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  1. The catch with banks and financial institutions overall is they are directly involved with something that is sensitive to many people, their money. When shit happens to peoples' money, things can get ugly, fast. Is it a "bad culture" overall, no. People have a habit of taking a negative individual experience and equating that to broader scope. I had a bad burger at this eatery, so all of them suck.
  2. Haha - sorry 'bout the coffee!

  3. Very nice. Worth almost choking to death on my coffee.

  4. Death. Apparently it is a terminal condition I was born with and no one is certain how long I have, in fact, people are shocked and possibly dismayed that I am still around... Aside from that, life long severe allergy and sinus problems and all the assorted complications that hop along for the ride with that. Hernia operation, many decades later still have the scar from that. Broken nose from fighting with people, hurt alot and well, allergy/sinus added even more fun to that. Routine damage incurred from living and assorted stupidity.
  5. So are you saying you have no sympathy?! My god man! Teasing aside, I agree with your viewpoint and while I can appreciate long standing series of circumstances that may have contributed to certain employees being disgruntled, those cannot be used as an excuse for these types of actions and certainly not all of these employees were disgruntled. I have said this repeatedly for decades, where there is money involved, people will do stupid shit. So, shame on the institution for not catching and stopping this unacceptable behavior, but the real shame goes to those perpetrating it. Aside from greed that has been humanity since forever, another contributing factor is the many products and services that can be acquired remotely, back in the day one had to physically go someplace, cash (check) in hand. Now most of that is accomplished with a phone conversation or on the internet, with credit. So human nature and technological convenience occasionally bite us in the ass...
  6. No, I am saying a sense of entitlement for some already exists as much as those not holding themselves accountable for their own actions. It is why we already have core abuses to government institutional programs like social security disability and welfare. Again we don't hear much about those that use these programs as intended, we get the shit stories instead, and when those shit stories come out many jump over the government for allowing such abuses, yay. It seems your belief is the establishment will fix the people, where I more of the mindset people need to fix themselves and there will be less need for establishment and what is in place would just work as intended.
  7. Perhaps by design, we have few natural enemies on the planet...aside from ourselves.
  8. Cannot say any of that would hurt, only there would be disagreement in view, also some have an odd sense of...entitlement. We are entitled to a chance, but nothing more. This idea has overtures that people are not holding themselves accountable and possibly blaming outside forces for their situation and possible suspect actions, not a direction I am comfortable with. I get that none of us are perfect and we all have those "I fucked up" moments, as long as those fuck ups are not monumental, they are not a real issue. The real issue is when it all becomes a recurring pattern.
  9. It is certain a step worth trying, I know I try to do my part in this effort.

  10. I think is apparent in my rambling that I am not content to view this situation as shallow and simple. I am more of the mindset this is our problem as a people and not simply "their" problem. If a rule or regulation is the only thing keeping a person (or institution) in check, then we have an inherent problem, as it will invariably fail in time. I do not really have much in the way of a solution, but I feel just throwing more laws at a problem does not do much in dealing with the root causes.
  11. Never said it was, only all systems will have ways for the corruption to slip in. We never hear the daily stories of people just getting the job done, only the shitty highlights. It is an odd world we live in where we might want to think the best of the people we interact with, but, also have to be mindful (and vigilant) of the worst. So I do not see this as a story of the evils of a particular bank, rather a story that mirrors who we are as people in our society.
  12. I can relate to feeling treated in such a manner, but seems a poor excuse to do something criminal. I am certain several may have felt this was a "victim less crime" and are now facing the real possibility of being held accountable under Federal law.
  13. Usually written by lawyers that perpetuate their value by playing both sides by helping create regulations and defending against legal action of the same, ironically a self policing group. I am not overly shocked at the news of people being corrupt, but I am curious about the individuals and their efforts to bring this particular case to light.
  14. So it goes back to people being susceptible to greed and the systems (and massive overhead) needed to police ourselves.
  15. Yes, as we have both said now, but what is provided meets Federal Compliance standards. Many of these reports can be all encompassing and rather cumbersome, for instance there is a change log generated for any change in an account by any teller (system, back office, front office or any other channel), banks will make custom reports for their specific needs, though the base report does meet Federal requirements. At the end of the day, data is only useful if it is properly reviewed and acted upon.