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Found 213 results

  1. Tonight we're having french chicken in a pot (aka casserole chicken) - succulent, moist flesh with little work, I highly reccommend it; sauteed zuccini & green beans with some oyster sauce for zing and... oh... probably orzo. And banana nut bread for dessert. What are you having?
  2. I'm having a Dogfish Head Raison d' Etre. One of my very favorite beers.
  3. There's been a lot of talk recently about food waste. explained to us for 17 minutes the huge amount of food wasted, Business Insider followed some dumpster divers around as they picked perfectly good food out, is full of dumpster divers showing off their haul of hundreds of dollars worth of good food, Freegans and Gleaners are trying to create a movement of dumpster diving and create guides on how to do it, and the NRDC released this pamphlet a few years ago on how to avoid food waste.It is pretty disgusting how much food is wasted in the US, largely due to a combination of economic and cultural reasons. 40% of food in the US is never consumed (although maybe the dumpster divers are helping that a little bit). Some of this lost in fields, some of it in distribution, some of it from grocery stores, but the main culprit is the end consumer who buys too much and has to throw it away or who throws away perfectly good food on the belief it's 'bad.' I've been trying to prevent food waste just by being smarter: ignoring the 'dates' on food and smelling it myself, cutting off bad bits instead of throwing away the whole thing, buying less food, getting restaurant food to-go if I don't finish, etc. But, this dumpster diving looks interesting. I don't know if I'd actually do it though, largely because of the inconvenience and because it would be embarrassing if someone you knew saw you looting the Starbuck's dumpster, and I think I'd still worry about contamination (although Trader Joe's is apparently one of the best places to go since they plastic wrap everything and throw stuff away that isn't perfect). Aside from that, what else do you think could actually be done, by yourself or as a community, to prevent food waste? Or do you think it is something to worry about? Would you dumpster dive for food? An interesting thing about dumpster diving, you'd think that these dumpsters would be picked clean in urban areas with high homeless populations, but apparently our cultural aversion to eating 'dumpster' food, even when perfectly good, is high enough that it doesn't happen. If you didn't watch the videos/sources, the reason this food isn't donated to shelters is largely economical - there's no tax incentive to do so and the homeless shelters often can't take perishables anyway.
  4. Personally, I love any type of dark chocolate. But for favorites I like nutella and liked mon-cherried but mon-cherried was discontinued many years ago. :( I want to make a basket for my SO and although I have an idea, it would be nice to learn about other chocolates outside of those you find at the regular store. So, what's your favorite chocolate and why? Links are welcome. :)
  5. I drink anywhere from three to six cups a day. And i've been doing this since i was twelve. How about you?
  6. I stopped doing it quite some time ago. So I might end up paying $9 a bottle for sparkling at a good restaurant but I don't mind... Especially since I saw GASLAND. Very disturbing...am curious to hear from any people who live in those affected areas in America... and also general reasons from everybody as to why you do or do not drink tap water? For me it was always a matter of taste...tap water is really disgusting! I would rather drink untreated creek water from a mountain in NZ or Tasmania... As I become more informed though I don't trust the water supply...I also only eat organic produce where possible. Also a matter of taste and I believe clean food and clean water is essential for good health...
  7. Do you care at all about eating well? I've found that it's easy for me to do so, because of the fact that I truly "eat to live" and don't "live to eat." For the most part, I don't get inordinate pleasure from eating tasty stuff, I just eat because I'm hungry. There are a few time where I truly sit and enjoy my food, but for the most part, I just need it to be palatable. I have cravings every now and then for a certain thing (like a reese's fast break...mmmm, or maybe an animal-style double-double for all you in-n-out fans). I remember I used to even eat a bunch of peanut butter, because it filled me up fast without much time required. This, combined with the fact that it just makes good sense to eat healthy, means I generally eat "healthy" most of the time. I've especially become interested in nutrition as it relates to athletic performance, and physical recovery. I haven't always cared this much about nutrition, but in the past few years, have made it somewhat of a goal to eat healthy most of the time. Anyone else this way?
  8. Any savoury dish, that is. Though you can also write down which ingredient you think makes any sweet dish better. I doubt there are many that can fulfill both roles, but if you know something, post it! I'll go first: Mozarella. I can seriously add that motherf*cker to pretty much anything and it always gets better.
  9. If you are a health food advocate, can you describe some of what you eat and do to live a healthier lifestyle? What is the main reason you are a health food advocate?
  10. There's a "What are you listening to right now?" thread. I'm eating and I figured there should be a "What are you eating right now?" thread. I'm eating some super delicious Mrs. Baird's powdered sugar donuts.
