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  1. There's nothing metaphysical (or even particularly unique) about it, either you've got chemistry and you're willing to own it, or you don't. I suppose a few of the women I've dated have been into the whole "soul mate" thing, but if there's a correlation, I haven't seen it.
  2. Some people want to make their relationship a transaction. They effectively want to "purchase" or be purchased (or otherwise barter themselves in some manner), because they figure they somehow intrinsically have more "value" than another human being, that they're some sort of "objectively superior" human. Personally I think that's a gigantic steaming load of horse shit, so the only "thing" you should be bringing to a relationship with me is you, and the only "thing" you should expect to get in return, is to be with me. The way I see it, you can either own your entirely subjective desire to be with me, and be with me for the sake of being with me, or you can find someone who wants to purchase / be purchased and make a transaction. Unfortunately for me, most people seem to prefer the latter, which I suppose does make me something of a freak, but I wouldn't want to be with anyone who wasn't the same kind of freak anyway, so it kinda works itself out in the end. I suppose I could rage over it if I wanted to, but so long as the normal people are happy with their arrangement and they don't try to force it on me, I figure it's their own business.
  3. Hmm... I must have just over estimated the significance employers place on makeup. I mean, I know that INTJs will avoid social pretense where ever possible, but they also seem to be among the first to bite the bullet and do what needs to be done even if they don't much like it, so if you all say it's not really a necessity, it must really not be a necessity. Perhaps working at a temp agency (technically it's an "IT contracting firm" but a temp is a temp when you get right down to it) has skewed my impression of what constitutes "professional" appearance. The women I work with aren't required to dress in traditional "female attire" or do their nails the way a stewardess might be, but they do all seem to be big on always wearing makeup to work, despite the fact that they're techs and it really shouldn't have any major impact on their job performance. These temp agencies do seem kind of anal about appearance now that I think about it, I've gotten some pretty serious warings over shit like coming to work with the wrong number of buttons unbuttoned, or not tucking my shirt in properly.
  4. I'm not asking if it's literally required (although that would count too) so much, as whether or not a lack of makeup would be perceived as "unprofessional". By "unprofessional" I mean it could potentially be something that people would "legitimately" cite as a reason for termination. For instance, I'm a guy (so I wouldn't wear makeup to a job anyway... actually they'd probably fire me if I did for that matter) but at most of the jobs I've worked, if I showed up wearing a T shirt and jeans I would have been told that my appearance was unprofessional and if I continued to do so, I would likely be let go. Is this more or less how you would be perceived at work if you showed up without makeup?
  5. Division into groups is by definition arbitrary. It cannot be objective, and finding any such arbitration meaningful is an entirely subjective evaluation. That said, right now the division I find most meaningful, would be the division between the rich and the poor.
  6. Thanks for your encouraging words

  7. That is what it really comes down to, isn't it. I mean, what you're doing, has to really be what you want to be doing. If there's two things that ISFPs really do well, it's adaptability and personal integrity. As paradoxical as that may seem, y'all always do find a way to make it work. ISFPs have always seemed to me like the sort that was willing (and able) to compromise on everything but the dream itself. From my perspective, the carts seem like something that would play to an ISFP's strengths, and perhaps something along similar lines would work with your vision, but obviously you are the only one who can make that particular call. I wouldn't counsel you to compromise the artistic integrity of your vision even if I could; quite frankly, (if my experience with ISFPs to date is any indication) nothing could be more toxic than the feeling that you had betrayed yourself.
  8. I'm thinking something like the mobile-coffee-shop carts that you see at the airport or the mall. They don't have 4 walls, but I've seen some setups that are pretty swank, and you could always set up a little wrought iron fence and tables like an open-air café. I mean, I get what you're saying, you're not going for the sophisticated Paris street café vibe, so much as something more along these lines... ... but you could start with something like this... or something like this ... Then customize it to look the way you want. It may take more than one mobile structure to get the "experience" you're looking for, but as long as you can create that same feeling, do you really need walls? Not to mention that it would allow you go where the business is, rather than throwing all your eggs in one basket and hoping that people will come to you. With a fixed space, if the numbers don't work out in your first location, you're completely hosed. With something that can move (or be put in storage if things get bad) at least you haven't lost everything.
  9. Does it HAVE to literally be a shop? Why not something more like a cart that sells candy and espresso? Start with one cart and yourself as the sole employee, then add carts as business allows.
  10. What do you call it when YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE is the polar opposite of flow? I've got that shit down like a bauce.
  11. Ok in all seriousness, are you for-real, honestly, not getting my posts, or is this some sort of best-defense-is-a-good-offense, pin your own weak points on your opponent before they can pin them on you, tactical maneuver? There is really no shame in misinterpreting my posts if English is your second language or something. I couldn't carry on a dialogue like this in any language other than English to save my life, I wouldn't hold something like that against you; if you seriously aren't following my meaning, all you have to do is ask me to clarify. I had already posted comments making it clear that I know how catalytic converters work though, and plainly stated that I was talking about fuel cells / infrastructure / energy storage, if memory serves, you had raised the topic of ethanol as an energy storage medium yourself for that matter (not to mention the fact that it's in the original post). This stuff is all right there for people to read, you've quoted it yourself. I mean, shit, this is INTJ forum, if you think basic ad-hominem tactics aren't super transparent to these people you're just plain wrong, and they've got conveniently accessible evidence to boot. I'm sorry, but my confidence in this situation is not a question of arrogance, it's a question of simple fact. How much substantive disagreement do we really even have here? I don't know what you're trying to cover for with this whole "you're an evil non-technical meany-pants" thing but what ever it is, there really is no need to bother. Just go back and take issue with what ever you can find meaningfull reason to take issue with, and the discussion will move on; INTJf is funny that way.
  12. If you didn't understand my initial post you probably should have just asked what I meant, before quoting it for refutation. And yes, we are talking about direct ethanol fuel cells; in fact we're talking about the entire infrastructure surrounding ethanol, or at the very least that's what we're doing if this discussion is even remotely relevant to the viability of ethanol as an effective medium for energy storage.
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct-ethanol_fuel_cell Read the little blurb about "issues". Your analogy may hold as a purely abstract example of noble metal driven catalysis, but no, building a catalytic converter is not the same thing as building a fuel cell. Not to mention that "we're already using it in other places" is probably not an argument you want to make in defense of a manufacturing process that's highly dependent on a scarce resource. People are working on a way around using platinum, but the shit's not cheap, and it's not going to get any cheaper, any time soon.
  14. Ok, in all seriousness, If you've got a shitload of conveniently available CO2, and a shitload of electricity, and you can find a cheap way to mass produce lightweight ethanol fuel cells that operate at less than a bajillion degrees centigrade (which requires platinum if memory serves, so good luck with that), it maybe starts to look like a better energy storage medium than current battery technology (at least where specific energy density is a major concern). The way these sensationalist articles are making it sound though, you'd think somebody is going to smack some magical widget on your tailpipe that feeds ethanol back into your gas tank. So sure, it's kind of a cool development in those places where we're already using ethanol anyway, but let's not forget that photosynthesis is the reason we use corn right now. The power required to create ethanol, has to come from somewhere.
  15. Pay no attention to this suspicious-looking mathematical canine and his high highfalutin fancypants naysayery. It's free energy for everyone! ....within an order of magnitude or two...