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    I think I was a mighty king in a previous life because I like it when people do what I say.
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    I watched Atlas Shrugged the other day. I still don't know who John Galt is.

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  1. Normatively? I think it's good for people to pursue their preferred aesthetic as long as they don't do it in an unhealthy way. Aesthetically? I like big breasts, including implants.
  2. Are you sure that's not the singer for Jamiroquai?
  3. That just shows the type of circles you run in. Parents generally care more about sex in the media than violence. There's also the fact that there's a significant difference between media and public events. If you think that no parents would be concerned about their kids seeing this, if it was at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and for women, you live in a bubble.
  4. Thanks, me too. I guess you could say I'm a serial m-... a serial monogamist.
  5. If you like grand strategy games based on Lord of the Rings, you'll probably enjoy War of the Ring. If you enjoyed that and thought to yourself, "Hmm, I wonder if there are any other asymmetrical strategy games based on influential nerd books," then you're in luck with Dune. But perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "I don't want to spend over a hundred dollars on a used copy of Dune. Isn't there a way to buy a slightly worse version with a much improved instruction booklet reskinned for the Twilight Imperium universe?" Yes, you are fortunate in that your very specific wish is granted in Rex: Final Days of an Empire. And perhaps Dune/Rex gave you a taste for old, asymmetrical sci-fi board games. In that case you're in luck again because the designers of Dune also created Cosmic Encounter. Fortunately the IP for that game isn't owned by Frank Herbert's estate, so the remake didn't have to be reskinned. Yay! Okay, bye
  6. I wasn't going to until you told me not to. And you warned me knowing exactly that... bitch.
  7. Caped Baldy still isn't out in the media.
  8. I'm not offended, but I didn't think it was all that clear he was being tongue in cheek, and I think we all knew people were going to be offended.
  9. I don't think purposely writing something that will offend people counts as banter. That's called trolling.
  10. It all started going downhill back in June of '08.
  11. I like your boots.
  12. Seems like an easy habit to lose.
  13. Also, that sexy selfie thread is just languishing. Quality isn't appreciated around here.
  14. Back in my day you could complain in whatever thread you wanted.
  15. What did you expect from a sex (alternative reading: gender) role test?