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    trying not to die of organ failure. Venting.
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    Some grow up, while dying young - bitterly.
  1. I deleted you as friend because OCD. Be sure to befriend me again if you login again :3

  2. I see you haven't been on in a while.

    Just in case you ever choose to come check on things: I miss our discussions and seeing your posts. Hope all is going well.

  3. didn't log in here for a long time and just saw this.. thanks!

  4. just dont die screaming, its not a good look.

  5. Donnie Darko for life. Jar Head Jake is a hottie too though... yowza!!!

  6. hey thanks alot

    Can I see your blue fairy???

  7. Was I? I did not use any polite words.

  8. Paint Tool SAI, haha.

  9. *splishsplash*


  10. you look like a fun mermaid

  11. Im both, they both sound like douche. Point I was making. In fact I'm more German than dutch, just, deutsch sounds like douche. (Snicker) But...then it's spelled like Dutch. In my head, I double pwnd, myself. I actually used to be fluent in German as a child so, yeah I really knew what you meant I just assume you lost the connotation... Unless you're SO GERMAN you have no sense of humor like my German grandmother.

  12. It is the german word for a german...

  13. thanks. appreciate it