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  1. I filled it out, hope it helps!
  2. This is one of the few exceptions I make to my no-preorder policy. I've enjoyed all the Mass Effect games a lot thus far, and Andromeda would have to be massively fucked up for me to not like it.
  3. It's more that the NT would know the fact of mutual feelings having been confirmed, and then not seeing the value in reaffirming them to the same frequency as what you need, or in necessarily the same ways as what you prefer (love languages). Just have to talk it over and not sweep it under the rug. :) Convince them of the value in doing so, and you'll be good!
  4. I'm not an NT but that sounds reasonable to me; the straightforwardness would certainly be appreciated and make it easier to accommodate your needs.
  5. I happen to have plenty of experience with clogging toilets! Joking aside, that in particular is but a minor thing anyways. I've talked about more serious things on here before, when I felt the need to, but that doesn't happen very often, especially as I've gotten older and have worked through a lot of them already (thus the lack of need for much advice)--or at the least I am at the point of being able to talk about them comfortably should a topic come up in which that information might be helpful in some way. And no, I won't be getting married any time soon...assuming it will ever happen, anyways.
  6. Here are my results using the MBTI test you just linked, Squidward. I=84% N=72% T=9% J=38% Here are my HEXACO results. H=4.69 E=3.13 X=1.63 A=3.44 C=4.50 O=3.75 Full results if you want to see them: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5PRyF64_lSKRTZ0bllpNVo0RkE/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. Most of my habits are formed because I find the best and most efficient way to do something, and then stick with it until/unless I find an even better way (Unfortunately, my SJ family members don't understand this and see it as a problem...). The rest of my habits are borderline subconscious as a result of my anxiety, such as trichotillomania.
  8. There is always music going on in my mind while awake, even two or three different songs at once sometimes. Sometimes it's consciously chosen (I can pretty much use my brain as an mp3 player for anything I've listened to a good amount.), the rest of the time it is either influenced by something I hear or think of which triggers it, or is just random. Sometimes there is even music playing in my dreams (No, I don't sleep while actually listening to music.); sometimes it's music I've heard before, and sometimes my brain just makes it up (I wish I could record those somehow. :( ). So, knowing that, I have to say that in order to be completely devoid of music, I would literally have to be dead.
  9. I honestly don't think it's really possible to be a reasonably independent person while staying on good terms with them--'good terms' being nothing more than an illusion in this case, as they are apparently either unwilling or incapable of compromise. So long as they continue to try to keep you on a leash, there will never be peace between you all. Family is important, sure, but if it gets to the point where they promote such toxic relationships and act as if you are not your own person, then you are better off not dealing with them at all, if/until they ever decide to change their ways (don't get your hopes up). Not an easy thing to do, but you need to do whatever is in your best interest here. Don't let anyone hold you back from living how you want to, and certainly don't let them guilt trip you into letting them run your life.
  10. I'll probably wait to get it until there's some sort of complete edition available.
  11. I voted for introvert and shy. I don't really talk much at all in general unless it's one-on one, and even then it's still not a given that it'll happen.
  12. I would see that as more of sharing a personal interest as a way to learn more about you (and you about him as well) than anything else of a more insidious nature. It's a good way to expand his mind too; not all problems have one road to a solution, or even one singular solution to begin with. I recall several times in my high school math classes--particularly geometry when dealing with proofs (it was weird to me that everyone else hated them, but I found them fun)--where I would find alternate ways of solving a problem that were not in the answer book, which would then get marked as incorrect, so then I'd go over it with the teacher to show what I did, and then he would agree I was right and mark it correct. They were certainly more roundabout ways of solving the problems than what the book listed, but logically no less sound. I think it's great that he's taking an interest in you to this extent; you're very lucky!
  13. Act as if the things you do to help and love other people or show care and respect to the environment, animals, and so on, are never seen or heard of by anyone. Do good without even considering the possibility of acknowledgement or reward from others. It is worth it regardless of any of that, and worrying about how it makes you look will only turn you into a miserable person, rotting from the inside, performing the acts with your heart in the wrong place, the motivation becoming twisted to what you can get out of it, thus making it all quite hollow in the end as you are putting yourself above all else.
  14. We don't live in the age of the telegraph any more, so no need to act like we are. It's better if you can adequately prepare and be informed of what they might want you to do anyways, rather than just having something dumped on you last minute. That's no good for either party.
  15. What a cozy little bubble you've put yourself into there.