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  1. There's a Cronenberg movie of the same name which came out in 1996, which is about some people with a fetish for car crashes.
  2. Ok, I saw the rest of Pontypool, which isn't horrific even though its labelled as a horror film. The director even cuts away from the two protagonists curb-stomping a zombie. The thing is, it isn't horror, its a film that wants you to think about an idea. The idea being that language can be infectious to the human brain. One of the problems is, I've already heard about this idea, and obviously so did the filmmakers because that idea is from Snow Crash and its sitting around on the set. The actors are fine, but there's little tension, no creep factor, and the director doesn't like horror. And the idea isn't well explored at all. They even introduce a doctor by having him climb through the window and he explains nothing, just notes symptoms. So, the film is just a giant bite of something more than it can chew and it doesn't seem to appreciate the flavor.
  3. Neither is chastising people in their own welcome thread.
  4. If you'd like to talk about public policy or government budgeting regarding global warming, do so in the Politics subforum.
  5. ZZZZ... I already covered that here: Your "data" doesn't quote any numbers regarding climate change, so I'm not sure what kind of "children's story" you're trying to tell. You could ameliorate WWI by saying "Some people died here and there." Likewise with global warming.
  6. You haven't presented any facts. You merely take on faith that some nutter's blog is truth sacrosanct. Then you said "Go, read this." Why should I read it? It's your responsibility to present it!
  7. What statistical analysis?
  8. I don't know if you know this, but scientific findings are published in peer-reviewed journals, not someone's blog.
  9. Hum. Right now you probably want to expose yourself to different careers at least to see what you'd like to do. The good news is that your mathematics background is pretty common to many fields. The bad news is that it's kind of tricky to know what you want to get into, and then taking the steps can be a lot of work that you have to do in addition to your boring job.
  10. Principles of Geology seems to be basic and free.
  11. Global warming is real, and it is worse than "a little climate change". The below graph shows a drastic temperature rise to Amore's contention. There's been a global temperature rise of 0.8 degrees centigrade ( 1.4 degrees Farenheit) since the 1880's. This sudden rise is unprecedented in our planet's history, and the warming has additionally started to deoxygenate the oceans, as they hold less oxygen the hotter it becomes. If you're worried about "money", investors holding 2.8 trillion dollars in assets have demanded an end to oil and coal subsidies. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/investors-billionaires-trillion-assets-unite-donald-trump-climate-change-denial-global-warming-a7581161.html?utm_source=Daily+Carbon+Briefing&utm_campaign=5791c5d1e7-cb_daily&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_876aab4fd7-5791c5d1e7-303423917 Solar and wind power are now as cheap as coal, and fortunately Amore can save her money to buy gum.
  12. Just saw John Wick Chapter 2: Another roller coaster of guns, death, and falling down stairs. I really liked the first. The second did not disappoint, raised the stakes, had an awesome movie, and then raised the stakes again for Chapter 3. Half the movie was shot in New York. I wanted to clear up some rumors:
  13. Lego Batman Not nearly as good or complex as the original Lego film. Could be retitled "Batman Needs a Hug". Not even as good a 'maturing of personality' film as The Emperor's New Groove. Many of the best jokes were in the trailers. Funny moments at times, but the stakes are low, people hanging on to Batman is annoying. Batman's loner problem could have been fixed with a two week vacation and talking things out.
  14. So criminals are going to build fortifications and mantraps to keep out the SWAT? Maybe pour some boiling oil down from the ramparts?
  15. The only way it could is if the media was passing out confidential information (what the police are actually doing, what the police actually know). How the police in general operates is a matter of public knowledge.