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  1. I like the classic meaning of the word - note the boldened: "The act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner; that species of pride which consists in exorbitant claims of rank, dignity, estimation, or power, or which exalts the worth or importance of the person to an undue degree; proud contempt of others; lordliness; haughtiness; self-assumption; presumption." I'm cautious about using it as a general bash-word since I'd much rather address the claims being made rather than the manner or psyche of the person making 'em. General hubris usually speaks for itself when it can't back up its own claims. I don't mind damned as arrogant cos that's wot people do, but you're gonna have to prove "arrogant windbag".
  2. I was in the process of editing that - please note edit. Sorry for my brainfart. Either way, the old "walking like a duck" analogy doesn't quite hold up in the locker room does it? As you insist on telling transgendered people what they are, how would you deal with being told what you are? Oh no you didn't - damning some "constructionists" is just an ideological trope favored by most ideologues who wish to undercut the validity of transgenderism. Oh yes you are. Mismatch between body and mind is known as gender dysphoria - foolish of you to impose biological determinations on both body and mind. Again, go do some homework on what social construction is. As things stand now you're just coming up with empty political tropes about a topic you know nothing about. Call your demonstrated lack of credibility anything you like.
  3. Well there's a focus benchmark established, if nothing else.
  4. I hope this never happens to us.
  5. You've brought up two very important points here: 1. Evolution of the human brain is very much a factor which good social constructionist theory relies upon. 2. All behaviors have a cause. For brevity I'll quote Peter Killeen: "Comprehension of a phenomenon involves identifying its origin, structure, substrate, and function, and representing these factors in some formal system." The biological can indeed influence behavior e.g. brain chemistry may affect women during ovulation or make some men more aggressive but mood swings and aggression don't and can't be held to define or denote gender or sex. A person, for starters. What are you if your genitals get shot off in a drive-by? I'll bet you jump directly to objectivity-seeking social constructionism to answer that. The problem there is that you only have DNA and a lot of subjectivity to work with. What you don't know about social constructionism is a lot. What you don't know about transgenderism is much more than a lot. From Wiki: Social constructionism or the social construction of reality (also social concept) is a theory of knowledge in sociology and communication theory that examines the development of jointly constructed understandings of the world that form the basis for shared assumptions about reality. Now demonstate what conclusions exactly these bugaboo "constructionists" (who and which you consistently refuse to identify or define) are drawing. As it stands now, you're the constructionist constructing shit about constructionists and constructionism, while pointing fingers at some unknown dark force causing you butthurt. On the matter of your knowledge about gender/identity, your earlier edited cut-and-paste epic from a travel guide for India says it all about your credibility. Now there's a stupid debate opinion poll if ever I saw one. Are you are contributor? Clearly @Seablue is not confirming any bias for you - especially since your (attempted) conclusion makes no sense whatsoever. It's convoluted gibberish. Reasonable people acknowledge that a social construct around gender is best understood by knowing that constructionism is theory-based. A constructionist interprets. Your simplistic constructionist interpretation of some gender theory doesn't actually go to proving one way or another the right or wrong value of social construct as it relates to gender. You just don't know what you're talking about. You're the constructionist who's just getting it all wrong.
  6. Hmph. Just...hmph. Popper? The Paradox of Tolerance? "Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them." I'm skeptical of the view that tolerance supercedes everything else.
  7. That's right. The overarching purpose of tranny-trolling is to slam something, anything, "objective" on phenomena experienced by a sentient being, in order to invalidate it. It's broadly very much about imposing authority. And it doesn't have a lot to do with constructionism either.
  8. Oh here we go..."constructionism"...interpreted as a politicized butthurt whine about the invalidity of all things to do with social justice. That's not what I said. "Validity testing" of what? More's the pity you can't apply some "critical thinking" to the subject of social constructionism. Or even bother finding out what it is. Christ almighty what a load of bullshit. A quote lift from a handbook for Intercultural Communication in India, with an edit to remove the context!!!!!! Authors having no credentials beyond Communications! The problem is you're conflating everything, with a dogged bias of binary gender. No wonder you can't grasp basic concepts like transgenderism within gender fluidity. That would be predicated on first actually wanting to understand. Best to not make that assumption when somebody's quoting jazzed-up travel guides as legitimate scholarship on the topic of gender. "May" being the operative word in the first instance, with the proviso that attachment of either objective or subjective to a phenomena isn't actually appropriate to identity or personhood. It's not a "refined point" at all. It's about as coarse as it gets. Transgender and "wrong body" aren't even the same thing. Identity and behaviors are not the same things. I know you're itching to get into "identity politics" via the back door but it ain't happening.
  9. "Constructionists" (whatever the hell you mean by the term) could very well be reasonable people who aren't in the business of "accepting" (whatever the hell you mean by the term) what a child may claim about it's brain - they'd simply make the call that the child is experiencing some form of gender fluidity. btw - what exactly are you seeking here that couldn't be gleaned from this shitty exercise in tranny-trolling in the Sociology sub-forum? Since your other "expose" on constructionism as it applies to women isn't getting off the ground, are you looking at transgenderism to gain some traction in an effort to de-legitimize both by conflation?
  10. The fact that he doesn't comprehend the significant brakes being applied to the questioning component of a good education has probably caused him to be in intellectual Disneyland. Disney Princesses with sparkling mirrors come to believe all sorts of dumb things about themselves, and the world around them.
  11. If that's what you're selling then I'm buying...invoking the S-word swung the deal.
  12. Is that a "No...but yes", or a "Yes...but no" answer to the topic question?
  13. All behaviors are learned. That's the beginning and end of it I'm afraid. The fact that some thing is a learned behavior isn't any reason to project anything at all onto a baby. As for intersex people, many have suffered horrific mutilations at the hands of society in an attempt to "normalize" them - across their lives. Only a fool can or will be drawn into an identity debate when the sexual / reproductive behavior of animals is the jumping-off point. And your point is? My point re insisting that intersex be considered when evaluating what gender is is a simple and straightforward one: the existence of intersex is all the evidence needed to prove that a theory of binary gender via "science" is unacceptable as a social construct. You want to deal with reality? Deal with the reality of science being abused to perpetuate tranny-trolling. Or haven't you read the thread? In the sociology sub-forum of all places.
  14. A few things: 1. There are some concerning indications of clinical depression in your post. However I stress that online diagnoses from forums aren't reliable diagnoses, and must be viewed from that perspective. 2. While some INTJs experience alienation to some degree or another, many don't and choose to live their lives without believing they're "doomed" by their MBT typology. e.g. I was convinced I was hopeless with math until I was well into my 20s - a few sessions with a good tutor made it clear that I just hadn't been taught properly. But living a good life has nothing whatsoever about whether or not you're a math whiz - that's a silly idea. 3. If you're lonely, honestly admit you're lonely. Denying loneliness is worse than being lonely. 4. Some of us have savant-ish memory-storing capabilities: mine are ridiculous to most, but when I'm with like-minded music hobbyists or pros it's a very cool thing. At a party or on a date it's boring. Big deal. Your issues with short-term memory might be due to something else. 5. Get some medical / psychological help ASAP. Psychological pain can be treated. People regularly move on from it with help and treatment, and live significantly productive and worthwhile lives. Few are "coded" to be losers for a lifetime, so get on with living your good life a birthright - not a suffering to be endured, or snuffed out. Bon chance, bon courage...as they say.
  15. Good call rickster - you got it in one! **treats self to air punch**