  11. It's up. Vote!
  12. Recently it was brought to my attention that dairy might not be as healthy as it's made out to be. I drink lots of skim milk and eat lots of yogurt, so I got really concerned, so I thought "TO THE FORUMS!!!" Among the things I've heard are that milk cause mucus buildup in your lungs, dairy products keep a layer of fat on your body, milk actually draws calcium away from your bones rather than strengthen them, or lactose causes digestive problems or disease. Anyways, I have no idea who is right. I mean I've been raised knowing dairy as one of the 4 main food groups. But someone pointed out how milk is for babies, and no animal drinks milk once it has matured, most even stop producing the enzymes required for digesting lactose once they're old enough. And to top it off we are drinking the milk of another animal, not even our own species. Calves don't even drink milk past age 5 i think. Anyways all these "facts" come from a quick google search, I figured I would go to you guys for rational and unbiased opinions. Is Dairy good or bad for us?
  13. recipe Anyone tried this? A friend of mine has and swears it's true. I have a number of skeptical questions: Do you really need pure MCT, or would coconut oil do the same thing (66% MCT) Do grass-fed cows really make a difference? Couldn't you just get unsalted butter from the grocery store at a fraction of the cost? IF there is an effect, is it sustainable? Or do you end up needing two BPCs in a month to get the same effect? Effect on blood cholesterol and heart attack? Anyway, as a devoted coffee-aholic, I admit I'm BPC-curious...
  14. So my SO asked me to learn how to cook some German and Danish foods, as that is part of his ancestry and anything from Europe. I already cook a variety of middle eastern, Chinese, and puerto Rican dishes and I have no issues learning, but I would like to hear from those of you who already have experience with European food what is your favorite recipe, why, and a link so I can make it or at least try. All input welcome and of course highly appreciated. :)
  15. I'm wondering what other people think about Greek yogurt. Also, How do you eat your Greek yogurt? For example, do you eat it plain, with honey, or in some other way?
  16. I'm 6 feet tall at about 152 pounds. That's 182 cm at 69 kgs. So I'm quite skinny and looking to put on weight, however the problem is my budget. While I have enough to eat comfortably, buying a surplus of food to gain weight seems to be rather difficult. Does anyone have any recommendations I can look into for bulking (cleanly) preferably?
  17. i'm a vegetarian, used to be vegan until i moved in with my meat eating bf. i read that the ulterior motive of the intj is to be healthy, and i looked at all my vitamins and my vegetarianism and agreed; this IS my ulterior motive. so i wonder how many other intj vegetarian/health freaks there are out there.
  18. - They're easier to make than normal tea. No milk, no sugar, no questions that need to be asked. - They don't do any of this mainstream crap. - The novelty never wears off. - They can be enjoyed cold. - They fill my room with a nice aroma. - They are the embodiment of their gender role. OK, sure, they're in some arbitrary way responsible for society's decadence, but I love them. Really.
  19. I met someone a few days ago that said they put peanut butter on burgers... then when I went to a local burger place, I saw a giant jar of JIF by the grill. I was shell-shocked. I put peanut butter on a hot dog once out of curiosity. It was all right I guess, but I did it more because I had no food in the house. I mean, my culinary tastes extend beyond peanut butter of course, but that was just the first thing that came to mind.
  20. I love food... That would be nice if anyone would like to share some of his/her favorite recipes with me. You know what? It would be even better if you would post pictures of the product! I have a recipe that you might not want to try but I personally love. People oft' wonder about how it tastes because he/she is too scared to try it. Anyways, here it is: You'll need: -2 eggs -Malt vinegar -Any type of cheese, I use Pepper Jack -Bits of bacon -Garlic salt Well, first you crack both of the eggs in a bowl and stir them. Then, mix three teaspoons of the malt vinegar within the eggs. (More or less, you choose.) Stir that together then add a handful of the cheese of your choice, 1/4 cup of bacon bits or more, and a pinch of garlic salt. Stir those all together and cook it up. And then, you have delightful eggs. Please, for my love of food, share your recipes!
  21. In a comprehensive study of 402,260 men and women over a 13 year period, coffee has been acquitted of its murderous charges.
