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  1. you a pharmacist yet? :p

  2. I think of NYC when I look at that picture

  3. I actually love Hooters. Beer and salty food - two of my favorite vices combined in one! And I'm a woman who can swing both ways, but I lean more on the asexual side of things. It's a business that depends on the beauty of the women in which it employs, but almost all of the women I've met who work there enjoy it (think of the amount of tips...as women, we endure a lot of unfortunate shit for a pay check, and this is one of those jobs.) It's just another job, and I'm sure they're fully aware (and notified) of the implications of working in such a place before they accept the position. And from what I've seen and researched, the managers are pretty strict when it comes to perverts and the usual entitled men that may pass through the restaurant's doors. 1.Would you be ok taking your family My family and I go all the time. They like the wings, and as a pescatarian, I like the fish and chips. Win/Win. 2.Would you feel people would think you are their to check out girls if you went lol no, since I almost exclusively go with friends or family. 3.Would the gimmick ever stop you from going? sometimes, in all honesty. I wouldn't want to go in the afternoon or earlier hours, y'know (especially now that world cup season is taking place -- can't miss football.) I'd go to a regular bar/pub/saloon for that. 4.Would you ever go alone Nah. 5.(Girls) would you be ok going with your boyfriend/husband or would it upset you? No problem with me, since I like it too. :P
  4. INTJ. Thought I would get ENTX for a second there...
  5. Right?!?! OP is out of this world. Some people on here...

  6. Every weekend? jesus christ
  7. When I'm drunk, I get ballsy. Let's just put it at that. :P
  8. That's actually my plan, interestingly enough. I've applied to a lot of patient access specialist / secretary jobs in clinics and such. I have a lot of experience in clerical work so it fits, and since it's under the hospital system it could lead to them paying my tuition. Works out. And FUO-- I'm sorry about the residency. I hope things are working out right now for you? I thought about medical school (long and hard) and I decided it honestly isn't for me because I cannot imagine being in the university system for so long...this also motivated me to not pursue scholarly research/high education for my film studies degree. I need to use a particular skill (or work with my hands!) in some way, despite my brainiac side; my way of making my ideas/knowledge concrete, so to speak. Also, my sister is a natural suck-up, and thrives in this system you speak of...go figure. Thank you so much for your words, they were definitely encouraging. I'm picking up some of my pre-reqs next semester. I'll post updates if anything comes through.
  9. No? I don't think INTJs are that socially stinted to rent a friend. However, if the stranger in question has something to provide that would be of benefit...(either in intelligence, skill, etc.) why not.
  10. haha i love this comment. MTE

  11. is she or was she planning on pharmacy school? Not sure why I am thinking this either...

  12. lol nah! IDEK why you thought I was biochem, interesting though!

  13. You are both on this forum? Now I'm confused...:laugh:

  14. My twin sister (an ENTJ) is ;) Haha.

  15. Why did I think you were a biochem major?