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  1. You are clearly bothered by his apparent sense of entitlement, as you should be. He has no right to impose his impulsive ways on you. If you believe in efficient living, then he need to respect your choice. Just because you can leech off your parents, does not mean that you want to. If you cannot communicate honestly with each other without him being offended, then he is not a real friend.
  2. Neither. I grace them with insightful advice such as "Go get a job, you bum".
  3. Human sacrifice? Hardly. Where's the bloodthirsty alien that abortionists are trying to bribe in order to get free stuff?
  4. Microsoft murdered Tay.
  5. The guy was an outspoken SJW who advocated the "listen and believe" nonsense pushed by feminists. I'm sure the pervert was guilty. He deserved to be convicted, but I am glad he was not, for 2 reasons. 1. It pisses off the obnoxious feminists who has been coddled for too long. 2. Court rulings ought to be determined by evidence rather than political appeasement.
  6. Only if you expect them to harp about Rape culture, the Patriarchy and Trigger warnings. That's too far fetch even for them. But they observe all rules of political correctness. They usually present the feminist narrative as though they were fact. I find it necessary to frequent conservative sources in order to get a view from the other side.
  7. Professional victims. Wealthy panhandlers.
  8. I think she has serious mental health issues which negates her advantages. And on top of that, her fiance is also Looney. =)
  9. The best way to solve interpersonal problems to talk to her and try to reach a compromise first. Kicking her out might be expedient, but it is not the proper way to handle things. There will come a time when quick fixes are not available. Learn how to resolve conflicts amicably.
  10. Of what relevance is the gender of the messenger? A perspective either has merit, or it does not. Feminism is now a minority view. But challenging the dogma isn't really allowed in the mainstream media and political circles. Conformity is enforced through populist attacks. Nonconformists are silenced by being labeled as anti-women, or as the religious conservatives. The web circumvents most of this power.
  11. Not better dead than red.
  12. Technically, a feminist is simply someone who advocates for women. But such a definition fails to capture the reality of what the formerly just movement has decomposed into. Now it is no more than a toxic cult that works to impose ridiculous beliefs on society using social and political pressure rather than rational discourse. It attracts a lot of angry losers who would quickly cannibalize each other if they did not have a common, fictitious enemy to direct their hatred toward.
  13. A feminist is someone who dogmatically takes the woman's side, with no regards to the fairness of the position. At one point in time, this was fine because women were actually disadvantaged and needed a strong voice. Today, feminism provides a platform for toxic women and men to hang out and blame men for their failures.