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  1. s' is the standard plural possessive in English, so how can it be pretentious when used in that context?
  2. I'm familiar with the game, but I remember playing it as "Munchkin gaming." (Munchkin, by Steve Jackson Games, is a parody of the role-playing game genre). The idea behind "Munchkin gaming" is that the Dungeon Master/Gaming Master/referee/game designer, and not the opponents presented by the DM/GM/ref/designer, is who you want to defeat. Actually, the game scenario (your party of adventurers has to break out of the big city and stop Sephiroth from destroying the world with a summoned meteor) reminded me of Plan 9 from Outer Space. (Read: Worst. Movie. Ever.)
  3. I wonder: Is there such a thing as political rightness (i.e. political correctness from a conservative point of view, playing on two senses of right)?
  4. From Without Me by Eminem: This looks like a job for me So everybody just follow me We need a little controver-sy Cause it feels so empty without me. Clip courtesy of YouTube and user EminemVEVO; all rights remain reserved.
  5. For what my own words are worth, I wonder if the guy's attempts to deal with his fantasies through cheating or porn is even worse than honestly discussing his fantasies with the significant other--worse because it involves an eventual breach of the trust that both partners must have to make the relationship work no matter how vanilla the lovemaking may or may not be....
  6. You have a 0% chance of being bored out of your skull. ------------------------------ Phew! What a relief.
  7. You are 70% witty, you are Slick Witted. You have the knowledge and humor, but can't seem to connect the two. To think deeply is to feel deeply, so humor stemming from the brain provides a more gut-wrenching laugh.
  8. Caffeine, of course. "Squad 51, this is Rampart. Start an IV, D5W TKO [=To Keep Open]. Administer 500 mg of caffeine IV."--With apologies to Emergency!
  9. "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good; And what does the Lord require of thee but to do justice, and love kindness [show chesed ], and walk humbly with thy God?"--Micah 6:8
  10. Cold Fury Your anger is cold, heartless- ice in the middle of July. Those who invoke your wrath had better watch out; you won't be stammering or teary eyed when you calmly, coolly, and easily stare them down with a sharp frown and deliver psychological blows to the likes of which they've never before experienced.
  11. My translations, with remarks: clusterf*ck=fiasco, disaster ad hoc (relatively formal)=as actual jerry-rigged (also jury-rigged)=improvised (assembly) extemporaneous (formal)=off-the-cuff, unprepared (as a talk) slapdash=jerry-rigged, hastily assembled tally-ho!=target in sight! (originally from fox-hunting, became more general during the Battle of Britain) bougie (is that the right spelling?)=move it! hurry! (from an up-tempo dance.)
  12. A negative.
  13. *sigh* What-ev-er. For a moment I thought it was about some scandal related to the gaming world, by analogy to Watergate. (shows how old I am.)
  14. Indeed. My best friend have asperger syndrome and is ISTJ.

  15. Each year--partly for my mom's sake, partly for the price [free :)]