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  1. I used to promote rubber pussy before, for a brief moment of my life. They are actually quite good. But they don't have tits and they don't have intellect either.
  2. Pros: to not go nuts. It's way too easy to spend weeks without any real human contact working on some project and then a few more weeks and then you realize you are starting to feel kind of lonely just hanging out with yourself like that. Other humans in small doses are good for your overall mental health I think. Relationships fill that purpose rather well.
  3. I think older women are generally more fun to be with. Long life experience and much less focused on what others might think. Challenges is that I sometimes feel uncomfortable being outside with someone who is 13+ years older. But then I think about how much more fun it is to be in bed with a woman who is older than me and forget bout my own insecurities regarding the age difference that we may have. The joys are in being with someone who has landed into their spot in life. To have children with someone who I know wants them (my mother never really wanted me so I have long been waiting untill she would die so I can piss on her grave. I think I'll stop waiting and just enjoy my life instead..). I find older women to be more serious about life and easier to be in a relationship with.
  4. When I had a period of going out there was a time when I would book 6 dates with different women in one week for various bdsm type activities. For me such things happen in periods though, when I'm particularly excited about something to the point of not being able to sleep at night unless I do it. Otherwise I usually prefer not to date, but rather go out to some place at night where people hang out and go home with someone. Sometimes it results in a relationship, sometimes not.
  5. I guess I'm one of the few who have cheated. In fact I quite enjoyed it. I currently live in a relationship and have not been cheating so much lately (although I did "cheat" on her once, by kissing another girl - which I don't consider to be cheating - and I told her about it). I always imagine though that she is either someone else that I'm cheating with, that I have another girlfriend that I cheat on with her or that she has a boyfriend and is cheating with me. I also imagine that she has been fucked by another guy shortly before I fuck her, I do however try not to think about it because I don't like coming too early. I guess I'm one of the people who finds something exciting in cheating. I would imagine we can include more people into our relationship so that the fantasy gets some substance while we can at the same time be totally in agreement with eachother. I'm still evaluating the relationship and whether this will be possible and doable. I kindof like the relationship in many ways, but not being able to have multiple partners (with her full consent - that's something I want right now) is kindof a dealbreaker for me.
  6. Wait. All girls are emotional. I certainly have not met one that was ever truly "normal". Even one who I chose to make pregnant has not been cold enough.. They're always like.. hot.. or something.. But maybe that's a good thing.
  7. Introverts are nice because they have a richer thought life. Extroverts can help take care of the social parts of life such as inviting people over, which is of great help when you're just not very good at it. So to be honest I can't tell which one is better for a relationship. I think it's more about the person rather than their intro/extroversion.
  8. It WOULD be nice though if it said that "Here are my gps coords. Come fuck me any time. Always available." :D
  9. It's only bad if she has aids. Otherwise you can smear your dick in anyone. ;-)
  10. Meetups, group activities (like group sex and stuff.. no just kidding), pubs and clubs, school, your therapist, home parties, friends of friends.. ---------- Post added 04-09-2015 at 08:40 AM ---------- Looking back, I have met 95% of my girlfriends when going out to drink beer. You go out to drink beer, women go out to have sex. You drink up your beer, then go home to them and have sex. Hehe. :)
  11. You touch people while talking to them. That way they are focused on talking, while their subconscious is being aroused by your touches. It works really well actually when you find someone attractive and want to make them want to have sex with you.
  12. My ex used to call me needy when I wanted more sex with her. I took some notes and figured out that I had about 30% real sex of what I would consider baseline for me. I ended up having sex with several other girls parallel to our relationship. Until it broke apart and I could find a girlfriend who was just as "needy" as I am ;-)
  13. By realizing that you are just as stupid as everybody else, but maybe on a different level.
  14. If he tries to create a conflict between you and your primary then ditch him and never contact him again. Otherwise if he is just unsure it is his problem and he should get the time to solve it on his own.
  15. ok. Go out, find a willing partner, fuck in the bushes, repeat.