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    I think I was a mighty king in a previous life because I like it when people do what I say.
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    I watched Atlas Shrugged the other day. I still don't know who John Galt is.

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  1. You say at least as if these if one claim is simply a lesser version of another, but they're not. One is ontological and the other is epistemic. Yes, my reply was absolute truth. If absolute truth is false, then your statement is false. We have no reason to think that the truth is self-contradictory/ If you want to retreat to the more defensible claim that absolute truth is unknowable due to being colored by perception, obviously you can be as solipsistic as you want. But in that same spirit, I can always claim that I know absolute truth and if you claim otherwise that's simply your limited perception within your system.
  2. You don't really believe that because if you really believed it, you wouldn't believe it.
  3. It means establishing a prior relationship, even if just being acquainted, with people so that potential employers have a connection with you beyond your CV.
  4. Why would men want to become preschool teachers when they're always seen as potential sexual predators? Not worth it.
  5. What company wanted all of that for an intern?
  6. We love it a lot.
  7. Point out to your mom that only lower-class people conflate economic class with social class, although the two often go together. Boutique is actually what higher class people would prefer over palatial. In fact, the higher social class you're speaking about, the more they will insist that class is about mien and education rather than money.
  8. I'm also confused by this. Does that mean I can pick that men can't be defrauded, but women can't be robbed? I don't get the point of this question.
  9. Why not just get a tattoo of a heart that says mom on the area in question. It's classic, classy, and guaranteed* to put a stop to any action when it's discovered. *Not actually guaranteed. I don't know what kind of guys you select as lovers, Ambra. Edit: It's hard to argue with HackerX's logic, though.
  10. Did asking a bunch of women on INTJf about their individual beliefs somehow give you greater insight into women in general, Autumnleaf?
  11. Hmm, very revealing about how you think. My next question is whether you think protectionism is a form of speech or you just have no idea how analogies work.
  12. I'm really worried for your ability to inductively reason. His statement and my statement are mostly unrelated. He commented on their constitutionality. I commented on whether they qualify as protectionist. I'm curious about your method of reasoning at this point, so let's perform an experiment. Are these two statements related, and if so how: 1. Free speech is guaranteed by the constitution. 2. Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos.
  13. Taxes on exports aren't protectionism.
  14. Pros: Solidarity creates an Overton window. That keeps things like pedophilia from becoming acceptable. Cons: Solidarity creates an Overton window. That means that there's an echo chamber that won't allow true but transgressive ideas to be discussed.