealth games than Ns?
  12. I tend to like to think about efficient ways of escaping murder conviction. While I wouldn't (under normal circumstances) kill anyone, it's still fun to think about. All the possible methods of killing, the variables involved, masking evidence, eliminating the body... There are just so many outcomes.
  13. I was playing chess the other day with my cousin who is an INTP and i realised, I do not enjoy a game more. My cousin and myself are around the same at it. Does anyone else share my love for chess? It seems to me that chess represents life as a whole. Just on a more speeded up scale. I cannot play fast though. I like a good long game. what are your favorite chess peices?
  14. I've seen this before but someone sent it to me again yesterday. The idea is to use one word/phrase from each column to insult someone rather than our standard "you're fucking stupid". Such as: "unmuzzled tickle-brained canker-blossom" For those of us who are lazy you can go to here and it will generate an insult for you. I received, "Thou impertinent beetle-headed foot-licker!"
  15. Anybody else like to gamble? What's your game, are you any good? My game is blackjack, and I averaged 60 hours a week without losing money last time I went to Vegas. Looking into craps for this next trip...
  16. Okay so I was looking up some stuff on poker the other day for a client and noticed that there was software out there that can calculate poker odds. Now this got me thinking, would using this software during an online poker match give you a significant advantage over people who either aren't using it or aren't familiar with the odds?
  17. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/09/portal-is-used-to-teach-science-as-valve-gives-game-away-for-limited-time.ars?comments=1#comments-bar I personally believe that Portal is a great educational tool for younger generations to come. When I was a kid, I only had a Gameboy with Tetris, Mario, and Pokemon to play. What are your thoughts, guys and gals? **Side note: If you haven't tried Portal yet, I highly recommend playing it!
  18. Chess is actually one of my favorite games although i tend to overestimate my opponents. How many of you play chess and how good would you say you are?
  19. This is the first time in about a decade that I've actually been excited about a game coming out. Hopefully Scott Miller and George Brousard can get past their ongoing legal battle and just push this thing out the door. New Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage
  20. Like chess, checkers, monopoly, risk, etc. I'm a pretty big fan of chess and risk.
  21. I have too much time on my hands, I'm not old enough to drive, and am currently downloading a free mmorpg. good idea? I mean... I get lonely, but to a bearable extent... in some way... suggestions?
  22. Discuss the classics of gaming and their consoles here.
  23. I'm seriously thinking of trading in my DS lite for it. Only problem is that I'll have to get a GBA to play my GBA games. Dead or Alive and Super Street Fighter IV:Arcade edition look great. Being able to download classic gameboy games like Links awakening and the oracles games is also appealing. I just hope Nintendo will make GBA games available for download eventually. Anyone else thinking of getting it?
  24. I couldn't find a thread discussing these games. The series is one of my recent favourites. It explores themes I find very interesting. Those who have played the games know what I mean. For those who haven't (and have no interest in doing so, but are curious), here is an interesting article laden with spoilers. Does anyone have any theories on the ending of Brotherhood? Quite ambiguous, even with the da Vinci DLC.