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  1. Hulk
  2. Keep my mind healthy. Knowledge. On a very rare occasion, being better than someone.
  3. Ultimately someone has to relent, or compromise. Relationships are hard work. Seriously. Okay I think her wanting guests is pretty much set. This is hopefully a once in a lifetime event. You both need to work together to see it through. I'm just tossing this out there as a in the wind suggestion. Feel completely free to ignore me since it is ultimately opinion. 1. You choose the location. Others have made good suggestions on how to pick a location. There are so many sites of great significance to reason and religion. Or important for scientific reasons. 2. She can have friends and family. Your choice if you want to invite the few you have. 3. Haggle on the cost and scope. Perhaps suggest a moderate wedding. Ultimately this will come down to your costs and what your definition of low, moderate, and high is. Also your beloved and just how willing to compromise she is. 4. Find a way to incorporate a special and unique touch you want into the wedding. Work with her on what might be acceptable. 5. Hopefully meeting her halfway and having some traditions will allow you to put a spin on something you want to add. Hell give her a hard sell, and say your unique twists could be the start of a new tradition. Just allow her to see what you want form a feeling perspective (easier said than done). 6. Marriage is ultimately about your committing to someone. So whether you like it or not you have entered into a tradition. That does not mean you can't add your own touches to this. 7. No idea about the brainwashed concepts. Can't advise here since it might be biased. Just me throwing my thoughts out there. Good luck. Even if you don't believe in it. Try and have some fun too.
  4. I wouldn't mind being a stay at home dad. I've always gotten along fine with most kids, barring some exceptions. I see this as a big cultural experiment where the roles are being reversed. If you think about it makes perfect sense. As much as we would like both women and men working, there is ultimately only so much jobs. At some point there will have to be a certain amount of stay at home parents. If more women are going to be in the workforce than look to most likely see more dads at home. Maybe this will reverse in the future, or equalize out. Who knows maybe no one will care in the future and it will simply be the families choice. Not that I give a shit what people think about what comes down to a personal choice.
  5. All I see is data correlating to baby making seasons. Iffy data as well.
  6. Some other forums I went on had some really crazy crack pot theories and xenophobia of a lot of things as well. INTJ's a big no no one some forums actually. Quite unhealthy. That stuff does crop up here, but it's not as frequent as it is on some of the others.
  7. Experimental Dominant
  8. ENFP's and in general NF's can get me to open up and laugh. A rare occurrence if you don't know me.
  9. Normally I enjoy being alone, but not right now. Feeling incredibly lonely. Everyone around me is rejecting me, getting pissed off at me, dying, or leaving. My already small group of friends is all but gone and same with any family I had. Quickly dwindling. I don't necessarily begrudge all of them, but it's really adding up. On top of it all trying to make new friends is impossible since none of them want anything to do with me. I've got some sort of new allergy to dogs so I had to give them away. I've always had a cat allergy. On top of that I am getting incredibly sick and might be losing my one up side (superior mental intellect) to a rare genetic disease. My body is healthy and not. I have numerous non fatal and chronic medical problems that make life living just miserable from day to day. More doctors appointments around the corner. You can definitely say I feel like smashing something. About all I have left is my book which progress is stalling out because of all this shit. My grandfather is alive but getting incredibly old and sick. I have two younger cousins like brothers, but they will soon get old enough to leave and have their own lives. The one dog I wasn't allergic to died at the age of 5 when he should have been able to live for years. The rest of my family is dying left, right, and center! The others hate my guts and go out of their way to fuck me over for no other reason than that they don't like me. I don't even like playing video games anymore to pass the time. Yea I'm pretty lonely, miserable, and angry. All I want is for one goddamn person in real life to talk to me like a human being. I've had people tell me they would have committed suicide from the shit I have to put up with, and yet here I am. I have no right being alive, and here I am. Edit The last thing I was told by my Grandmother passing away is "That I know everything and nothing will be able to stop me." I know that would make most people feel amazing, but not me. Edit2 The last time I talked to a human like a human being was five years ago. I'm only likely to live until 40. I'm currently 22. You do the math.
  10. "Truth be told I find any one singletype MBTI forum can become unhealthy." This seems an obvious comment but it's pertinent to this board. I don't see it mentioned much.

  11. I spotted this a long time ago. The sad fact is, it's just human behavior. At the end of the day the vast majority of people will be thoroughly average. Even the INTJ's. Whatever good intent this forum was started for it has quickly become just another human niche in the need to talk. I'll very occasionally check in to see if anything interesting is happening as I wander the internet, but for the most part I don't post here often anymore. Not enough fresh ideas coming through here. Very stagnant. Edit Truth be told I find any one singletype MBTI forum can become unhealthy. The other personality types are there to diversify the forum. And as much as people here would like to think otherwise the plethora of other types keep me on my toes even if I don't agree with them. Coming here to have a mental massage with some like minded individuals is all well and good. But it's meant to be a break and relaxation. I find if I stay around here too much my mind begins to actually get soft from my lack of ability to truly question and experience new things and reevaluate the old. Even if the ideas don't make sense at least I'm keeping myself mentally fit and healthy by introducing a level of skepticism into my own thoughts and ideas that I will never be able to moderate no matter how logical I am. In general diversity is great for letting me think and experience new things, to see if I am really right. I don't think this forum is bad, but I do think everyone here needs to get out a lot more. Which is saying something.
  12. Nicely said

  13. I think with the inexperienced this is true. Many of the smartest people I know are S's. NT's being very rare. Only me and one other. It's just another style of thinking, and N's can be just as dumb in different ways. With all the types working in conjunction they all work to check and balance each other out. The whole is more than any single part, no matter what some people might want to think.
  14. For one I tend to shut my mouth a lot, and when I say stuff its much to say about nothing. I'm not even all that smart so I can only imagine how many might feel.