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    The journey is the reward.
  1. Haha - sorry 'bout the coffee!

  2. Very nice. Worth almost choking to death on my coffee.

  3. Death. Apparently it is a terminal condition I was born with and no one is certain how long I have, in fact, people are shocked and possibly dismayed that I am still around... Aside from that, life long severe allergy and sinus problems and all the assorted complications that hop along for the ride with that. Hernia operation, many decades later still have the scar from that. Broken nose from fighting with people, hurt alot and well, allergy/sinus added even more fun to that. Routine damage incurred from living and assorted stupidity.
  4. Perhaps by design, we have few natural enemies on the planet...aside from ourselves.
  5. It is certain a step worth trying, I know I try to do my part in this effort.

  6. INTJ: I've uncovered all the inconsistencies with the rules and therefore consider them void. Cute but seems off to me, as I tend to concern myself with the intent of a rule and how it applies to a situation. To me rules are not set in stone, they are intended to be a guideline..a mental speed bump if you will, to take extra care to ensure something is well considered and to be prepared for consequences. So... INTJ: "The rule sucks, did not apply or I went against it for reasons..."
  7. Outlaws - Green Grass and High Tides
  8. There is a dichotomy in action. Many expect accommodation for their differences, be it be from a perceive handicap or condition or whatever. This sets up a constant low tension through our modern society that occasionally flair up into outbursts in how we treat each other. There are also defined social and mental disorders. Do people take the time to think when suffering a persevered verbal insult that the person in question may have one of these social or mental issues? Chances are, no..they simply react assuming the person is an ass. There are many factors to people's behavior, which is open to criticism since it is public and people feel one has agency over it, which ironically is much like the views of the original topic... Again, best practice seems to be handling issues as they come, case by case and reasonably with the individuals involved. Talking about it in general in hopes to cause some global change is simply pissing in the wind...
  9. I really do not have much reaction either way, though see no harm in it. Seems their mission statement is as such: "Science Cheerleader exists to remind you that they might and to encourage girls to pursue interests in science, technology, engineering and math (or STEM) fields without feeling like they need to sacrifice other roles – like cheerleading – that might not be conventionally paired with them." Seems fair enough to me.
  10. I use scrap paper of no longer needed print outs to keep on hand to take quick notes. Not certain it adds to productivity as more a throw back habit to times where a technological equivalent was not available, plus having a pen or pencil gives me something to fidget with as I think. I also keep a straight edge, either ruler or paper, around to help make line reading easier either in print or on monitor.
  11. A nice live performance: Answers My favorite version of this song: Wanderer of Time Some less known stuff, this one is from Crusader No Regret yes, this composer did the Homeworld music as well ..and a couple form Thunderscape, decent game with the distinction of being one of the first to have an inspired and fully original game score:
  12. Not poking to poke, just was curious and don't mind if I get stung in the process

  13. Not to mention the idea of the simplest soultion is often the best, when it does not work, time to get more complicated....

  14. Like poking the hornet's nest today?

  15. Perhaps we can all agree that a person generally has a fair amount of agency over his or her physique? That is the context most common opinion is drawn from. If you want others to be considerate of you, you need to extend the same and take the time to understand and acknowledge their opinions and feelings, not simply dismissing them, even if you do not agree with them. If you want genuine change in how you are treated, then you have reasonable confrontations and discussions with the individuals involved and be willing to reciprocate. I get some may not be comfortable doing as such, but can you really think of anything else that will work?