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  1. Should I trust the promise that was made last year?
  2. It sounds like your problem is that you're measuring yourself against impossible standards. Your standard shouldn't be, "I will never be as good as Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, and [insert other famous basketball player], I wish I was them instead of me! Fuck!" That way lies madness, and you can take that road with literally everything and anything. No matter how gifted you are in anything, there is a good chance that someone, somewhere is better at it than you are, and that someone else is worse at it. Better to focus on getting as good as you can rather than trying to be better than everyone/anyone else.
  3. God damn it, Chad. Quit stealing all the hos. Wait, this is the right thread for that comment, right?
  4. Yep.
  5. Glad you enjoy my favorite inspirational quote. :)

  6. See, this is why I like intj forum better than other forums. With other forums, someone will post one of the biggest dumbshit things I've ever seen and be met with feel good nonsense like, "You're entitled to your opinion," at one extreme and, "You deserve to die horribly," at the other extreme. But here, I see a dumbshit post like the OP followed by people wittily mocking it, telling the OP their premise is flawed and stupid, or jumping on the bandwagon to get mocked and corrected, too. It's almost refreshing. Oh, and OP, your premise is flawed and banning the word liquor because you turned it into "lick her" is dumbshit logic. If someone is inebriated enough that the word "liquor" turns them into a rape machine, then they should not have inebriated themselves to that point. Personal responsibility.
  7. So what problems does your plan need to be able to overcome? Because it seems like you might be at the point where just ripping the sweater off and letting your boobs flop for the audience and accepting that that is a thing that happened might be better than dying of heat stroke while trying to 'make a plan'. You can't make a plan by stressing over the feelings. You make a plan by identifying the challenges that need to be overcome, and then asking yourself, "What are ALL of my options? What are ALL of the things, right or wrong, that I can do?" You don't need to focus on the solution at this point, only on weighing your options and getting an idea of what happens after each one. Eventually you'll have an idea of which one probably has the best result, and then you ask yourself, "What are the challenges I have to overcome, if I take that action? Furthermore, what actions are available to me after that one?" It's either plan it out meticulously like that, or just rip off your shirt and endure the embarrassment.
  8. I haven't had this experience with pets since I was a very small child. But the magical thinking reminded me of when my dad died. He wasted away from cancer and literally one week before he died I told him that if he was in as much pain and suffering as he told me he was, it might be better if he didn't hold on for my sake (I was still underage and he was a single parent, so he had this idea that it was his duty to survive until I was 18). I remember struggling with the idea that I had 'asked' for his death before coming to accept that I was just being rational about it. People and pets die, it sucks and can be devastating, and feeling like you invited it to happen sucks a lot, too. Probably the best advice I have is accept that your cats lived as full and happy a life as you could give them, that they were loved, and that you were able to be with them for their full lives. The fact that you rationally thought it might be better for them to die with you than without you and be saved the pain of a separation doesn't mean you killed them or wished for their deaths, it simply means that you loved them and had compassion for them. Death sucks, but your compassion isn't its source. Obviously you know all that, but maybe hearing it from an outsider will help.
  9. Yes, I do. I think most people do, though not everyone's good at it.
  10. This can be modified into one of my favorite slogans or quotes. Everything happens for a reason; sometimes that reason is you're stupid and you made poor decisions.
  11. I used to feel that way. Still do have those moods sometimes. It's just an illusion of your intuition. You don't actually know even a tenth as much as you think you do, and you haven't actually experienced even a hundredth as much as you feel like you have. The only way I know to beat those moods is to just make myself get up and go try something new even though I'm convinced I know how it will turn out. Life usually manages to surprise and then intrigue me again sooner or later, if I keep at it.
  12. Lol, thank you for making me laugh my ass off with just one sentence. Perfect reply. I laughed myself breathless and now the room is spinning.

  13. Just because a woman wrote the article doesn't make the article any more valid. Women are just as capable of having dumbshit ideas about women as men are. Or would you use this same fallacious reasoning if a man wrote something about men that you thought was dumbshit? "Well it should have more weight because a MAN wrote it, and men know about men." Give up the asinine, infantile belief that someone with different genitals than your own is a member of a different species. Are there differences between men and women? Yes. Are they vast enough gulfs that we need to perpetuate the fantasy of them being fundamentally different creatures with fundamentally different ideas, thoughts, styles of life and ways of thinking? Not really.
  14. Jesus Christ, you at least inserted a couple of line breaks but I still gave up reading in the third of your 'paragraphs' in the OP. 14+ lines of rambling, whiny ranting with no white space is hard to read. At least press enter more than four times per gigantic rant.