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  1. I admire your avatar. See the quotation on mine...

  2. A new Avi - very nice. Is there a story behind the image?

  3. I'm a Jack of all trades... I've always been good at everything I've tried. The closest to an expert I am in anything is in coffee. I know way too much about coffee.
  4. Signficant other = touching is fine, encouraged any other person touching beyond a handshake = awkward
  5. I recently started a new job and went about a week to kind of "go with the flow" and get used to how things were usually done. But now that I have gotten my bearings and see the places the team needs help I have gotten back into my normal intense ways. And yeah I have been called intense twice in the past 3 days. But it doesn't bother me at work (not that I actually care when people say this outsde of work either) because the "intensity" is only surfacing because my fellow workers are basically demanding it to. Laziness and passive aggressive behavior often times seems to go unaddressed at work because most are afraid to speak up. I'm not and if that means I'm "intense" so be it.
  6. Gr 14 Gl 13 Or 5 Bl 4
  7. Level six... That's a shame
  8. Hi Bailey

    Thanks for the welcome. What a great site. I have never experienced so much connection with so many people.

  9. Hi Bailey

    In reviewing your "about me" I notice we share many personality traits.

  10. Hi Bailey

    I am new (today) to the INTJ form and noticed your name. This is my first message to a member. Enjoy.

  11. Type 1 - The Reformer Perfectionists, responsible, fixated on improvemening Wing- 1w9
  12. RCOEI-primarily Reserved
  13. I always make and keep eye contact when the other person is talking. Then while I'm thinking I look away (just to collect my thoughts / center myself) but as soon as I begin talking eye contact is set again. Plus, when talking to someone who is used to feeling in control and not being challenged, this kind of constant eye contact will often times intimidate. And that can be entertaining.
  14. Has anyone here ever found themselves avoidant of conversation and/or people due to feeling that it will only lead to a sort of mental exhaustion? I catch myself completely shutting others down at times when they bring up a topic to discuss - not because it's not interesting to me or because I have nothing to say in response - but mostly because I know where it will head. I find myself subconsciously knowing what I will say, how they will respond, how they may not be able to see the topic in a broad enough sense. All of this goes through my head at the first hint at the topic - I know all that will result is a complete feeling of mental exhaustion, so I just end it - which doesn't often go over well. Also, for clarification, I don't experience this with people I am talking to for the first time - mostly just those that I have had discouraging conversations with in the past. Or even just certain topics with certain people. Do you guys go through this as well? Could it ultimately be a large percentage of our introversion?