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    Know that a mind divided divides the man. The will and the hand must be as one. In knowing the self, one becomes strong.

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  1. You drink the expensive liquor first, then the cheap stuff as your sense of discernment goes bye-bye.
  2. IMHO: it began when people somehow got the idea you could only have one religion and you had to follow its rules. It's very different from, say, Thailand. The Thai are almost all Buddhists (some Muslims in the south, and there are some Christians) , but they also each have their own personal shrine (again, most, not all), where they have a private "god" or "ancestor" look over them.
  3. Sadly, no. If you survey people and ask them "Do you have imagination when it comes to spirituality?" the answer is yes. The worst are these new age seminar camps which charge 2 grand a weekend so people can pretend to be a genuine seeker of gnosis.
  4. Only if they are congruent with the conclusions already laid forth by the religion. Otherwise, you are a heretic. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: The word religion is from the Latin re-legere "to re-read". It is indoctrination. You're muddling spirituality and religion together. Religion is mostly a simple world view for a common folk. The fact that 5% of the people in it are dabblers, scholars, and mystics isn't particularly significant compared to the whole.
  5. You should be fine on 700 for 5 days. I suggest a few rice cakes for work (35 calories each) or celery stalks and tea or black coffee (no milk no sugar). First day is the hardest. Once your stomach shrinks, its smooth sailing.
  6. You measure your own body, and I suggest you do this in centimeters. Express the length of your relevant body parts to your height as a ratio. Decide how tall you want your character to be. Multiply your ratios by his height to find the length of his body parts. Or you can look for a body ratio index on the internet. That works too.
  7. It's just algebra. l + t + h = 7.25 t = l - 1.92 h = t - 0.96 Substitute so that you only have one variable and solve.
  8. The part in Fight Club where The Narrator and Tyler Durden are next to each other on a plane. The Narrator says "We have the exact same briefcase." Tyler looks at him, looks like he's about to say something, but thinks better of it and remains silent. To this day I will argue that Brad Pitt is a good actor.
  9. Could you point out why it doesn't make sense?
  10. You buy a tape measure.
  11. Perhaps you should photoshop a serpent's tongue over the dog's. Or perhaps you can explain how Y.E.C. is synchronized with our scientific knowledge of the universe.
  12. You have this amazing delusion that whole bodies of science, with millions of working scientists behind them, are completely wrong. You are incapable of judging the criteria in question. It is akin to having a Flat Earther weigh in on space travel.
  13. Could you tell me how a young earth creationist could ever have an accurate view of earth science?
  14. So I want you to ask yourself: if Young's double-slit experiment is so fundamental to your idea to physics, how does it relate to the simulation argument?