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    Gentleman. Career expat. Plotter.
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    Kids say the darnedest things, but so would you if you didn't have any education.
  1. Leaders are readers. They figure out where the herd is going and then get out in front. The only definition of a leader is that he/she has followers. Someone who tries to lead without followers is a nut.
  2. Awesome. Now people have plausible deniability for lying about their age on Tinder, rather than just wanting to appear more attractive.
  3. Hasn't twitter made this obsolete already? Hope their triangulation is really good.
  4. Nice avatar. I'm a little wary. I think a lot of westerners are not great relationship material for cultural reasons. The longer we spend out in the culture, the worse we become. A lot of women have been hurt by callous men and by a society that only gives a shit about them as some sort of object (and vice versa). It teaches bad habits. My heart, sometimes. My pants, rarely, but it happens. I'm cool with it. The heart has its reasons that reason knows not. I think lots of people are still children, emotionally. Older women tend to have more game, but that can come with ego and boundary issues, and not necessarily maturity. If I'm thinking of other women when I'm with her, its a sign that its time to go. I don't know you at all but your questions send up a red flag for me. A lot of women have boundary issues around male attraction and attention. Certain women want to reduce men to emotional objects that exist to fulfill their (impossible) desires. If you are genuinely curious about male desire, that's great. If you are poling to see if you should get plastic surgery or revamp your style or whatever to attract more male attention, I think you should rethink your interests. Finally, consider alternative relationship models. There will be a fit for you, and "the standard" is pretty hollowed out.
  5. I've been all over the world. For whatever reason, the Canadian/American border is particularly retarded. Loud, domineering security facing off against the some of the most law abiding people on earth. They must recruit from people who get job satisfaction from mall security and bouncerey. It used to be you didn't even need a passport to cross the border.
  6. Wolfram Alpha is entertaining but kind of useless. http://www.wolframalpha.com/
  7. I think people in their early to mid twenties are lacking in relationships skills and experience. They still have a lot of egotistical ideas around what they want and what they feel they deserve, which gets in the way of them actually having relationships with other people. I hate to break it to you, but you are not some precious little snow flake. That goes for everyone.
  8. Yeah, so I switched from JS to JQuery, and it is waaay better. I recommended JQuery first, JS second.
  9. This infographic is interesting. http://carlcheo.com/startcoding
  10. Interesting discussion. I picked up a copy of Javascript & JQuery by Duckett, which is great. Its a very visual, big picture guide to JS. Highly reccommended. Also, someone was showing off MEAN JS to me tonight. Holy shit. You can do a lot with that in some very short order. ---------- Post added 01-28-2015 at 02:15 AM ---------- I got other shit to do.
  11. Hey guys Thanks. I already know HTML and CSS. I'm adding JS because I want to work on applications. I figured I would start with JS and then move to a framework, but that might be an erroneous assumption.
  12. I'm thinking of web apps. I've heard AngularJS tossed around as the best bet, but I thought I would start with vanilla JS because its the basis for the MVCs. Maybe I don't need to after all. Thanks for the tips.
  13. Hi I've started learning Javascript through code academy and I am struggling a bit. I think it has to do with my learning style and my ability to work with details. I think I am a big picture, systems person, who needs a framework in which to put details, techniques and syntax. For example, when I want to learn a new language, I start by looking at the larger communication culture and the basic grammar structure (ie subject-object-adverb-verb). I found this to me more helpful than just diving in and thrashing around. For Javascript, what should I start with? The DOM and/or architecture? Can you recommend some JS resources that link the details to the larger context? Has anyone else had success learning in this sort of way? Thank you.
  14. I lived in China for 4.5 years. Solutions and tools will come and go. The GRW uses dynamic blocking that will drive you mad with its inconsistency. (That's part of the plan. They need to be unpredictable so you don't know what is OK and what isn't). Often times, I think they are just trying things out to see what works. I found that it got worse the longer I stayed. Good luck and enjoy the cavity searches. I hear they blocked Gmail, the barbarians.
  15. As usual, I haven't read anything between the OP and this point. Forgive me if I am repeating someone. I think the thing that the article is ignoring is that modern, first world life is pretty damn good. You can wait tables today and live like a king did 1000 years ago. You are warm, fed, entertained, safe, and can look forward to dying in your bed. Relationships, on the other hand, continue to be difficult. They take time, energy, sacrifice, compromise, and are uncertain. They involve being intimate and taking risks. If you want to have a relationship, not only do you have to deal with all of the above, you have to provide your partner with more value than being single in modern life, or they will leave you. (Additionally, lets face it, Anglo Americans don't have great relationship skills.) Why should anyone have a relationship in modern life? I still haven't seen a great answer to that question. Some people will talk about how men live longer, women feel better, the joy of family, etc, but those are all based on historical precedence. The hand wringing is kind of funny. People need to be out discovering relationships that work for the modern world.