  22. I usually do all my shopping at Trader Joe's, but as a chip connoisseur their selection can get a little tiring. So when I had to go to Ralph's today, you can imagine I was really excited when I saw these Sriracha Lays on an end cap that greeted me as soon as I walked in. I grabbed my brothers arm, pointing and shouting in excitement and he shared my enthusiasm (perhaps to a slightly lesser degree). Before grabbing a bag, I headed over to the chip aisle. I wanted to see if there was a Ruffles version. I've always been partial to the ridges as they give a more satisfying crunch. Just as importantly, they also have more surface area for the given footprint of the chip. "OK, so what does that matter?" you might ask. Well it matters because more surface area equals more potential flavor powder. A more potent potato chip. Boom. So I get to the chips aisle. Of course there is no Ruffles version. There is never a Ruffles version of the special flavors, who knows why. It's baffling and infuriating, but that's a topic for another day. I picked up the Lays Sriracha flavor chips, did the rest of my shopping and hurried home to try them out. In a word, they suck. The flavor is super mild, but even if it were stronger they would still suck. The flavor is not even close to Sriracha. It's not even tasty. I would say it's close to a weak approximation of the ketchup flavor chips you can find in Europe, with a bit of added garlic. But I stress again, that the flavor is extra mild. Much more so than the ketchup chips. I'm left with an almost-brand-new bag of chips I don't even want to eat. They are that bad. [TAG]food[/TAG]
  23. I'm thinking of going paleo. Anyone here do this? Did you see any health benefits? What are some good resources?
  24. I love sugar and bread, even though they make me feel rather sick every single time I decide to indulge in them. I have been a vegetarian for a year now, and I have been trying to become raw vegan, but every time I start doing it, I have so many thoughts running through my head. "The okinawas still eat some meat, and they have the longest lifespan", "I am still so young, why do I care?". "Oh, god, just do it, it is the best thing I can do for my health right now", "Yeah, I ate half a watermelon, a huge smoothie, only half a day more to go, oh god, I think I am going to throw up", "why do I care so much about food?", "I care because you really are what you eat, at least mentally...". In the end, I am still just vegetarian trying to wheeze myself off gluten (for my anxiety, it is supposed to help). I usually use gluten free pastas and breads, but still, I know it is best to just not eat any form of this stuff. My relationship with food is still a love/hate relationship. As a child, I was allergic to breast milk, so I guess, because I still eat dairy sometimes, the hate part of the relationship is mainly because it is just hard for me to digest a lot of what I eat. Therefore, I am always taking enzymes. Unless I have severe anxiety, I can usually eat whenever and wherever (as long as I stay away from dairy and beans and sweets and breads.....what does that leave me with? --- vegetables and fruits and nuts.....soy products. Please, explain your relationship with food!!!!!
  25. Don't companies just use grain commodity crops to make sugar (to infuse into almost every product), Cheetos, processed cereals and to fatten animals in a way that causes heart disease? Obesity, diabetes and heart disease make up for almost 50% of healthcare costs in the US. Convenient for pharmaceutical companies who need to sell someone their drugs. I don't see why other types of crops can't be included in the subsidy. Maybe certain crops that are rarely used as "food" but rather as food-product could be capped? If the government is subsidizing it should take some responsibility how to do so since there is circular causation. If food is cheap, those who are less than rich are to some degree coerced to buy it again and again. What if it was cheaper for the poor and obese to buy 300 calories in vegetables and fruits than 300 calories in Ramen Noodles? Most of them wouldn't have a expensive, slow, uncomfortably fat, painful death from the obesity-related diseases they suffer from. They might raise their IQ a few points when they correct nutrient deficiencies, and give their children's brains a chance to develop with adequate nutrition - raising their IQ as well and providing them with the capacity for a more thoughtful choice. What things happened to this woman to make this seem ok to her? Why can't we just tell people what's healthy and give them a choice? Because humans are opportunistic feeders and they will choose the most calorie dense foods available by default, especially if they're cheap. Demand for these will be higher due to a physiological impulse and not exactly choice. And after a lifetime of eating refined, cheap grain products one may not have the health or well-being to even learn what's healthy, or teach their kids what's healthy. How fast does something have to kill people for it to be considered poison? Processed food, refined sugar and an excess of grain-fed meat kills people, but it kills them slowly and expensively, so that's fine with everyone - and those dying and sick (sarcasm alert) wanted to, and choose to die that way. Weird. When selling products, manufacturers are REQUIRED to consider harmfulness of their products based on intended and all probable uses of their product. Why isn't food policy/commodity policy by the US government held at the same standard? There should be some jurisdiction in regards to subsidization. In the US, with genetically modified foods, we can grow more calories than ever for people. Nutrient content and fiber content are the new limiting factors. We don't need 2,841 Million US dollars going to corn subsidies to prevent us from famine.