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    I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?
    -Luke 12:49

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  1. All of it.
  2. Learn to play the game. An intelligent individual should be able to recognize the benefit of doing things you don't want to do to do things you do. Do I enjoy working 70 hours a week? No. Does it get me something I want? Yes.
  3. Beautiful thread. I love it. 5/5 #climate #weather #global warming #fascistpigs
  4. Either I'm having false memories or this was posted on this forum previously.
  5. The answer is always yes. Without Exception.
  6. This forum isn't a substitute for medical advice. In fact, I dont think there are even any neurologists on here. I suggest asking a doctor. Also, everyone is paralyzed during REM sleep. I assume you mean while laying in bed. Which if that is the case I would suggest laying down for an extended period without sleeping to see if the problem occurs. If so im guessing it is induced by position and not sleep specifically.
  7. Seems like a made up term to me. If you're into butts and it's really important to you that your partner have a nice one, suddenly you're an assosexual. A new being. Unique as it were. Although being an assosexual isn't nearly as pretentious.
  8. Probably because neurosurgeons are paid more than everyone besides CEOs.
  9. Curate their various social media platforms.
  10. Seems to get worse as you get older if you're not starting your own family.
  11. They will probably assume not so good things about the size of your genitals and that you also have money.
  12. Why were you manipulating him/her?
  13. Is there anything that isn't?
  14. cause every year you get fatter and uglier. I believe it was Socrates who said this before drinking hemlock. How do you feel about this ancient piece of dating wisdom?
  15. It was the cannabis you recommended that did it. Don't feel too bad though you couldn't have known. For future reference it's best to not attempt to treat people's medical conditions unless trained to do so.