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  1. The original map was destroyed, so in case you want to do it again, answer to the INTJf map thread, please.

  2. I hate to distract from yet another anarchist diatribe but this seemed a bit rash: How so? Whereever else money may end up, taking it out of idle bank accounts into someplace with a higher propensity to consume would stimulate growth. Not that this is necessarily moral, but it seems logical enough that it would stimulate growth. Most textbooks on the subject agree, so why are they all wrong?
  3. One might suggest the scientific method is an algorithm...
  4. No matter how many times this is brought up: I don't get it. There is no secret ingredient in the water, no loudspeakers projecting commie love, no knives in backs till you arrive at the left, whatever. So what does it matter if professors and/or their students are rampaging liberals or commies or [insert-ideology-you-disagree-with]?
  5. Delicious, delicious cake.
  6. Are you guys kidding?!one Such delay in producing the 'genuine' article clearly demonstrates the extent to which the Obamaliens will go to clutch power with their spined little mitten hands.
  7. Do we have any assets in the Toronto morgue? For science...
  8. Yes, I am more interested in the future of MSRs rather than pebble bed. That said, considering recent events and the halabaloo over it, I'd take any forward looking moves with a smile.
  9. Being a smart and well-prepared individual you will no doubt have previously circulated an updated resume and have touched base with your wide network of contacts and therefore whatever the consequence it can be of little concern to you. Good luck at your next job.
  10. Hey, it is probably a pretty certain way to get some.
  11. Spammers don't use people to do mailing, they use computers - there ain't no catching on to be done. If your address looks enough like a black hole, eventually it might become lower priority but that's about it.
  12. C'mon guys, God loves babies abandoned in trashcans too! Does anyone want some of this delicious kool-aid?
  13. Generally any kind of reply to spam, even an apparent delivery failure, possibly means there is someone listening at the other end that isn't sending it to /dev/null. Don't waste you time, imo.
  14. Boy do I have a product to sell to you... it is a kind of "collateralized debt obligation". A CDO, one might say! Where can I mail the details?