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Blog Thread

Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone have any real life experience with ISFJ men? What's good about them & what sucks about them?
  2. Alright. My intp friend asked me about fetishes i had. Or porn i had watched before as he had been honest with me earlier about things i wont mention. So i told the intp about the nastiest stuff i ever fapped to and i named bukkake. Femdom. Etc. Then he gives me his opinion that bukkake is gay, thats his opinion didnt argue tp hard on thst one. Now the isfj has some idea that im a sick pervert who has no respect women, even though he had watched.lesser graphic vanilla in his day. He gave me some speech about how he now feels leery of me becsuse he has female family members, and a daughter, because the bukkake. Honestly, that shit actually hurt cause hes known me for years and should know that i dont have a mind to do sick shit. If i were that type of person, then why do women i know feel safe around me? Because i respect them and make sure they feel secure around me, because id want someone to watch out for the women in my life as well. I just feel like im being profiled. Shits out of control, and the more i age the less i even fap If it helps our age range is 18-23 A lot of us meet at the isfjs house ( my SJ friends from around my living quarters) like i just feel offended because now i have a label when id be the first mofo to help anyone out in an unfair fight, im not just talking i have done so and always will, shit im kind if rambling now but yeah... should i just only fuck with other nts nfs exclusively.from now on? I never have these types of problems with other N's
  3. I've found learning about MBTI/personality theory to be v helpful. I used to be baffled by people who didn't think 'rationally', but understanding that this is not a flaw, just a different method of dealing with information/the world, has been a real breakthrough. So having learned that NT is not the only way, I'd like to ask the forum for advice on dealing with ISFJs. My grandmother is one such, and though I love her dearly, I find her v difficult to get along with. Her priorities are not my priorities, no amount of reason and logic can change her opinions, she is exceptionally kind and generous, but also controlling, smothering. Her desire to help others is all-encompassing, and although she knows people sometimes take advantage of it, she is incapable of refusing them. She is fundamentally insecure and no amount of compliments or reassurance can change this. And my usual approach to things - reasoning, and possibly some statistics - prove especially useless when it comes to her, so. Basically, my questions are these: - What kind of interaction do ISFJs find rewarding? - What makes ISFJs happy? What makes them unhappy? - What kind of things do INTJs do naturally/automatically that will cause friction with an ISFJ? - I know that ISFJs are driven to help others, but in my grandmother's case, she's getting older and is simply not physically capable of as much as she once was. Is there any way of persuading an ISFJ to reduce their self-imposed burden without making them feel unwanted/unneeded/unappreciated? - How can you change an ISFJ's mind? What sort of arguments/approaches work with them?
  4. In the past month I started talking to an ISFJ online. We live 4 hours apart. We've had one date and have another one planned. At first she was coming on to me hot and heavy. When I reciprocated, she now says she wants to go slowly. I'm a bit confused, by her actions. It was easy for me to flirt when she was first. Now that things have slowed down, I'm not sure what to say or not to say, as not to scare her off. (As an INTJ it's often hard for me to find a happy medium.) If you are an ISFJ or have dated one, what's the best way to win over her heart? I don't want to blow this. She has a lot of potential!
  5. How are Esfj compared to Isfj? ---------- Post added 02-25-2013 at 04:42 AM ---------- And the other way around.