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  1. I thought feminists believed in giving women the same freedoms enjoyed by men? When "internalized misogyny" cause people to accept oppression as the norm, aren't you suppose to call it out and fight against it? Then why does aggressive Muslims get a free misogyny pass from mainstream feminists? Or are Muslim women actually worth only 1/2 as much as men, so no social justice intervention is required? ---------- Post added 09-11-2016 at 09:36 PM ---------- No. Radical Muslims use internalized oppression and even physical violence to impose their dress code on their women. The law balance things out, by forbidding conformance to their oppressive demands. That's a small step in stemming the spread of Islamic oppression into French secular society.
  2. Are you saying that facts which contradict the prevailing narrative ought to be suppressed in institutions of higher learning?
  3. What if someone said "Whites are intellectually superior to most other races"? Does that sort of discussion have a place?
  4. According to SJWs, all women are to be believed whenever they make allegations of sex abuse.
  5. Yes, expressing hatred blacks or gays or white supremacists are devoid of intellectual content, but should their expression be punished?
  6. Isn't Hillary supposedly having sex with Ant Weiner's wife? Maybe BJ can join. As Obama would say, "Yes we can!"
  7. I totally support them trying to slow down the replacement of their secular culture by Islam. But it might be too little, too late. They should not have allowed the influx of so many aggressive, low IQ immigrants who had no chance in hell of achieving equality of outcome in their world.
  8. Agreed. My only concern is with intellectually void, coercive speech which are calls for violence from unstable zealots. ---------- Post added 09-01-2016 at 08:33 PM ---------- Neither are gays, or Jews, but they are an identifiable group.
  9. Why should that be banned? If it has no merit, it will become discredited through intellectual challenge. How is it any different from "white supremacists are the scum of the earth"
  10. These are not like the Italians, the Vietnamese or the profession Muslims of days past. The average IQ of Muslim countries like Syria is around 83. The aggressive refugee men coming in, are likely on the lower end of that range. They will not be able to achieve equality with the locals. They will live in poverty and become the ideal targets for radical clerics looking for expendable fighters with nothing to lose. As Europe is finding out, it takes a very small number to cause big problems. Secular Liberal Europe with their negligible birth rate will be no more in a few decades.
  11. No point of view, no matter how abhorrent, should be prevented from being aired. Rational discourse is the proper way to kill bad ideas. The only exception is speech of no intellectual value, aimed at inciting illegal violence.
  12. You are clearly bothered by his apparent sense of entitlement, as you should be. He has no right to impose his impulsive ways on you. If you believe in efficient living, then he need to respect your choice. Just because you can leech off your parents, does not mean that you want to. If you cannot communicate honestly with each other without him being offended, then he is not a real friend.
  13. Neither. I grace them with insightful advice such as "Go get a job, you bum".
  14. Human sacrifice? Hardly. Where's the bloodthirsty alien that abortionists are trying to bribe in order to get free stuff?
  15. Microsoft murdered Tay.