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  1. I know nothing about the subject, but did a quick Google search... Maybe something like this: http://www.exhausthoodcleaningschool.com/hood_degreaser.php Or this: http://m.powerwash.com/item/383935 Discussion on the topic on some cleaning forum: https://community.thegrimescene.com/topic/15398-asian-restaurant-advice/
  2. Unsure of the point of this picture...are you trying to distract me from reality with cats? [it's working ] ...... added to this post 10 minutes later: OR! You could keep the original idea but only use books that have digital versions available and then keep a Kindle handy for whenever you want to read them. OR!!! Keep the original idea and just hope your Jenga skills aren't terrible... Practical or otherwise, there are options. :)
  3. Not surprising, considering who created it. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/04/25/the-republican-lawmaker-who-secretly-created-reddit-s-women-hating-red-pill.html
  4. I do spend a lot of time thinking about relationships in general (far more time than I have actually been in them, but I digress...), but certainly not in the manner which you described. That is more like window shopping to me: ultimately a pointless distraction, a placebo that only serves to interfere with your ability to bring any of that into reality. I would never prefer that over being in, or working towards, a relationship with someone. Also, I can't relate at all to feeling trapped about that. I find being in a relationship to be quite freeing, actually. I think this describes what I mean by that freedom really well: Edited for emphasis on that, but as a whole, your post is honestly just beautifully written, and very much the same as I how I feel about it. Love is the freedom to not need to maintain that sense of safety you otherwise keep up around the rest of the world. Those walls take a lot of energy to hold up, and it's so refreshing to find someone with whom you can relax your reliance on them, even to the point of no longer needing any when you're around that person. The sort of commitment it takes to love someone like that, and be loved in return, is truly freedom to me, and something I have always aspired to for as long as I have even been interested in relationships.
  5. That would be the time to talk to them about your concerns and what needs of yours are not being met (or met in the way that you want), and of course ask for their input on the same. Just keep it simple.
  6. My tl;dr take on this subject: MBTI can be useful in relationships to an extent, but don't treat it like a magic 8-ball. Humans are much too complex for that. I don't think anyone here really advocates or even acts like using it to such an extent is a healthy or wise thing. Quite the opposite, I'd say, and that's not even counting the fact that there has been no shortage of criticism of MBTI in general here on top of that. Being newer, you may just not have seen much of it yet.
  7. What keeps me interested? Any number of things, really...far too many and far too variable to even try to mention. Regardless of how well I get to know someone, I really can't ever get bored of them. You can never know 100% of a person anyways, and even then, people are always changing, so it's more like knowing a snapshot of them at that point in time. The 'warm vs intellectual' thing is really more of a scale, and when it comes to romantic interests, I tend to really only be interested in those who are more balanced than strongly one or the other. Yes, you absolutely can have both! It's not at all unreasonable to want that, and certainly not unrealistic either. [insert fluffy NF propaganda here ]
  8. Attempting to sleep...
  9. Where is this 'everywhere' you speak of? Seems more like 'anywhere but here' to me...
  10. I think there has been some pretty good advice given here (yes, even from INTJ's!), but of course that also depends on if the thread creator is actually open to such, and not just looking for an echo chamber. There is certainly an element of people willing to participate in such echo chambers, or who try to turn the asking of legit advice into such, but again, you can find no lack of more mature responses as well, even in the more sketchy threads; sometimes I am surprised at a very thoughtful and serious response in them, when most would rather not bother, or just act like it's a joke. It's to be expected given the wide variety of members here, even within solely the INTJ realm; different ages, environments in which they grew up, and life experiences in general make quite the difference in the quality of advice given, and can compensate a great deal for the usual deficiencies in those areas. "Usually the most dysfunctional threads get the most responses." This makes me wonder if maybe you are focusing overly much on those threads, while passing over the less active ones (which tend to be 'solved' relatively quickly); hence, the negative view.
  11. That's basically how it goes for me. It kinda just...happens. From what I know of how most people seem to view dating, it seems a bit much like 'putting the cart before the horse' in my perspective, as well as adding a lot of unnecessary pressure and expectations on the both of you, which can get in the way of actually getting to know each other in an honest manner. It's just shooting yourself in the foot. I don't think I could bring myself to approach getting to a know a girl just for the purpose of getting intimately involved, as if that's the only reason to get to know someone and if you don't 'get the prize' then it's a failure and they aren't worth knowing...that's just dehumanizing to me, not to mention the origin of things like creating the concept of the 'friend zone' and other such unhealthy self-justifications to protect one's ego and blame shift. I would much rather see relationships as a journey than a means to an end; the latter just leads to complacency and disappointment, among other not-so-great things...and I'll have none of that mess.
