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    I think I was a mighty king in a previous life because I like it when people do what I say.
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    I watched Atlas Shrugged the other day. I still don't know who John Galt is.

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  1. Hmm, very revealing about how you think. My next question is whether you think protectionism is a form of speech or you just have no idea how analogies work.
  2. I'm really worried for your ability to inductively reason. His statement and my statement are mostly unrelated. He commented on their constitutionality. I commented on whether they qualify as protectionist. I'm curious about your method of reasoning at this point, so let's perform an experiment. Are these two statements related, and if so how: 1. Free speech is guaranteed by the constitution. 2. Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos.
  3. Taxes on exports aren't protectionism.
  4. Pros: Solidarity creates an Overton window. That keeps things like pedophilia from becoming acceptable. Cons: Solidarity creates an Overton window. That means that there's an echo chamber that won't allow true but transgressive ideas to be discussed.
  5. The fact that no one tried to put a tax on exports until the HMF means that it was common knowledge before the Supreme Court ever ruled on it. In America we memorize the Lieutenant Governors of Alberta as children. You don't do the same for all 50 states? I thought you guys were good neighbors. Sad.
  6. Play Dwarf Fortress
  7. Are you saying that bribing staff on the other team isn't cheating? I sure hope you're wrong, pal.
  8. Clearly they bribed the Falcons offensive coordinator. He didn't have a stroke, so he was aware of what he was doing.
  9. Being caught once is a mistake. Twice is a pattern. I have trouble believing that those are the only things that they've done.
  10. The Vinny is probably the best you can do with your budget.
  11. If he's not going to dissect how the Patriots cheated to win, it's not a good analysis. I'm not an Atlanta fan, so I'm not a bitter loser or anything, but I'm amazed at all the talk of 'Tom Brady GOAT' and everything. Am I the only one who remembers that both Belichick and Brady have been caught cheating? I didn't even watch the game, so I guess I don't share the same excitement from the comeback, but how can I be bothered when the league is such a joke? If the best team is a bunch of cheaters and nothing really happens to them, then it's hard to take a sport seriously.
  12. As long as I get a good ROI, I don't ask what she does with her weekends.
  13. You'd make a woman cheat on her job? But think of the investors!
  14. No way. Immortality should be merit-based. Who is the arbiter of immortality? Me. I will do it.
  15. That is weirder. It sounds like something you'd see during an acid trip.