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  1. I got the Oculus when it first became available. It was a bunch of fun for about a month. Now I don't play with it as much and it is more a toy for when people come over. The main problem with them is you can only play for about an hour (sometimes less) before the nausea sets in and you have to take a several hour break from it. Some games are worse than others but FPS games I would imagine are pretty nausea inducing. From what I understand the Vive has better nausea countermeasures though. I don't think you can really go wrong with either but it does seem the wow factor wears off fairly quick with them.
  2. Haven't seen you in a while... How are you?

  3. ha! Stick around

  4. Hey, I do post once in awhile :p I've been in a mood the past couple weeks, Ill go back to the shadows here soon :D

  5. Huzzah ! No more lurking !

  6. I don't get that same connection that some seem to get on forums. They still feel too public to me. I'm more of a one on one person. Otherwise in a group I just like to listen. So most of my posts end up being snark on the politics or religion board because someone irritated me :p I read through member blogs and a bunch of different topics because I find them interesting. There are a lot of people I like on this forum who don't even know who I am. I guess there is already so much input I don't really feel the need to chime in most of the time.
  7. you are remarkable.

  8. i dont' want to pollute the results by posting in the thread proper... but basically im working from the predicate that respect is a necessary and fundamental component of tolerance and mutually acceptable compromise and inclusivity.

    my theory is that those who require others to live up to a pre-determined standard prior to granting them respect, are less tolerant of dissenting views and less capable of mutually acceptable compromise, because dissenting views would ergo be unworthy of respect in the first place, due to not meeting said pre-determined standards.

    the first position presupposes a set of standards that must be abided by in order to garner respect... this is indicative of a worldview that is less tolerant of "new" concepts and ideas.

    the second question places no such set of standards until after respect has been granted... this is indicative of a worldview that is willing to listen to "new" concepts and ideas before rejecting them out-of-hand.

  9. If the tenants have their own internet line that shouldn't do anything to yours. But with your devices 1 mbps down could easily get chewed up if someone is downloading something or streaming something when you are trying to test speeds. I was sharing a 3 meg down line with 1 other computer user and it was painful at times. With 9 devices I can imagine yours crawls during heavy use.
  10. There are several variants of it. System restore doesn't work to my knowledge as it doesn't restore your private files just system files. I think with a few of the variants they have figured out the decryption keys but I'm guessing that the variant that anyone is getting probably won't be the ones they've figured out. If you don't have backups you are semi screwed. There may be some versions where you are fully screwed. I know with many of them, what they do is, they make copies of your documents and then they encrypt the copies and delete the originals. This means if you can get software that undeletes deleted files you can still recover your originals. Malwarebytes will remove the virus but it won't restore any files that got encrypted. The crypto ones are just pretty nasty in general.
  11. Clicker Heroes If you like getting on a treadmill and never getting off this is a good one.
  12. Funny, I thought this was a Ray9 thread before I realized it was someone else.

  13. Good stuff. Most of the string metalish stuff I've heard is mostly covers of other songs, good to see some original stuff. The string instruments really add a sound that is superb. Plus I like watching them play like they are going into full blown seizures. :p Lucia Micarelli & Jethro Tull - Kashmir Cover 2CELLOS - Thunderstruck
  14. Your comment made my day. ty :nice: