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  1. Sam's. I buy tons of stuff from them. It's not about the discount as much as it is the bulk, as I usually buy stuff for my businesses. Things for my body shop like paper products, microfiber packs, sandpaper, etc. It's nice to get a few big boxes of stuff that lasts weeks, if not months rather than always having to send someone on a re-supply mission to other local warehouse distributors or constantly ordering from online sources.
  2. Despite a major illness, two weeks of vacation and eating way outside my training diet, I'm down to 163. Approx. 13~15-lbs. to go until I should hit sub-10% body fat. Next vacation is August, we're going to a summer resort in Long Island for a week... and it's going to be lots of pool parties and BBQ's. Gonna have to have some abs showing by then. 199 days to go 'til we fly out...
  3. Giving guitar lessons.
  4. I despise P/A behavior. I feel like I spend half my day calling out everyone from my employees to my wife on it. ANNOYING. It's not an INTJ thing, IMO. Any personality type is capable.
  5. What the hell happened to all the car people here? I decided I was spending too much time at a desk, so I have been down at the body shop working with my crew. Since the current project is my car, I thought I should pitch in. I've learned how to weld (I'm still shitty, but I can do it now!) and how to work the metal with a hammer / dolly. Pictures of the ol' Beast's progress... First... here's how much bondo we removed from the 1990's "restoration" work. It was about 3/8ths of an inch thick in many places. And it was all.over.the.whole.damn.car. We blasted as much as we could off with dustless blasting (glass media), but we didn't want to warp the open sheet metal areas. We went through a fortune in sanding discs. We did some calculations on a napkin... I estimated there was around 500-lbs. of bondo applied to the car. It was nuts to grind all that off. The doors look great. They need minimal hammering. The panel behind the driver door didn't fare as well. And the pic below is better than it was when I started. That's the spot where I've been learning to hammer/dolly metal. Good for the fitness, hard on the joints. I working my way right-to-left, maybe you can spot the progress. This car has huge slabs of metal on the sides, so they have to be nice and flat before it gets a skim coat of new bondo to smooth it all out. Otherwise it'd look horrible and wavy when it gets painted again. Can't have that. The convertible deck is pretty much hammered as flat as we're going to get it. That's 45 years of people leaning on that panel when the top was down. The camera was picking up all the metal scratches gleaming under the shop lights, it's flatter than the picture makes it look. Sooo... that's what I've been up to. Among other things. One month until California and the Vai Academy.
  6. I had made it down to 159, but Thanksgiving and my birthday messed that up. I bloated to 166 last week, back down to 161.5 as of today. Chest/tri workout tonight. Going "off the wagon" is fun, but I like the routine of diet and training better. Eating rich food I'm not used to destroys me (the next day) any more.
  7. I got a bottle of Sinatra Select for my birthday. Good stuff.
  8. I have a Surface Pro 3, it's lasted 2.5 years now. I'm pretty careful with my equipment. It plays games great (I have the i7 version) and has just about replaced my laptop for work. It streams fine, I have DirecTV and Amazon Prime... I do it all the time. I love the ability to actually "write" handwritten notes and ideas in OneNote - I use that feature constantly. Drawback would be cost... it was around $1,300 with keyboard and a sturdy case. It only has one USB port and one microSD slot, but that's not much of a problem (I bought a small 4-port USB hub). And there are a lot of apps for Android and iPad that aren't available for Win10Pro. But it's a full PC, a tablet, a gaming PC, etc. When this one dies, I'll get another one.
  9. Latest addition to my guitar collection. And Final Fantasy XV. Having a blast playing it... I've played every single FF game since the first one.
  10. The usual giant Thermos of coffee. Almost time for a refill.
  11. Nah. Too cold. And American bacon is better.
  12. There's no such thing as "basic" engineering skill. If we make a mistake in our designs, lives can be lost. Making the transition from engineering school graduate - going from academia to creating a professional product in a professional setting for a paying client is not easy. It requires help and guidance. Engineers are required to apprentice for four years before getting our own license, and part of that process is to receive oversight and guidance from other licensed engineers. If they're not willing to share that knowledge with a younger engineer, that person is wasting his/her time working there... and that's valuable time that could be spent working with engineers who WILL help get a fledgling engineer ready for that licensing exam. In my case, the engineering manager in question simply handed me a set of 1000+ page design manuals and left me to figure it out on my own. As you might imagine, it didn't go well.
  13. I vape, but... I wouldn't do "my kind" of vaping in public even if it were legal.
  14. My life is neither small nor does my day begin with feet hitting the floor to deal with "minutiae or rushing around". I haven't used an alarm clock since 2009 and I don't fear workday mornings like the average worker bee does. The only thing I need to connect to in the morning is my coffee pot.