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Blog Thread

Found 32 results

  1. I'm having a Dogfish Head Raison d' Etre. One of my very favorite beers.
  2. So I have a slight hangover today, and I was just curious what some of you like to drink? I love bloody mary's and margaritas.
  3. ''I had never tasted anything so cool and clean. They made me feel civilized.'' So said Hemmingway of the martini in A Farewell to Arms. We seem to have the beer and wine bases covered, so let's talk higher proof: what do you like in your highball glass or snifter? Recipes? Sweet/sour/bitter/salty? For straight up tasting, I'm a fan of the finer añejo tequilas. Even bought a couple of Riedel glasses made specifically for tequila: And here is a review of my favorite brand: As for mixed drinks, this is a new favorite. Gin-Basil Smash: 1 bunch basil 1/2 lemon 2/3 oz simple syrup 3 oz gin Add the basil and lemon to a cocktail shaker and muddle. Add simple syrup, mix. Fill the shaker with ice, top with gin. Shake until very cold. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Stir. Garnish with another basil leaf. (I am sometimes overenthusiastic when it comes to the garnish)
  4. Post your favorites and recommendations here. I prefer hoppy ales like Dogfish Head 90 or 120, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Flying Dog Double Dog. Other than the bitter, high alcohol beers, a good Guinness or Boddington's works in a pinch. Your favorites?
  5. I drink anywhere from three to six cups a day. And i've been doing this since i was twelve. How about you?
  6. I stopped doing it quite some time ago. So I might end up paying $9 a bottle for sparkling at a good restaurant but I don't mind... Especially since I saw GASLAND. Very disturbing...am curious to hear from any people who live in those affected areas in America... and also general reasons from everybody as to why you do or do not drink tap water? For me it was always a matter of taste...tap water is really disgusting! I would rather drink untreated creek water from a mountain in NZ or Tasmania... As I become more informed though I don't trust the water supply...I also only eat organic produce where possible. Also a matter of taste and I believe clean food and clean water is essential for good health...
  7. It's up. Vote!
  8. - They're easier to make than normal tea. No milk, no sugar, no questions that need to be asked. - They don't do any of this mainstream crap. - The novelty never wears off. - They can be enjoyed cold. - They fill my room with a nice aroma. - They are the embodiment of their gender role. OK, sure, they're in some arbitrary way responsible for society's decadence, but I love them. Really.
  9. In a comprehensive study of 402,260 men and women over a 13 year period, coffee has been acquitted of its murderous charges.
  10. I don't drink sugared soda, and haven't for many years. Sometimes I will drink a diet soda on occasion if I've went out to eat. The reason I cut out sugared soda was because it made it difficult to lose weight on my stomach despite working out. Now I've found I like drinking beer. Wine too, but beer especially. Will drinking beer put back on the stomach flab even faster than sugared soda? I haven't tried lite beer, I suppose I could consider drinking lite beer.
  11. I'm a barista at the coffee shop on campus. We make all manner of drinks, French Press, drip coffee, espresso drinks, Italian sodas, shakes, and fruit smoothies. I was curious...when you go to your local (or commercial) coffee shop, what do you tend to get? If it's something custom (not normally on the menu) what is it and how is it made? I just wanna get some insight and possibly some inspiration for new drinks.
  12. There are always not so intellectual things to discuss, and I feel these topics need a home other than the Drinking Thread, because sometimes people may not meet the intoxication requirements to post in that thread.
  13. http://beerutopia.com/2008/04/01/beer-benefit/ Beer improves metabolism, and many doctors consider that it is better to drink beer often (maybe every day), but with moderate portions (100-200 ml), than rarely but with huge portions. 1. Beer strengthens cordial muscle. There are lots of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus in beer and it is excellent prophylaxis of myocardial infarction (heart attack), hypertension and heart failure. And nonalcoholic beer and dark beer of some brands could decreases the possibility of blood coagulability and thus decreases the risk of clots formation. 2. Beer appeases and cheers up. Hops bitterness renders drowse, and alkaloid isomorphine which is in hop by chemical characteristics is analogous to morphine. 3. Beer withdraws uric stones. Many sorts of beer withdraw uric stones. It happens like that: potassium intensifies natrium and chlorine segregation by kidneys, and urine formation deeply increases. Thus demineralization of organism happens and uric stones are being withdrawn. 4. Beer softens skin and enlarges breast.(is that so?!) In XVI century pharmaceutical chemists recommended women to wash themselves with beer in order to have soft skin. And Prussian Queen Louise who had flat breast was advised to drink beer and smear her breast with beer three times per day. 5. Beer strengthen bones. Beer is the main source of silicon. This mineral plays a large role in strength of bone and muscle system. 6. In 100 grams of beer are only 37 Kcal. To compare in 100 gram of kefir − 59 Kcal. That means that drinking beer after work is not so harmful for the figure. And so called “beer bellies” form not from beer but from sausages to beer. 7. Beer is good for mental work. There are lots of group B and P vitamins in malt and hop, and they improve mental activity. 8. Beer hastens hair growth. And vitamins B and P affect hair growth. It is recommended to make nourishing masks from beer for hair once a week. And if you wet your clean hair with beer and then use hair rollers – after that you will get tight and bright ringlets. 9. Beer is good while having cold. Beer has bactericidal behaviour, if you drink warm beer while having cold or flu, it is possible to recover faster. In Medieval times during plague and cholera epidemic brewery workers rarely were ill. And while having toothache before teeth were rinsed with beer. 10. Beer is good for male potency.(LOL) Zinc which is in beer is good for male potency and it prevents prostate inflammation. Cheers everybody!
