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  1. There's an art to talking about yourself while revealing nothing whatsoever that you'd rather keep private. Practice it. Badmouthing is a team sport. INTJs who don't play get to kick back and watch the game..."Oooh it's a cluster of gossiping assholes!"
  2. Have you looked into correlation between no meat in the shorts and no meat in the posts? There are certainly some who'd think along those lines.
  3. I was referring to the former and your point's taken with the latter. But "a more nuanced understanding" is just a degree of understanding. As such, I'd see it as something aspirational within your earlier statement which I quoted in support of.
  4. Can cultures be fairly criticized or praised? That entirely depends on the tools of evaluation, as generally accepted by the culture performing the evaluation. The culture who and which will also define fair and praiseworthy. I'd say to go beyond that is to simply give examples of "cultural warfare"...no matter how they're dressed up as global ethics, subordinate to greater truths and higher powers. Yes. And the assumption that harvesting even more variables will make this not so is vanity in the face of null and void.
  5. Do your own homework.
  6. You're going to have to do better than peppering your cherry-picked nonsense responses with insults. I've made it clear that Taylor's lack of insecurities about her looks is well-documented in two memoirs, interviews and the published reminiscences of others. I know this because I read books.
  7. So I've always spent big $$$ on the best shaving gels I can find, and use them properly for the best possible shave. This morning I ran out and just grabbed a budget creamy shampoo I was going to throw out. Smooth very comfortable shave, no nicks. But I'm sitting here 12 hours later and it feels like I've just shaved. Without a doubt this is the best shave I've ever had in my life. What gives?
  8. Do you have zero comprehension or something? I succinctly addressed the topic. It's documented. "No matter how stunning a woman is, she's always insecure about something in her looks or her body!" Now address your own ridiculous premise. ^ How did you come up with such an absurd generalization? Oh yeah. Observations.
  9. Too many. Gay men dying of AIDS whose partners weren't even allowed into their hospital rooms. Allegedly "loving and supportive" families who wreaked legal havoc on surviving partners from the funeral onwards. Even Judge Judy let's you know it's either married or single and nothing else, and the law rules accordingly. I'm not aware of any jurisdictions at all which legally don't distinguish between marriage and a relationship, in favor of marriage.
  10. Again, it's well (and consistently) documented by both herself and in interviews and reminiscences. Again, do your homework before you try to score points with mocking and not much else.
  11. Never underestimate the legal rights that marriage guarantees. In crisis and in death the quality of the relationship counts for not much at all if the law says otherwise. Unfortunately, many or most come to this realization the hard way.
  12. Here's your ridiculous premise: No matter how stunning a woman is, she's always insecure about something in her looks or her body! I've refuted it with the example of how a most beautiful woman stands in stark contrast to the generalized and absolutist nonsense you kicked things off with. You got something of substance to back up your claim about anything beautiful women are always insecure about?
  13. Never said anything like it. I said teenage angst doesn't define womanhood or manhood. Taylor's legitimate humanitarian work is very well documented. Do your homework.
  14. Now you're just being too cute for your own good. I'm not mistaking beautiful women I've known for celebrity products. You got a problem with Taylor transcending both her beauty and the business of her beauty to become a proven humanitarian? No I'm not. Teenage angst is a mass of insecurities and doesn't define womanhood. Unless of course you think that high school boys showering in their underwear defines manhood.
  15. That's right. Beautiful women obsess about their looks all day in order to find a zit so they can experience solidarity with the plain and unfortunate.