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John F Kennedy

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    Originally from Europe; speaks three languages; scholar, artist, musician.
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    Humanities, music, art.
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  1. About "suck on my piss flaps": It's an order.
  2. And that's the problem.
  3. He doesn't convey it as a political decision, rather as wanting to positively change her mind; he also does't convey her as another person, but a close friend.
  4. "Thusly," - I like it!
  5. I can see you there, a Texan gal with a leather bag :)

  6. :surprised: aw I miss it, that looks awesome
  7. Wonderful. Looking forward to tweaking the settings on your measuring instruments.
  8. Hi, Elsa. I clicked on your post because it had a simple, friendly title. Would you like to do Good or Evil with mass media? I am translating a book on socialist realist discourse. Lots of mass there! JFK
  9. "The market"… chuckle… obviously you're not into love, how would you expect a relationship to survive despite differences?
  10. Yes! I was just thinking about you the other day, any time I talk about Montreal. How are you m'dear?

  11. You are among "my" people.

  12. Oops, current office work, well yes, I was wondering where you're getting the money to go clubbing as you described. Just make sure you keep your matter grey.