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  1. You want a fucking round of applause for putting up an ethical POV with Star Trek dialog????? Can't you beam something up? I'm not asking for a goddam kidney. Don't need the song and dance. Somebody indeed mentioned the slippery slope? Care to expound? TBE. Do we spay women or not? If so, which ones? Yeah when Star Trek fails, there's always coconut oil.
  2. Hmmm...wondering if I should ramp up the foul-mouthed content of my posts and just tack PMF onto 'em...
  3. Good for you. I'm talking about a predatory mindset - it's you who's redefining it with your own antonyms. Now tell us how you feel about harvesting kidneys from the weakened. That's genetically weakened, forcefully weakened, socially weakened, economically weakened. Whatever.
  4. It has permeated society. I wish I could dismiss it as political ideology - it's not. It's something much darker. My trick question when interviewing candidates for any kind of caring position is a casual "Do you think everybody should pull their own weight?" It's really difficult to find anybody under 30 who'll say "No" without pausing. Most just say yes - oblivious to the fact they're applying for a job to assist people who can't "pull their own weight". From that mindset, it's a mere hop, skip and jump to much, much worse. Don't kid yourself. I'm sure you know damned well that the vulnerable and less-able chew up resources that the "strong" desire for themselves. And that would go to harvesting the kidneys of the non-strong wouldn't it? Nice language switcheroo though...trying to substitute the positive "strong" for the derogatory-yet-true "predatory".
  5. You're welcome. Best of luck!
  6. If Jesus can wash yer sins away then that's who ya call on fer possum grease on the pots'n'pans and the outhouse seat.
  7. I'm also from a very high stress / high accountability background. I know exactly what you're talking about. If I've learned nothing else it's that you have to pick your environment very carefully for a good fit. Those tattle-to-management environments are highly toxic - be sure that your professionalism is being undermined by the culture itself. You will find yourself exposed to criticisms, evaluations and worse - when you damned-well know it's unwarranted, but you're nevertheless watching your back as much as you're doing your job. I use them for only as long as I absolutely need to, then dump their asses like a hot potato. (And make sure you always prioritize and update your skillset for a kick-ass CV)
  8. What's this Fort Knox shit all about? Doesn't everybody leave sox & underwear at the front door for the perverts????
  9. We're never angry for the reason we think we are. Getting on top of that is fundamental to living a life relatively free of anger. But do we need to worry about misdirected anger towards others? Hell no. Anybody worthwhile will recognize the above and/or offer to make amends if their actions are indeed the cause of appropriate anger. Most of the regrets I have in life are about what I've internalized, and what should have been said. The fact of the matter is that many people are cunts and few are keepers. Best to get your cards on the table ASAP and find out who's who.
  10. That's a deflected "Yes I'm leaving the door open to genetic excuses and therefore tolerance of both racism and homophobia". Any more chunks of non-scientific vomit you need to spew up?
  11. Is racism a genetic trait or not? Epigenetically it would appear so. As with race. Can you then make a case for tolerance of homophobia based on what you don't know? Don't fuck around - it's a "yes" or "no" question.
  12. No. "We" should not impinge on the concept of individual choice with any form of coercion. "We" should however recognize a responsibility to make sure choice is very well informed. "We" really need to get our heads around what "choice" really means: it's not an abstract concept - just a complex one "we" have a tendency to subvert according to our wishes and agenda. Yes. Because human existence isn't justified by a balance sheet, or an ability to compete. The measure of a society goes to how it treats its most vulnerable - not how it treats its most predatory. Too many generations of advanced capitalism has bred a couple of generations who naively support the darkest and most predatory aspects of humanity in the name of "saving money"...at the expense of something as valuable as compassion. Now I could waffle on about how fucking around with the gene pool in fact very well may create more disease but instead I'm making the ethical call as above. I could come up with a dozen dumb and probably questionable analogies (as per INTJf culture) but I won't.
  13. The extreme wingnuttery of @thod and @Deprecatoris based on nothing but their pathetic attempts to justify homophobia as something innate and therefore justifiable because they claim no evidence "proves" otherwise. As ridiculous as it is, do you really think pointing out biological differences addresses homophobia? Why even deal with stupid analogies when nothing is quite like anything else? Is there any doubt that homosexuality is a natural biological outcome? Is there any doubt that homophobia isn't anything else other than learned behavior? Are non-homophobes lacking the healthy natural homophobia gene? When you're next handing out "education" on behalf of minorities, at least try to understand that our experiences are for the most part negatively shaped by societal values. Reading this thread should have clearly indicated to you that we're not victimized by biology. We're not pleading for understanding, nor asking to be excused for anything at all.
  14. And I think it's remarkable hubris to try and pass off behaviors you refuse to take responsibility for as possibly innate and therefore excusable. That's just a dumb and empty non-hypothesis. Argue whatever you like. Justify whatever you like. It's all built on "ifs". It's unreasonable rubbish and ridiculous conflations. What the fuck are you trying to achieve with this shit? What's your point? Who gives a fuck whether or not you endorse pedophilia or incest. What does pedophilia have to do with this discussion? Just one more red herring to throw in there to justify homophobia? The topic is "Men Kissing Men" - not the science of homosexuality etc...not that you appear to have any grasp on the recent science of same. Do you have anything worthwhile to contribute to the subject of why some people might experience revulsion when seeing two men kissing?
  15. Thanks for the update. Knickers and guns sound normal enough for an American 22 y.o. Like...socks are just weird.