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  1. Stasis last logged in late 2016. Jezebel last logged in 07Feb2017. What happened? Is this now in maintenance mode?
  2. Studio version, pretty good But this...thank god for autotune Addendum:
  3. I think that's DanteFalling Like, it is https://intjforum.com/profile/11443-dantefalling/
  4. Vanessa Carlton - Nolita Fairytale
  5. Couldn't resist

  6. Don't ban me stasis!

  7. Those are just random shots pulled from the internets, don't worry ;)

  8. Interesting, but beside the point in the case of WildStar. WildStar was developed by American developers and seems to have been marketed by American marketing firm(s).
  9. what the fuck just stop using it, cut back, what have you cognitive behavioral therapy and such
  10. This is [unintentionally] hilarious. Vasovagal presyncope =/= neurogenic shock. Of interest, a vasovagal episode should produce a low heart rate to go with that low blood pressure; its a parasympathetic response.
  11. An MMO is a huge time investment. I had this on my peripheral radar for awhile, but a quick look at NCSoft drove me away.