  12. I find those memories are the most poignant and clear, even when compared to the best ones. I wonder if it might be like some kind of subconscious defense mechanism, like keeping a file of things to avoid. Maybe even some people might be more inclined to have their memory prioritize those events over positive events than others for various reasons...I'm particularly thinking something along the lines of neurochemical sensitivity and balance (particularly imbalances like clinical depression), and how those factors might affect long term memory storage and prioritization [over other memories] of events associated with positive or negative feedback. Or maybe, imbalances aside, different types of events could cause different reactions with different neurochemicals/pathways, which might have a more or less strong imprint on your memory depending on how they work? I only have a pretty basic understanding of that stuff, but it seems like those could happen...it might be neat if there was a study done on a similar premise, though I'd have no idea where to look.
  13. The only rejection I've been through that ever really mattered was when my girlfriend of three years broke up with me. It was hard to deal with, but ultimately for the best, and I am long since very much over that. What's done is done. Anything else is just like...whatever. I just ignore and move on, not worth my time in most cases to even think about for more than a few moments; processing rejection, in general, takes very little time or effort for me. It helps that I've always been very naturally independent and confident in who I am, as well as being just very introverted and not terribly concerned with what others think of me when it concerns criticism regarding my personality, interests, priorities, how I operate, etc. Unless someone 'rejects' me in the sense of pointing out some legitimate problem I actually need to address--and if it is truly legitimate (I gotta say though, most of the time, in the rare cases it actually happens [Few people ever seem to have much of any problem with me.], it really isn't, lol...these instances can easily be accounted for with such things as: people who have ego issues, projection of one's insecurities, fanatical ideology of various flavors, taking out one's frustration/stress/etc. on others, bullying...you know, fun things like that.), I'm perfectly willing to talk about it and try to adjust (If I screw something up, I'm usually the first to notice and admit it; I certainly don't think I'm perfect or anything, so that's not a problem for me to handle, as long as people are being reasonable, considerate, and capable of listening.)--then I really just do not care. Life goes on regardless of who does or does not accept me; being accepted can be great, but I'm not gonna bend over backwards to get anyone to do that. I will never change who I am at my core to suit the whims of others, nor would I ever feign as much. I can be very accommodating, but only within reason, to the point of refusing to be disingenuous. I hate lying or being fake, and I'm terrible at it anyways, so why even bother? As for rejection specifically in a more professional sense (regarding seeking employment and so on, as mentioned as the inspiration for this thread's creation), I'm afraid I don't have much to say there. I'm pretty used to it, but it's not something that really bothers me. Hell, I don't even know what sort of career I'd want to get into, let alone know what I'm even capable of any more. Each direction I've tried to take with my life has failed, and I'm just at a loss of what to do. All I'm concerned about at the moment is somehow finding some sort of job capable of supporting me that at least won't make my depression worse than it already is...the prospect of which is rather bleak (at least in my experience thus far), given that I have no college degree (already tried and failed horribly...not sure when or if I will ever try again) or any other sort of education beyond high school. Well, that ended up being kinda rambly...apologies for all the messy parentheticals, I'm pretty bad at that sometimes. Maybe you'll get something out of it? Who knows, lol. ...... added to this post 18 minutes later: That is so true...and to build on that, what I find even harder is to resist lowering your expectations to the point where you can't be disappointed. Hope can be cruel, but it's the only reason to live and the only way you can grow, and as hard as it can be to maintain, well...let's just say I'd rather not exist in this world as a living corpse, as without hope, that's all I'd amount to.
  14. What memories I have of high school, and school times in general, are very...particular. A few things here and there, when there were events or things that meant a lot to me, or that I really enjoyed, or certain strongly negative experiences, or anything that stood out to me really, I can mostly remember quite well and can recall them in great detail, as if they had just happened. Everything else is extremely vague at best, and at worst, there are wide stretches of time of which I have no memory whatsoever; that is something that's true for my entire life, not just in consideration of school memories, but everything else as well. I never had any friends in my graduating class, only in the younger classes, and after we all graduated, it really didn't take long at all for everyone to drift apart for one reason or another (or in the case of one, changed somehow in his personality and no longer wanted to do anything with me, never explicitly stating so but more like just continually blowing me off while pretending to be friendly...what a joke), so I just gave up on even caring about that any more. I only had a few friends anyways, and none of them were all that close, so...oh well. Better to leave all that in the past where it belongs. I rarely ever even think about those things, and when I do, it's usually only when someone wants to know, which is pretty rare. I consider it actually a good thing that my memory of much of my past is so poor...there is much I would rather not remember at all, and much that really was of little to no consequence as well, so it's kinda convenient. Brain wiring can be funny sometimes; mine seems similar to frequent cache cleaning on a computer.
  15. Currently I'm just playing Mass Effect Andromeda and having a lot of fun with it. I'm taking a break from Final Fantasy XIV until Stormblood early access mid-June, and then will probably be focusing almost entirely on that for a good while.