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  1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=yourapp.sunultimate.callrecorder_en&hl=en Is what I use and does what you ask.
  2. I did feel a strong emotional connection reading the escapades of Lisbeth Salander. It passed after I realised and noticed how daft it was. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo spoilers: Never experienced anything like that before. I'm usually quite detached; however once when watching the film Gone in 60 Seconds alone I found myself on the edge of my seat saying out loud 'go on!' to Nicholas Cage when he's about to drive a car off a ramp or something near the end.
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm definitely going to consider the suggestion of getting a proper job and using that to buy off the debt. Then, see if I can run a business.
  4. I seek advice of fellow INTJs. I've grown up on my parents farm, a small 60 acre dairy farm in England. I've never been involved in any of the running of the farm, and I realise that perhaps I should've done. I've recently graduated from university with a good ol' physics BSc and I've been giving thought to what I want to do. I went to university with no thought to job prospects but my own learning, and I do not regret this. Though I think I am ignoring what's available to me on a silver platter... I'm due to head off around the world backpacking soon, but when I get back I'll need to start work. So I'm here thinking what wonderful companies will let me work in their dingy offices, when it strikes me a common sentiment amongst professionals is that they'd like to pack it all in and live on a farm, yet here I am living on a farm and working towards working in an office! I must be nuts! It never crossed my mind to take over the business from my parents - my brother hasn't expressed much interest either. I have a lot of technical skills and knowledge, but very little 'working man' knowledge. I still don't even know how to drive the tractors But it is a risky proposition. The farm is to the tune of £150,000 in debt, costing £1000/month in interest alone. I'd become a prisoner to the farm. No days off. Ever. Rise at (or before) dawn every morning. Then there's also the appeal of answering to no one (except stupid Defra dairy inspectors), living the simple life, etc... In the economy and the way farmers are being treated here (basically supermarkets and suppliers are colluding to squeeze farmers to the barest margins) the farm is not doing too well, but it is breaking even as far as I know. Though maybe my INTJ superpowers could push the business back to turning good profits, especially with regards to diversifying the business, moving into exotic meats (ostrich, kangaroo etc) perhaps. Thoughts?
  5. I find altered states of conscious very interesting. Living in my own head means that mind altering substances are like a trip (pardon the pun) to a theme park. Psilocybin is great, and I had an enjoyable time, but I was aware that it was a false state of being - I was laughing relentlessly, but for no reason. Salvia was especially fascinating. I found it to be pure existence, absent of any thought. Almost like being dead, quite a profound experience. Food for introspection. Alcohol I find to be the most boring of intoxicants :( Yet that is what is socially acceptable.
  6. I've been reading this site: succeedsocially.com (no link, I need >2 posts apparently) Sort of a very light hearted shove in the right direction for people who lack social motivation. I'll be honest, I am a bit of a wet flower. I have a good small group of friends and a great girlfriend. But a lot of the stuff on that site rings true for myself. I am a loner (but not lonely). I don't enjoy socialising much. I detest 'loud' things... a noisy party or nightclub is a personal hell, but a nice quiet pub is great. Except if I'm out to see live music/concert where it's the whole point. The author of that site reckons you just need to get out of the rut and make the effort, and that any beliefs you have about yourself and other people are simple mental defences against your own ineptness. Indeed, he says he gradually overcame them and is much more of a people person. So I wonder, is this true of myself? Maybe the site is not really applicable to the INTJ, being 1% of the population. Could I change, with effort? I suppose that would mean I'd fall under a different MBTI type... Though I've a feeling I've always been this way. I remember my teacher saying to the class when I was very young that I was better than most at controlling my emotions. I live in my own head like most here. If it is nurture, could something like CBT 'cure' the INTJ of their perceived deficiencies? Although I'm sure most here would argue they are not deficiencies at all. But despite your opinion, INTJ's are atypical AND don't fit in with the rest of the herd so to speak. Though I have an ENFP friend who seems to find me and my mind fascinating. (Oh and I'm new here. Hi.)