  14. I'm trying to give up coffee as I have come to the conclusion that even drinking 2-3 cups a day increases my adrenaline and stress level. I love coffee and have been drinking it for ages, but my health is more important. Anyone want to chime in on this topic?
  15. Do you know about which plastic bottles are more likely than others to leach chemicals into what you are drinking? http://trusted.md/blog/vreni_gurd/2007/03/29/plastic_water_bottles#axzz1Gpc6oGv8 Someone I work with brought this to my attention today. Have you ever heard of it?
  16. If you love wine, then jump in the thread and list your favorites. I'll start: Zenato Amarone del Valpolicella (ITALY) Masi Campofiorin Rosse del Veronese (ITALY) Hécula Monastrell (SPAIN)
  17. i'll kick things off: mine's ceylon black tea. sweetened. :) yours?
  18. My fluid intake usually consists of mineral water and coffee (no cream or sugar). From time to time, I indulge in a sugary drink (perhaps once every 2 months), such as a can of Coke or Ginger Ale or an iced tea (with sugar added)--no more than 150 mL. Whenever I have a sugary drink, it never ceased to fail from 30 minutes after ingesting said drink that I proceed to pee like a banshee (i.e., have to go several times at 10-15 minute intervals). Whenever I eat other sugary items, such as a lemon or chocolate tart, a cookie or a slice of coconut cream pie, this never happens. This started happening in my mid-30's. Never happened when I was younger nor when I was knocking back 4-5 RC Colas in a single sitting to get me through my physics homework allnighters. So, what's going on here? I'm in pretty good shape, definitely not overweight. I eat right (pesco-vegetarian), exercise and give up my seat on the train to old ladies and pregnant women. Oh, and once a year I have a med checkup and the blood tests all come up clean. I'd type more about anything which might be relevant, but I have to go pee (again). Thanks...
  19. My new room mate drinks coffee heavily. I haven't had a cup in months. I spilled the cup I poured for myself, and while that is my fault the reason I can not replace it is because she drank the rest of the coffee. SHE MUST PAY!!!! Any recommendations? EDIT: This is more intended for humor. Over the top punishments are welcome.
  20. I hope I am not alone here. I don't drink as I don't like that it affects my mental capacity. Drank for a while - peer pressure and all - when about 14 or 15. Gave up at 17 when getting driving licence. Haven't drunk alcohol again since then (30 plus years hence). Any others not drinkers? (Don't necessarily wan't to hear the full range of reformed alcoholic stories either.... please...
  21. I just heard of it and I ordered some stuff from ebay to make it. Where do you buy bubble tea in stores? Is it easy to find?
  22. so you're at your usual coffee place. it could be starbucks, seattle's best, dukin' donuts, tim horton's, or whatever. what do you usually get? and what do you get when you feel adventurous? i frequent starbucks. its the house blend coffee usually for me. but occasionally, i get the italian roast coffee french-pressed. its not for everyone - its very dark, bold, and a little oily (because of the french-pressing technique :)), but its become one of my all-time favorites. how about you?
  23. I love coffee, and I love it black (no sugar, no dairy, etc.). But it kills my digestive system like you wouldn't believe (I think it's the caffeine). Given the magnitude of personal discomfort, the logical solution would be to stop drinking coffee. Unfortunately, nothing brings me out of early morning zombie-like brain-dead topor like a fresh cuppa joe. So, I'm looking for some alternatives to give me that much-needed energy boost. Any suggestions? (On the subject of physical energy, you might find this thread interesting: http://www.intjforum.com/showthread.php?t=22773)
  24. Welcome to being a pungi-ass drone; you just got owned by a viral marketing campaign. Basically, they got a few people to start promoting it on the basis of being an un-majority beer. The rest of you, being sheep who have nothing in common but hating the majority, signed up for it. By doing so, you became the sheepest of the sheep, the consumer who buys a product to create an identity. That's like hoping to make yourself a social star by buying Dockers, an iPod and a Chevy Volt. There is no way to be a bigger tool. You have been pwnt. You should not vote or have political opinions.
  25. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8073432.stm I'm an ice queen for the most part, but I also do that gossip thing occasionally.