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    I think I was a mighty king in a previous life because I like it when people do what I say.
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    I watched Atlas Shrugged the other day. I still don't know who John Galt is.

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  1. Avenge me by hunting down and killing Ambra.
  2. Better question: Why do a large number of lesbians like gay porn?
  3. I think E7 has covered the basics pretty well, but in a more general sense, fiscal responsibility and free-flowing money are usually antithetical. Oh, don't forget about university endowments. The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.
  4. Are lying dogs and punishment linked too?
  5. No, you're racist because you treat white people as a monolith. I dated a Native American woman who was deeply involved in helping her tribe, so I actually am aware of most of these things, and I sympathize. But no, I don't do anything for a couple of reasons. First of all, the problems that Native Americans have aren't just something that the government can fix or that you can throw money at. We can look at when the US government tried to do the right thing with ANCSA, and the stockholders of the wealthiest ANCs have the same problems demographically as the poorest ANCs. I mean, they're rich obviously, but they have the same problems with drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, etc. That's not really something the federal government can solve. I mean, it can provide rehab programs and the like, but it can't help create community or provide purpose. Government programs can't rebuild your culture. Getting the government to improve conditions on reservations is obviously appealing, but a nicer-looking version of the projects is still the projects. Second, I'm not 'responsible' for you and yours. No, Native Americans didn't put themselves in this situation, but those who wait for others to solve their problems (almost) never do well. I can't fix your problems, and I'm actually already putting effort into helping other groups that I can actually help in actionable ways. And people wonder why Trump got elected.
  6. You've got to love how I just point out the problems with a methodology with N=8 and you just go full racist. I already said that it might be true, but didn't agree with your simplistic statement of fact. I actually know my ancestry, so I know that my ancestors didn't do anything to minorities in America because they came too late and came to the wrong place. Of course none of that matters to you because your racist views that all white people are the same. Doesn't matter if the person in question is Andrew Jackson himself or the son of some Polish immigrants who arrived in NYC in 1970, they're white so they're somehow guilty. If you really want to use the standards of aggrievement based on collective and ancestral guilt, you're suddenly responsibly for a whole lot of killing and scalping. Man, it's almost like reductivist views of people based on the color of their skin is embittering and racist, huh?
  7. While that's an interesting study, when your N ranges from 32 to 8, it's not a whole lot more than an anecdote. Saying that epigenetics is in its infancy doesn't have to do with its age. It has to do with its stage of development. If experts in the field suddenly figure out/agree upon the mechanisms of epigenetics, we might advance greatly in a couple of years. On the other hand, it could conceivably still be in its infancy in fifty years if it doesn't advance at all. That's rich. It's interesting how self-image can sometimes detach entirely from what comes out of one's own mouth.
  8. Where is this self-righteous attitude coming from? I don't know when you took this 180 on race, Doggzilla, but I remember when you said, "Blacks need to stop blaming everyone else and take personal responsibility." And, "The rate of violations for my white students is under 10%. The rate for my black students, is over 90%. Its not a general correlation, its clear as day. Even the education levels are the same." If you've moved past your racist views against black people, great, but you need to be writing with humility because you judged black people as a group. Your link says, "According to researchers, high rates of addiction, suicide, mental illness, sexual violence and other ills among Native peoples might be, at least in part, influenced by historical trauma." That's a far cry from your certainty. Epigenetics is certainly real, and it could possibly have such effects, but the field is in its infancy and any ideas based on it are speculation based on little evidence, not statements of fact.
  9. I actually really like the RPG intro. It's very cute, fun, and shows off some of your personality and interests. It's by far the best part of your profile, since it lets guys create their own narrative about you. I'd actually just leave it at that. The third of the pictures you posted is my favorite, but I agree with Holli that it's better to break the news now.
  10. No, it's not. Do you really want to keep doubling down on being wrong? Demoniaco asked if anyone had heard about the recent story where some black people tortured a mentally challenged white guy and said that proved that anyone could be racist. You responded by talking about the white guys who did the same thing to a mentally challenged black man. Demoniaco asked what that had to do with anything. You responded by saying, "we all know white people consistently and timelessly behave violently and erratically towards other races." That was the context for your comment. Demoniaco talking about individuals and you talking about "timeless violence." Colonialism makes no sense to talk about in the context of the actions of individuals, and it also hasn't been timeless, since, as you've so gleefully pointed out, white people have not been on top of the food chain at all times.
  11. Drop the Slytherin reference. Referencing children's books doesn't go with the image you're trying to project.
  12. You'll be disappointed. JK, JK... maybe.
  13. That doesn't seem very ontologically open-minded.
  14. Really? Because I think that penis size is genetic, and it's obviously determined by the Y chromosome, so why wouldn't they?