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  1. These are more recent designs that haven't been built yet, but small reactors in general are not a new thing, as Thod mentioned with nuclear submarines (and other ships). Getting similarly sized ones into commercial use is the next step; this site quotes an estimate that the first ones to be built should come within the next decade. “The US and the UK are in a race at the moment, and that is driving both forward,” says Jared DeMeritt, programme director of MPower, an SMR developer. “We think 2025 is a realistic start date for the first small modular reactor in the west, which will be in one of these two countries.
  2. People aren't usually going to care much about what happens in countries outside of their own. Simple as that. Not all reactors have the same design, and the one in Fukushima was pretty crappy (namely its backup systems). There is no truly 'safe' means to generate power; they all have their own drawbacks and effects on the environment and wildlife, and the sources of power we rely on the most--fossil fuels--are considerably more damaging than nuclear ever has been. Coal power plants in particular release far more radiation than nuclear plants do just from normal daily operation, and that is still where most of the world gets their energy from. There is unfortunately a lot of unjustified fearmongering regarding nuclear power, so don't buy into the hype. If you look at the big picture and want to protest what has by far the worst effect on our world, fossil fuels should be your target. Here are a few bits from wiki just for a quick example of comparisons, bolding some things myself that really stick out. There are plenty of other sources regarding the environmental impact of different energy sources, too many to even bother with listing as they are very easy to find. Comparison to coal-fired generationEdit In terms of net radioactive release, the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) estimated the average radioactivity per short ton of coal is 17,100 millicuries/4,000,000 tons. With 154 coal plants in the United States, this amounts to emissions of 0.6319 TBq per year for a single plant. In terms of dose to a human living nearby, it is sometimes cited that coal plants release 100 times the radioactivity of nuclear plants. This comes from NCRP Reports No. 92 and No. 95 which estimated the dose to the population from 1000 MWe coal and nuclear plants at 4.9man-Sv/year and 0.048 man-Sv/year respectively (a typical Chest x-ray gives a dose of about 0.06 mSv for comparison).[63]The Environmental Protection Agency estimates an added dose of 0.3 µSv per year for living within 50 miles (80 km) of a coal plant and 0.009 milli-rem for a nuclear plant for yearly radiation dose estimation.[64]Nuclear power plants in normal operation emit less radioactivity than coal power plants.[63][64] Unlike coal-fired or oil-fired generation, nuclear power generation does not directly produce any sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ormercury (pollution from fossil fuels is blamed for 24,000 early deaths each year in the U.S. alone[65]). However, as with all energy sources, there is some pollution associated with support activities such as mining, manufacturing and transportation. A major European Union funded research study known as ExternE, or Externalities of Energy, undertaken over the period of 1995 to 2005 found that the environmental and health costs of nuclear power, per unit of energy delivered, was €0.0019/kWh. This is lower than that of many renewable sources including the environmental impact caused by biomass use and the manufacture of photovoltaic solar panels, and was over thirty times lower than coals impact of €0.06/kWh, or 6 cents/kWh. However the energy source of the lowest external costs associated with it was found to be wind power at €0.0009/kWh, which is an environmental and health impact just under half the price of Nuclear power.[66] Contrast of radioactive accident emissions with industrial emissionsEdit Proponents argue that the problems of nuclear waste "do not come anywhere close" to approaching the problems of fossil fuel waste.[67][68] A 2004 article from the BBC states: "The World Health Organization (WHO) says 3 million people are killed worldwide by outdoor air pollution annually from vehicles and industrial emissions, and 1.6 million indoors through using solid fuel."[69] In the U.S. alone, fossil fuel waste kills 20,000 people each year.[70] A coal power plant releases 100 times as much radiation as a nuclear power plant of the same wattage.[71] It is estimated that during 1982, US coal burning released 155 times as much radioactivity into the atmosphere as the Three Mile Island accident.[72] The World Nuclear Associationprovides provides a comparison of deaths due to accidents among different forms of energy production. In their life-cycle comparison, deaths per TW-yr of electricity produced from 1970 to 1992 are quoted as 885 for hydropower, 342 for coal, 85 for natural gas, and 8 for nuclear.[73] The figures include uranium mining, which can be a hazardous industry, with many accidents and fatalities.[74]
  3. A remastered version is about as solidly out of the question as it gets. They were originally considering it, but then later stated they aren't doing anything more with any past games in general. The DLC was great, though I didn't get the one involving Aria since it didn't seem very interesting. I think the changes to the ending were decent, certainly better than the original, though I'm not one of the ones who acted like the original ending was the worst thing ever that ruined everything in the entire series; I found those reactions to be way overblown and often downright childish.
  4. They removed that requirement at some point.
  5. Not interested in the slightest. I have no need for mobile gaming and never cared much for the games Nintendo makes. The only games I would most likely ever consider playing on it would probably be available elsewhere. Aside from the full size controller, the unit looks very uncomfortable to hold, especially when the sides are taken off and used individually; I have pretty large hands and holding such small, flat, unergonomic controllers causes me a lot of cramping and pain.
  6. It's nothing more than a circus we're forced to watch for four years. Having a different ring leader doesn't make the overpriced concessions any more palatable.
  7. posting more non-music made by people who don't know how to play their instruments two songs from Ulcerate's upcoming cd, Shrines of Paralysis
  8. I would delete it and not respond. I don't do well with people who are so incredibly vague anyways.
  9. All I have to say is that if you don't like someone exercising their first amendment rights, then go move to a country that doesn't have those rights, since you are all too happy to allow the higher powers to proscribe what everyone should think and how to act. This country would be much better off without such authoritarian-minded people in it. Russia might be a nice fit, or perhaps Saudi Arabia. The first amendment does not only apply when it's convenient and inoffensive to you. Deal with it. ---------- Post added 09-09-2016 at 02:26 AM ---------- Boring people need to create drama over stupid shit in order to give their pitiful existence meaning. Pretending that they care by throwing a tantrum over something like this just puts their hypocrisy on display for all to see. Pathetic.
  10. getting ready to move in with a friend temporarily until I can find somewhere else to live, have to get everything out today
  11. These are [at least some of] the people who contributed to getting the Death Star plans, so I'd say that's a pretty relevant and major plot point leading up to Episode IV (Mon Mothma references the sacrifices made to get the plans in Episode IV.), regardless of involvement of characters from the previously released movies.
  12. So basically he's just like any other politician, except less covert about it and taken to the extreme because he has no fucks to give. Next you'll be telling us about how you just found out water is wet, I suppose.
  13. Defeated Sanity - Disposal of the Dead/Dharmata full playlist Not only did they manage to create another fresh take on their usual sound, they absolutely killed the prog half (while never having put out any works like that before...not that I would ever expect anything less than the best from them, though). This is basically what I always imagined Cynic/Pestilence would sound like these days if they hadn't decided to suck.
  14. I wonder if it'll really be anything significant, or if they're just trying to save face.
  15. I don't think anyone should fault you for refusing to play if the game itself is broken.